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  1. I am focusing on liquids now...not protein. Get in your fluids and then focus on protein. I also find that drinking a little bit of naturally sweetened(ie no added sugar) apple juice helps me. I froze a little and made a slushie.
  2. Day 5 post op. Very emotional today? And extra saliva. Overall frustrating, but in minimal pain and able to go for short walks.

  3. I had my surgery 10/11 and since the anesthesia completely wore off I have had the worst sore throat! I'm assuming it's from the breathing tube? If you had this how long did it last?
  4. I am in Mexicali right now. I had surgery with Dr Aceves on Tuesday. Going home today. It has been a WONDERFUL experience. Much more personalized care than I have ever received in the states. A little sore and a little gassy, up walking 2 hours after surgery. Wonderful support team.
  5. About to head to the hospital. Please pray for an uneventful surgery and an uncomplicated recovery. I would appreciate it
  6. CheckIng in! Surgery was at 11 am yesterday and I was up walking by 3:30. The drain is uncomfortable, but not bad. I've had a little gas thats uncomfortable. Everyone is great. The care is so much more focused than ANYTHING I've ever received in the states. So far, so good
  7. Up at the hotel and about to meet Ernesto for him to take us to the hospital! Today is the day!
  8. AnneAC


    Sitting in the airport in San Diego about to head down to Mexicali...! Woohoo!
  9. You look GREAT! And it sounds like everything is going great for you! That's wonderful
  10. Does anyone have their date set for October 10th or 11th? I am arriving on the 10th and will have surgery on the 11th!
  11. I am having my surgery in just a few days (eek!) and I have a question about diarrhea. Did anyone have it post surgery? I will be traveling home on an airplane 3 days after my surgery and am so scared it will be a problem!
  12. AnneAC


    My surgery is Tuesday with Dr. Aceves. I leave on Monday morning very early....It's getting close and I'm getting NERVOUS.
  13. AnneAC

    4 weeks post op pictures :)

    You look AWESOME! How do you feel?
  14. My surgery date is just around the corner (next Tuesday) and I go from being super excited to very nervous that I will fail. I am wondering how it could be possible that I would ever be able to eat like a "normal" person (i.e. not overeat). I have even thought "Well, nothing else has worked, why should the sleeve?". I know I can't let these doubts settle in my brain, but it is tough. I'm wondering who else has felt this way and how they handle it.
  15. LOL....Hopefully this doesn't happen to me on the plane
  16. I posted the question about "why don't you just stick to the diet" and got some GREAT feedback. Look back on my topics.
  17. I really appreciate this post. I have also been thinking about this. Thank you for posting your question and thanks for the responses. "divorcing a toxic/abusive husband". Love that.
  18. I am going alone and am sort of looking forward to it. I feel like I need to embark on this by myself. Then I will return home and let everyone take care of me.
  19. I will be there on October 11th also! And, I am going by myself. We will be fine
  20. My name is Anne. I am a 32 year old married mother of 2 small kids (ages 5 and 2). I teach part time at a university and own/design a children's clothing line. I have an amazing, supportive husband who has no weight issues. My Mom has no weight issues either, but my Dad, sister, and Dad's family ALL have weight problems. My first memory of being weight conscious was in the 3rd grade when the nurse weighed me and said out loud (in front of my whole class), "WOW Anne, you weight 95 pounds.". From that moment on I was regarded as a fat girl. I graduated high school weighing 212 lbs and got married at 216lbs. I got down to 190lbs and did an Ironman right before I got pregnant with my son in 2005. I gained 80lbs during pregnancy and settled at 240 after pregnancy. Between 2006-2008 I gained 35lbs. My highest weight ever (not pregnant) was 286 and that was 2 weeks ago. I had enough. I work out and am active, but tend have an insatiable appetite and can eat huge amounts of food. My body hurts, I can't bend down easily, can't play with my kids easily, and have no energy. My health insurance does not cover any form of weight loss surgery, counseling, or nutrition, so I am self pay and will travel to Mexico to have the procedure done. I live very close to Houston and looked into self pay Houston physicians, and they were all upwards of $15K and that is very far out of reach for my family. My parents are incredibly supportive as is my husband. I have told one friend who is tall, thin, and beautiful and she has been so unbelievably supportive that it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery. I have had 2 c-sections, an appendectomy, my gall bladdr removed, and a ventral hernia repair (which was by FAR the most painful surgery ever). Needless to say, my abs are SHOT. I'm not anticipating a bikini ready body, but I would LOVE to shop in regular stores. I am getting nervous about my trip. I will be making it alone. I want my husband to stay home and tend to the kids to keep them in their normal routine. Being alone makes me anxious, but part of me really feels I need to be by myself on this part of the journey. I'm so glad I found this board for support
  21. You look awesome! I bet you feel fabulous
  22. AnneAC

    Kelly, Aceves or Alvarez

    I am interested in the contact information or link to a discussion where a patient of Dr. Kelly's had an ulcer burned and botched repair. I'd like to verify this information with the source. Also, I'd like a link/copy of the autopsy of his female patient who passed away in June. It is difficult to verify truths regarding surgeons when so many positive things are said about so many of them and the only negatives seem to come from the same mouth over and over. I'd like to verify it myself, so contact info or appropriate web links would be very helpful to those of us making this important decision.
  23. I'm glad you have spoken with her. It is really unfortunate misinformation got out! Best of luck to you!
  24. I have been in contact with Trish this week and have my procedure scheduled with Dr. Kelly on October 10.

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