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    I'm also in NOVA. I would definitely be up for a meet-up but Williamsburg is pretty far for me for just a day. My daughter and SIL are stationed in Norfolk so I do get down there from time to time though.
  2. Lorianne-in-VA


    I'm in Arlington now but had my lapband 10/2011 at Cedars in Los Angeles
  3. Cool travel NSV... When getting out of the shower this morning I holler out to my DH, Jason, that I like this Marriott because it has nice big towels! He hollers back..... The towels here aren't bigger, you are smaller! Yay, he's right! Happy New Year everyone!
  4. Lorianne-in-VA

    October Bandsters!!!

    Hi all you October Bandsters! I was banded October 11th 2011 (see siggy for stats) and had my first fill (3.5cc) with Dr. Lyass on 12/7. I'm still not feeling much restriction but I am a lot less hungry now between meals. I have another fill scheduled for January 11, 2012 but I'll see how much weight I lose between now and then first. I'm still drinking my Isopure shakes once a day to ensure I am getting enough protein. I have about 40 low sugar recipes that make that Vanilla Isopure better. I'm loving the Sugar Free Torani syrups for my decaf coffee and protein shakes I'm at the gym 4x/week now for basic cardio and beginning weight circuit training and hope to begin a spin class once I can do 1 hour or more without huffing and puffing on the elliptical/stationary bike. Hope everyone is doing GREAT on the Band-Wagon!
  5. My mother is a size 2 and is 5'11" in her stocking feet and has never had to diet in her life, even after having 7 kids (5 biologically). She doesn't understand why I can't just "eat less, move more" and lose the weight. Over the years I've probably lost my entire high weight of 300+LBS but keeping it off is what I CANNOT do on my own! I've tried every diet from Veganism to Jenny Craig to Cabbage Soup, low carb/high Protein, lowfat, etc. I lose and within six months the weight is back and brought friends with it. Because of that I've told very few people about being banded on 10/11. Those I have told that had a negative reaction I explained that it is my life, my body, and my checkbook. When they begin paying my co-pays for my out of control health issues due to my weight they can begin making medical decisions for me. I took three years to research this decision, I'm 40+ years old and perfectly capable of making good decisions for myself. This WAS a good decision for me and my health/future. As my sixteen year old daughter says... If you don't like it you can suck it haters!
  6. I was banded on 10/11/11 and I've lost 26lbs since the pre-op diet began. I'm down two pants sizes and one shirt size so far! Only within the past few days have I begun to feel hunger. No fills yet, my first scheduled fill is 12/7/11
  7. Lorianne-in-VA

    What's your Band's name?

    I call mine Jimminy Cricket... It's my internal food conscience! Also might have to do with the fact that I'm a major Disney fan and I tend to assign Disney references to every part of my life
  8. Lorianne-in-VA

    Insights 3-1/2 weeks post-surgery....your thoughts?

    I'm an October 11th bandit too! I can relate to all of the above! I had my first fill appt yesterday but because of the 21lbs I have lost we decided to hold off on a fill until 12/7. I'm still satisfied with 1c food every 3.5-4hours. I'm on mushies until next Monday then I can begin soft solids. Yesterday's weight was 177.4!! I haven't been below the 190s in ten years!
  9. Lorianne-in-VA

    First appt with surgeon - not good

    Where are you from and where is "Dr T" located? I too had an issue with a "Dr T". You can private message me if you don't feel comfortable answering publicly.
  10. Lorianne-in-VA

    Banded yesterday

    I felt regret from days 2-6 (worst gas pain of my life!) I thought i was going to DIE getting in/out of bed and having to sleep on my back! Today is day 14 and I feel awesome. In fact.. My daily text to the four friends that will have LB nov-dec-jan was this... NSV!! My bra is on the tightest hook and getting loose!! I don't have to unzip the 12's to get them over my hips! Down 18.5lbs since pre-op diet started!
  11. Lorianne-in-VA

    Banded on October 3, 2011

    I was banded on Tuesday, October 11th My Band update - right side swelling down/suture area pain free, top suture area swelling is down and pain free, left area and port area (navel area) still tight/tender/sore. Can tell it's muscular pain where port was sutured in place. Still have some gas bubbles but heating pad and hot shower has helped. Still managing pain with X-strength Tylenol liquid since the loritab made me feel too loopy!
  12. Lorianne-in-VA

    October Bandsters!!!

    I wish everyone going into surgery today, and the days to come, a safe and successful day! I've been home 9 hours and still am exhausted but I'm walking and managing the pain with liquid Tylenol (loritab made me feel wonky!) and the bit of residual nausea with emetrol. I've had about 4oz of Isopure protein shakes and 4oz of water since I arrived home last night. I'm not hungry yet just slightly thirsty so far. Happy Banding everyone!
  13. Lorianne-in-VA

    October Bandsters!!!

    Hi all My surgery was at 2pm today. All went well and Dr fixed a hernia while in there. Hopefully that will fix most of my reflux issues as well. I'm out of recovery into the step-down unit. Feel wiped out but not awful and not too much pain. They will be starting me on 2tsp water in about 90min. If it stays down I get to come home tonight, yay!
  14. Lorianne-in-VA

    Any low bmi-ers????

    Hi I'm Lorianne. I'm 5'2.5" weigh 189 as of this morning and my BMI is 33. (on liquid diet currently) I started out as a 38.6 eleven months ago when I started this process. I will be banded at 2:30pm on Tuesday, October 11th. I would like to lose 50-60lbs but truly I'd be satisfied with losing and maintaining a 35lb loss. I've yo-yo'd 301-185 over the past few years and while I can lose the weight I can't seem to make it stay off! I've done everything from the cabbage Soup diet to opti-fast and everything under the sun in between. My goal... Get healthy and fit and STAY THAT WAY!
  15. Lorianne-in-VA

    October Bandsters!!!

    I'm Lorianne from Central, CA. I'm on day 3 of the pre-band diet and I'm scheduled for 10/11 at Cedars!
  16. Hi all! I'm Lorianne from Central, CA. I've recently found this site and have spent countless hours this week reading. I'm 5'2.5" and 198 currently. I started this journey at 286. I'm being banded by Dr. Lyass on 10/11/11 at Cedars. I'm a mom of three adult children (24, 22, and 19) and have one teenager (16) left at home. I'm also a Nana to the sweetest two year old on the planet! Hope to make connections with people going through the same process at my stage as well as all other stages! ~Lorianne~

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