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    Lap Band Surgery Tomorrow!!!

    Good luck tomorrow Caroline. I just was banded on Monday and everything went very smoothly. Hope things go as well for you. Try to relax and take it easy! Diane
  2. Had my surgery on Monday and am also not hungry or tempted by my husband's food. The burping is something I find as well but I wonder if I am sipping too much at one time. You mentioned cramping - I was told to not drink ice Water for awhile, stick to room temperature or warm since the cold can cause the pouch to spasm. I'm an avid ice water drinker but I don't want to risk the spasms! So my juice and water sit on the counter till I'm ready for it and I haven't had any cramping. Might be worth trying?? Try not to overdo - I know I did too much the first couple of days since my mom was with us and needed 100% assist for everything. My husband was wonderful and did so much for both of us, but I know I was still doing more than I should have. I'm paying for it today (she was admitted to the hospital yesterday so I can now focus on me and my recovery) with a bit of nausea and just feeling worn out. Hope the pain is easing for you. Diane
  3. The first day was terrible and I felt the same way you do. But I have to say it got easier every day and I never felt hungry. I used unjury Protein powder and have heard others say it is the best tolerated one out there. I found I couldn't taste (or smell) the Protein Powder in low fat cream of mushroom Soup and liked the chicken soup flavor Unjury. The unflavored wasn't too bad mixed in with sugar free Jello and sugar free pudding. I was allowed other things but found I really didn't want or need them. The best part is the two weeks really did go by fairly fast and I am now less than 12 hours away from surgery. Hang in there - it WILL be all worth it. I told my husband I figure this two weeks is as much about preparing my body as my mind - meal times sure lost the appeal!!! I ate because I had too, not because I wanted to. What a switch that was!!! If it truly doesn't improve, call your doctor or nutritionist for some other suggestions. Diane
  4. GrammyDiane

    December Bandsters!

    Well, in less than 24 hours I will be in surgery!! I am so excited and not at all nervous. I am so ready both physically and mentally. As I planned out my food for today, I decided to add in a couple more of the things I am allowed during this pre-op phase but that I haven't had. I've found with the Protein powder that I haven't been hungry at all and really didn't feel the need for many of the extras (oatmeal, applesauce, cream soups) but today I am going to treat myself a little bit. Who would have every thought that a bowl of oatmeal would be seen as a treat!! My, how the perspective changes! - lol There are so many things I want to complete today (work for school that I brought home, cleaning the house, cooking a few meals ahead for my husband and mom, laundry, and on and on). You'd think I was going to be incapacitated for weeks!! But my mom has been staying with us for the past week and is needing a lot of help. She is having sciatica issues and is on some heavy duty pain meds. My poor husband will have two loopy patients to take care of for a couple of days :-) so I want to take as much burden off him as possible. I know there are several other people scheduled this week for surgery so I want to wish everyone well! I'll be looking forward to hearing of everyone's progress.
  5. GrammyDiane

    Food Funeral

    It is so ironic that I took a few more minutes to read another post (and chose this one) before I shut things down for the night. I am starting my 2 weeks of liquid pre-op diet on Monday and I am feeling some of those same feelings. I had decided I would get a Breakfast sandwich at Dunkin Donuts this morning and maybe even a muffin BUT then decided that it was not going to be worth it. I ended up cooking myself a veggie omelet (with mushroom, onion, green pepper, broccoli, and put a string cheese on top) and it was so much more satisfying. I also didn't have to feel bad that I'd made a bad choice! I've worked too hard these last three months to throw it away for something that wouldn't taste as good as I think it will. I'm encouraged to hear so many responses about being able to still have those comfort foods, but to be able to eat them in a small amount and then walk away. It will be so great to be able to eat just one cookie - maybe even a bite or two - and feel satisfied! That sounds wonderful - can't wait!!! Thank you to all the post-op people who shared their experiences and encouragement!
  6. Oh yeah! Chicken broth for my turkey dinner as well!! Surgery date - Dec. 5th - But honestly, the idea of overindulging as I have done so often in the past doesn't even sound appealing this year. I am so ready for this surgery and looking forward to my "new life" to begin. I love putting the focus on what we can be thankful for and not on the food. We all can certainly count our many blessings! Thanks for starting this thread.
  7. GrammyDiane

    December 5th Surgery Date

    Bubblebear - Congratulations on making this important decision to improve your health. Your story has touched my heart - I will be praying for you. My brother had a sleeve gastrectomy (I think it might be what you are having done). His was done about a year ago and he has done very well. He's down about 135 pounds so far. I'll be having surgery the same day as you - I'm having a lap band done. Don't worry - just keep focused on all the positives that will come your way!
  8. GrammyDiane

    December Bandsters!

    Hi ReJoyce. Our dates are very close - I am having my surgery on Dec 5th and am also VERY excited!!
  9. GrammyDiane

    December Bandsters!

    We have the same date! I am anxious for it to get here too!!
  10. GrammyDiane

    December Bandsters!

    Shoofee - I'm also scheduled for Dec 5th and will start my pre-op liquid diet the Monday before Thanksgiving. Guess it will be chicken broth this year!! My husband is very supportive but I can relate to your concern about how this new way of eating will affect them. We go out to eat fairly often since our kids are all grown up. If the day was really busy, we might go out for a quick bite for supper. We're thinking that we'll be able to split a meal after surgery so I think it will be good for both of us. I have a hard time envisioning what a meal will really be like. I look forward to hearing more from people who are already living with the band. Good luck in these last 3 weeks!!
  11. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Diane, I'm from southern Maine, and am 55 years old. I've struggled all my life with my weight and have done the yo-yo syndrome many, many times. I am very excited to be having my Lap Band surgery 3 weeks from tomorrow. I'll start my pre-op liquid diet next week - any hints, recipes, suggestions will be most welcome! I look forward to getting to know some of you and while I have a great support person, my husband, I will welcome the support that only a fellow bandster can provide.
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