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  1. I love the Tru Moo brand of chocolate milk. It is a 1% milk which is easy on my stomach. There is a fat free brand, but I haven't seen it in my area.

    It also keeps me full for long periods of time. A half gallon would last a little over a week. I seem to use it as a Meal Replacement.

    How healthy is this new milk obsession? I've added a photo of the nutritional info.


  2. You can get a summary sheet from your company's benefit administrator.

    You then have several options.....

    1. Your company has chosen an option that includes WLS. Call the Aetna administrator to let them know that you have been pre-approved for the surgery and inquire what documentation Aetna will require to uphold your previous insurer's decision.

    2. Your company has chosen an option that does NOT include WLS. You can opt out of enrolling in the new insurance and choose to go on COBRA with the old insurer. There are challenges with this option. You must pay the entire premium out of pocket. It cannot come from your paycheck (otherwise you may be transferred to Aetna's COBRA who would of course deny your request).

    3. Do nothing/Pay out of pocket.

  3. I would advise you not to tell them. You are having the surgery as a medical necessity, not because it is cosmetic. I would accept the job, get trained, then tell them a week before the surgery that I needed to be excused for at least three weeks due to a medical emergency. Another suggestion would be to delay the surgery for a few months so that you could allow your employer to recoup the profits they loss in recruiting you.

    Also, after surgery, unless you have a desk job or your job allows for limited duty, I would not advise going back to work immediately. You do need time to heal and will not be able to lift anything for about four months.

  4. Wow Sharon, I wish I would have thought about teeth whitening while I was there.

    NeNe, my experience was similar to Sharon's. Same doctor and all. I paid a total of $5000, including flight, food, and tips for my parents and myself. It was a wonderful experience and I met alot of wonderful people.

  5. I love the questions and follow-ups that are happening in this thread.

    I am also bias because I went to Dr. Kelly. I came through the surgery with no problems. I initially had mild nausea, but it was due to the anesthesia. It only lasted about three hours and I slept the majority of the time. I kept asking my parents if they see an incision because it didn't feel like anything had been done to me. The nurses were exetremely attentive and took time to get to know your needs. I did have a night nurse that spoke limited english, but there was a translation sheet that I was able to point to if she didn't understand what I was saying.

    Both of my parents were impressed and eased by the attention to detail and the work Trish did to make them comfortable.

    My advice is to continue to do what you are doing now. Research research research! At this time, both doctors have competent coordinators that I believe are both happy.

  6. I think it took me three months to go from 22 to 16. I say think because I didn't want to buy new clothes. When my co-workers started giving me "the funky look" I finally went out and started purchasing new items. Other than a pair of first goal jeans, I haven't purchased any items smaller than what I am currently because I could always hem/adjust them to fit. That way I could go from 16 to 12 without having to purchase a 14. It saves alot of money. And, with the way the weather has been lately, you never know if your new outfit will be in season.

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