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  1. I'm on to full liquids today (YAY!!). My question, what constitutes a full liquid? If I blend up a soup and it's totally liquid--not thick, not chunky, is that a liquid? What have other Dr. Aceves patients eaten during the full liquid stage? I'm hoping to find some non-sweet options--everything is SWEET!
  2. The day I decided to have surgery I weighed 286lbs. The day of surgery I was 274. Today it is a little over 3 months out and I am at 224. 62 lbs GONE in three months! I am very fortunate to have a tolerant sleeve. I eat very normally! Sweets make me feel gross, so I eat MUCH LESS sweet stuff than I used to. But I can eat part of a cookie if I want. For lunch today I at about half of a kids chicken tender meal (1.5 tenders) with gravy from Whataburger. French fries make me feel full before I have a chance to eat any Protein, so I usually eat only three french fries. Other than that, I eat what my family eats. Last night was grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. I ate 1/2 a small breast, 3 tbsp of potatoes and two bites of corn. It's awesome. I feel great, am getting compliments left and right, and am needing to buy new clothes every month or so. Now I'm in a 16 bottom and XL top.
  3. AnneAC

    I hate SUGAR FREE

    The title says it all. I have not found anything SF I enjoy. It does not matter if it is sweetened with Stevia or whatever...I hate it. It is SO sweet and leaves the worst aftertaste.
  4. It has been three months and one week since my surgery. I am 52 lbs lighter. I feel amazing and have gone from a 24 to an 18 (and many are getting baggy). A 3X to an XL.
  5. I have been thinking of how to answer this question and cannot come up with an adequate response. People (i.e. my Mom) say "Just eat LIKE people who have had the surgery and you'll lose the same amount of weight". OR "If you can do the preop diet and lose weight, just keep that up". How can I put in to words what I want to say? I cannot keep the preop diet up forever OR "pretend" like I had the surgery. I know I don't need to defend my choices and I am 100% sure in my decision, but if someone else has a good answer to this question I would LOVE to hear it. Anne
  6. I went alone and had a great experience. I had no problems at all being by myself....I didn't have to worry about anyone else
  7. That is very exciting! I had a GREAT experience and a very easy recovery. Now I'm eating regular food (just A LOT less)!
  8. I have a black tie event to attend on Nov. 12th and I brought my dress (bought in the summer) to be altered since it takes a couple weeks for alternations. The dress had to be taken in 5 inches!! The seamstress said,"Lady, you should have bought 2 sizes smaller". Super excited. I'm having them alter it tight so it will still fit in a couple weeks. Yay!
  9. I have bruising only on that same incision. I think it is where the stomach was removed? Also, the drain cut....yes, take a shower but don't let the water hit the dressing too much directly. I no longer keep mine covered... It heals really quickly!
  10. AnneAC


    Good luck! Wishing a speedy recovery!
  11. My insurance does not cover any form of bariatric surgery even if there are comorbidities (I had none anyway). Self pay is VERY expensive in the states and most of the doctors do not have anywhere near the experience doing sleeves as many doctors in Mexico. It was a great experience.
  12. AnneAC

    Yayy Me! Im a normal weight

    You look beautiful! Congratulations
  13. AnneAC

    Sternum pain- normal?

    I had this for several days. It would happen if I either took too large of a sip or I drank too fast. Each day it is better and I can drink a little more normally.
  14. You should definitely take the Prilosec! Every day. It will help. You will be able to take larger sips as time passes. Just wait a minute between drinks. I am 11 days out and feel much better!
  15. Ooh... I haven't tried yogurt yet I ate about 3 tbsp of broccoli cheese soup and that was awesome. I feel like I get that tight in throat feeling really quick.
  16. My plan had me on Clear liquids for 10 days post op. For me, it was TORTURE. Today, I moved to full liquids and had a Tall Starbucks chai latte with soymilk and it was AMAZING. It took 2.5 hours to drink it, but it made me feel "normal". Post op is much more difficult than I imagined because I want to CHEW something. BUT, my Starbucks chai was a small victory today. Hallelujah.
  17. I tried isopure and could NOT drink it. Poor thing....15 days of clears
  18. WOW! You look fantastic! Healthy and YOUNG
  19. Full liquids today! Hello Starbucks Chai Latte with Soy! You make me feel normal.

  20. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...I have to say, tonight I"m pretty emotional about leaving my 2 young children. My husband is staying home to keep them in their normal routines (they're 2 and 5). It was really tough putting them to bed tonight. My shuttle picks me up at 4:30am. I will check in as my trip progresses
  21. I have also had some "moments"....it's tougher emotionally than I could have imagined. I think in a couple weeks when I can eat something normal I'll feel much better I weighed myself yesterday...I'm eating like 200 calories a day, so it's coming off quick, but I'm ready to slow it down with FOOD!
  22. AnneAC

    Trick or Treating

    I think you will be able to make a few houses with the kids. On my 4th day post op I flew from San Diego to Houston and walked and walked in the airport...I was exhausted, but did it. I could walk down my street that same day and pass by about 12 houses.
  23. I am 5 days post op and home. Had a great experience with Dr Aceves. Walked within 10 minutes of getting out of recovery and had IV removed 24 hours after surgery. The only problem I've had is an EXTREMELY sore throat from the breathing tube.
  24. I am still on clears and today, after taking my nexium for the first time, began over producing saliva. It's. So. Gross. Did anyone else have this? When did it go away?

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