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    kendalg reacted to Chevelle69 in Gastric Sleeve Experts... Please Chime In!   
    I am 12 weeks as of two days ago and have lost 72 lbs. Walking is your new best friend. Since losing my weight so far...I can walk the 10,000 steps a day, not everyday but most. Surgery and recovery were the easiest thing ever done in my life. I breezed through. I have the medicine ball that you go home with. No worries there. Had an IV for 2 days and started liquids on day 3 which is the day I went home.

    Liquids is my nightmare, just trying to get all 64 ounces in a day. Some days I do really well and then others no so good. Just be aware of always sipping. Take a Water bottle of either Water or Crystal Light or something that's approved as sugar free with you everywhere you go. If you are going to run an errand take something with you. Always be sipping. It will help.

    I have 100 lbs to goal and have lost 21.5 inches.

    Ginabill - I hope your recovery is doing well.
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    kendalg reacted to his2my2our4 in A great site for pureed recipes!   
    I ran across this site the other day, theworldaccordingtoeggface.com , and thought I'd pass it along. The blogger had a RNY done a few years back and she shares her journey and her recipes...the recipes is what caught my eye! I have been printing things left and right from this woman. Anyway, last night I stumbled across this list of pureed foods/recipes lunch I made the ricotta bake and it was to die for!!
    Hopefully the variety will help pass the time during this stage!!