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    Juarez, Mx - Here I Come!

    Well, we got home after a delayed flight at 7pm. The flight from El Paso to Houston was uneventful. I am pretty sore only where the drain was on the left side. Bending over and twisting are not on my "favorite things to do" list! I got to see my new tummy on xray and they even give you a copy of it! since i was a revision patient (one month out) i have a small pouch that will straighten out with time then my little banana. Dr. Rod uses a 32f bougie and over sews the staple line. You get a report with all the details. I have to say that everyone was very nice and accommodating to me and my husband. Whatever he needed, they got it for him. I said this in my previous post but want to stress this again, the language barrier can be trying sometimes but Google Translate saved us and helped us through getting what we needed. My husband even used it when he went and ate outside the hospital! Dr. Rodriguez is a dream! and he smells so good! He is very understanding and will sit and talk to you about anything and everything. We never felt rushed or like we were not important. His son is also a doctor at Star Medica! He is a cutie too! I will be getting together a blog soon and will post it for those of you that are interested in my journey or have questions about Dr. Rodriguez, BeLiteWeight, or Star Medica. I do want to mention that Sergio and his team are awesome! Tip them well!!! They are full of information and do not mind sharing it with you! Ask him to bring you by the restaurant for some of the chicken broth on your ride home! It is $5 and is to die for!!! Make sure you have time to do this!! Talk to you all soon!! Amy
  2. Thanks Cheri! I know I shouldnt be weighing but I feel horrible! My skin is sooo tight and I feel like (and look like) the Michelin man walking around. I made my Jello and broth and have with my Water with fresh lemon. This is my first full day home so I will see how i do! Thanks again!
  3. TheSkinnyCow73

    Recovery Time

    I am 3 days post op and yes, I did all of that. FMLA and short term are most important. I was able to get 5 Weeks off from my job. alot of folks go back sooner but I wanted to make sure i was ready to hit the ground running when I did return.
  4. TheSkinnyCow73

    Recovery Time

    I am 3 days post op and yes, I did all of that. FMLA and short term are most important. I was able to get 5 Weeks off from my job. alot of folks go back sooner but I wanted to make sure i was ready to hit the ground running when I did return.
  5. TheSkinnyCow73

    Juarez, Mx - Here I Come!

    Yes! I was sleeved at 1pm today and everything has been great! They keep an IV in you full of liquids and happy juice! :smile1: I have a little bit of gassy feelings everyonce in a while but I get up and walk and it helps so much. Cant drink anything for the first 24 hrs but you can swish Water in your mouth and spit it out. I have found that chewing on a wet rag, although not very pretty, helps tremendously! the drain bag isnt as bad as i was thinking it would be. Whew! So far so good! the care here is excellent so far! :smile1: will post more later!
  6. TheSkinnyCow73

    Juarez, Mx - Here I Come!

    Thanks jewel! Yes! Most definitely bring a pillow and wash cloths. Other than that, all has been fantastic! My turn for surgery is in an hour...the anticipation is killing me! Something else I suggest...if your cell phone is capable, download the google translation app. It has come in handy for us because it has the voice option. See y'all on the other side in a bit!!!
  7. TheSkinnyCow73

    Juarez, Mx - Here I Come!

    hi everyone! just wanted to check in and let you all know how things are going..... first of all, Juarez IS NOT scary. My husband and I just went walking around the mall area (at night) and it is just like any other city near a mall. I think they drive faster here though! LOL As long as you arent trafficing drugs and pissing off the drug cartel, there isnt anything to worry about. The hospital is NICE and CLEAN! My room is bigger than some hotel rooms we have stayed at! I will post our pics once we get back to Houston. The language barriet is trying at times but you figure it out! We now know how they feel when they cant understand english! It is very awkward cuz I dont want to sound like a Texas redneck speaking spanish! LOL As soon as you get to the hospital they have everything ready for you and it has been flawless so far! I have had my xray, ekg, bp, lab work and another bp and temp done in less than 4 hours!!! My husband is impressed and that says alot!! Trust me! My nerves are starting to get to me but I am trying to keep my eye on the prize! My health and energy!! Tomorrow morning they will come in and hook me up to the IV (we figured that one out using sign language!!) and sometime in the morning I will have surgery. yay! I will keep you posted on how everything goes!!!
  8. TheSkinnyCow73

    Juarez, Mx - Here I Come!

    Thank you for the well wishes ladies! I am praying for the same thing and will keep you all updated as much as possible!!! I am so excited that I can hardly stand it!
  9. TheSkinnyCow73

    Almost A Year Out.............

    Wow! You all are such inspirations for me. I get sleeved next Saturday and I cannot wait to be able to post awesome stats like this!!! I am squeezing, and I stress SQUEEZING, into 16's but should righfully be in 18's..... I cant imagine being in a size 10 or 12 for longer than 6 months! I was probably that old when i was wearing that size!! Congrats to you all for your hard work and rockin' that sleeve!!! And thank you for sharing your experiences too!!!
  10. How would any of you feel if you found out that someone was deliberately trying to take food out of your family's mouth by spreading rumors about your career? A career that you have spent years and years training and educating yourself in? I dont think that would make any of you very happy and especially when everyone keeps asking you the same questions over and over and over again. ALM didnt even have the balls to tell Dr. Kelly to his face! They just started moving patients to Dr. Garcia and he had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON!! CLASSY!!! And I know this first hand because I spoke to Dr. Kelly personally when all this started back at the beginning of January. I dont blame Dr. Kelly a bit for being offended and changing his attitude or even being rude. He has worked damn hard to become the surgeon that he is today, I researched the hell out of him before I made the decision to go with him.... His credentials and record speaks for itself and I am sure he is tired of hearing all the bullshit that A Lighter Me is spreading.... I easily found his license #2006280 and verified it at www.cedulaprofesional.sep.gob.mx/cedula/indexAvanzada.action so GottaGo, get a grip. Isnt it funny how Linda and Sandy from ALighterMe didnt mind standing next to Dr. Kelly at his induction into FACS last year (www.prweb.com/releases/2011/10/prweb8910330.htm) Do all of you understand how elite that group of surgeons really is and for him to be recognized speaks volumes!! He was an awesome surgeon back then and ALM didnt mind putting that all over his credentials on their website at the time.... so what happened? I will tell you what happened, JEALOUSY.. ALM didnt like the fact that Dr. Kelly was still working with Trish (the other woman!! Oh, my!!!) and she was giving his patients what ALM couldnt, PERSONAL ATTENTION!!! Gottago, you really need get off these boards. We all know that you are Sandy or Linda or one of their trolls and trying to drum up more business for Dr. Garcia. Why dont you GO DO YOUR JOB and really go out and market Dr. Garcia and build his business and reputation instead of trying to ruin an excellent surgeon's reputation and wasting all this time on these boards? Give Dr. Garcia what he is paying you for.. representation of his skills! Not a smear campaign against another doctor!
  11. I am not sure I am understanding your surgeon. When he pops that band off, you are back to your original stomach pre-band (plus or minus some scar tissue of course!). I just had my band removed and have no restriction at all. Why in the world would that affect future weight loss and make us on the lower side of losing excess weight? IMO, it makes us one up on virgin sleevers because we know what to expect and how to handle it when we have a tool that works! I am a fighter too and I believe that our weight loss is in our hands, not a previous band being on our stomach. Our sleeve is going to be our tool to lose as much weight as we can as long as we work it. You rock that sleeve (when you get it) and show him that you are in that 80%+ categoryl! Good luck and stay positive!
  12. My date AND doc changed... I will now be having surgery on 2/11/12 with Dr. Rodriguez in Juarez, MX. This time next Firday I will be on a plane headed for El Paso!!! :Banane14: woooohoooo! :party4: :party4: :party4: :party4:
  13. This is a great post!!!! I thought I would bring it back up to the top of the list for those of you that are thinking that the band is a good option. I am a former band patient (not the lapband) on my way to being sleeved and cannot wait to be able to have restriction AND keep food down!!!!
  14. TheSkinnyCow73

    I Am Leaving On A Jet Plane

    So excited for you!!! Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way! You will do great and keep us posted!!! :smile1:
  15. TheSkinnyCow73

    Sleeve Secret? What Do You Say?

    This is exactly what I always say! (most people never knew I had a failed band) And you are right, it DOES shut them up, FAST!!!
  16. TheSkinnyCow73

    Need Some Advice - Don't Know What To Do Or Say..

    Wow! You all just reminded ME of what an awesome husband I have TOO! I had a failed band and when I approached him about getting the band removed and getting sleeved, his first words to me were, "what do we need to do to get you where you want to be in life?"... I love my hubby sooo much!!! Thank you all for reminding me of that too!!!!!!!!!! p.s. - Like the old saying goes.. When MAMA aint happy, aint NOBODY happy!!!
  17. TheSkinnyCow73

    Feeling Sleevetastic- You Will Too!

    This is great to read and a post I am sure I will need to come back to often once I am sleeved! Congrats to you! How exciting! I cannot wait to be where you are! I have to admit that the negative thoughts are creeping in since I was a failed band patient! The "what If" scenarios are going crazy in my head! You are definitely an inspiration to us all!!!! Thanks for posting!!
  18. What a rollercoaster ride this last month has been!!!! After all my posts searching for others with the Molina band (and finally having it removed successfully), being scheduled with Dr. Kelly for my sleeve on 2/21/12 and having to cancel due to ALM being VERY UNPROFESSIONAL (and Dr. Kelly not having the ability to take my FSA credit card either ), I have decided to have my surgery with Dr. Jose Rodruguez in Juarez, MX at Star Medica Hospital. I was able to talk to him and a couple of his patients on the phone and through email that also had a band with tummy scar tissue and feel confident that he is the right doc for me. Guess my $20MM question is... Is anyone else scheduled for surgery that weekend with Dr. Rodriguez? I will be at Star Medica with my husband from 2/10 - 2/13 with my actual surgery date being 2/11. Just looking for others that will share my surgiversary.
  19. So, I have a revision scheduled with Dr. Kelly for January but am also considering Dr. Aceves. My story is a little different being that I have an older non-adjustable band called the Molina band (I have other posts on here about that) but here is where I need your input... I have read all your posts on the two docs (and they both sound equally awesome and competent) but am confused on the pricing difference between the two?? Dr. K is almost $5k cheaper than Dr. Aceves for a revision surgery. Does anyone happen to know why? Thoughts? My husband is questioning this mostly and asked me to post and see what everyone has to say about this. Thanks!!!!
  20. I havent had my revision yet (3 weeks, woohoo!) but I did just have my band removed and I will tell you that I am soooo happy that thing is out of me after all these years of puking, choking and sliming!! (although I am watching what I eat for fear of ballooning up before my surgery date) I started at my highest 285 in 1995 and got down to 140 within 2 or so years then slowly started gaining. I am at 210-215 right now and ready to be sleeved! From what I have read on these boards, the sleeve is everything the band was supposed to be and I am sooo ready to find out for myself! Good luck!
  21. I asked Dr. Rodriguez this just last night since I have the six scars from my band removal and the open scar from my band. He said that he DOES try to use old scars when possible. He said his cuts are 3-5mm if he has to make new ones. I would ask your surgeon just to make sure.
  22. TheSkinnyCow73

    All Inclusive (& Affordable) Self-Pay In Us

    You are exactly right Kimmes. that is why i put the second link that shows the surgery count for the doc. I want everyone to make sure they know what they are going in for. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!
  23. I am hoping someone can help me with this or has an experience to share.... I am posting this in the Insurance forum also... I have set aside $7500 in FSA funds (Flex Dollars) for my surgery in MX with Dr. Rodriguez. So, I called my insurance company (United HealthCare) to discuss what i will need to submit a claim if my card doesnt work in MX. Right off the bat, the lady tells me that they WILL NOT accept anything International. When I asked her why not, she had no answer. I asked here if that was a UHC rule or the IRS. She said that UHC goes strictly by the IRS guidelines. So, I asked her to find for me where it said that FSA could NOT be used for international medical needs. She couldnt obvioulsy because there isnt any place on the IRS website under FSA that says yes or no to international surgeries being covered. She said to do my homework and have all the bills in USD$ ready for submission. Needless to say, that wasnt a good enough answer for me. This is not something that I can take a chance on not being reimbursed for.. this is alot of money! So I spoke to my coordinator yesterday and the $10 credit card (my FSA Mastercard) went through! Yay!, right? Not so fast. I then get an email stating that "I cannot however guarantee that they will accept all of this for reimbursement of FSA claim since it is out of country. I just want you to be clear that while we will help with the forms there are sometimes codes etc that are requested on the forms that are not necessarily internationally interchangeable. We will do our best to help but since this a self pay surgery we cannot be responsible if the claim is not reimbursed" Crap! Now I am all confused, again! Can anyone give me any advice on how to handle this? What was your experience using FSA dollars and how did you handle using the flex card or submitting the paperwork to get reimbursed? I would also like to say that I have scoured the internet looking for information and cannot find anything that says I CANNOT use my FSA for international medical needs. The following website states that it IS allowable but I dont know if this will hold up in my defense of getting reimbursed! https://www.myfbmc.com/customers/faq_fsa.aspx#fsa_18a Q Can I be reimbursed for medical services obtained in a foreign country? A The services can be reimbursed, but not the lodging or transportation expenses. When you submit your claim, you must include English translations for any foreign receipts that are not in English. Also, you must convert the cost to the applicable U.S. dollar amount, using the currency exchange rate as of the date that the service was provided
  24. OMG! adamsmom, this is awesome to read! I have been so upset about all this and hubby is upset cuz we "might have all this money sitting around to use" and really dont need it. Thank you so much for the reassurance! I am planning on getting all the info that you suggested and I have even "stolen" forms from other insurance companies to have the doc fill out for me. THANK YOU!!

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