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  1. wow...I can not believe I have lost 70 lbs...down to 158 lbs.

  2. Now a consistent 197 lbs., down 20 from 4 weeks ago. I struggle with remembering to drink enough water so that is my goal today. Starting to eat 'food'...

  3. well, the 199 almost flipped over to 198...I'm being patient with this so called stall...feel really good

  4. WEll I did it! Broke 200 lbs. Now 199.8lbs. I'm 2.5 weeks post. (total lost about 17 lbs.)

  5. Hiya: I had surgery on Oct 3/11. They first start a 'line' in your left hand for administering anesthetic; I also got some sort of antianxiety med through that. Then they wheel you into the operating room. You scoot yourself from the rolling bed onto the operating bed. You won't remember much after that. You wake up in the original room with a bunch of nurses, maybe hubby, looking at you waiting for you to wake up. You're sortof groggy, of course and feel like sleeping...

  6. Hi Fern: people are telling me to go the richmond route and msp...I don't think I'd qualify 38 bmi and no comobidities...I don't want to waste time jumping through hoops and proving to him I can diet prior etc. Why didn't you go through msp?

  7. Hi Fern: thanks for your post on 'no regrets re sleeve'. I am almost certain I've made my decision to go ahead. I live in Chilliwack, previously from north van. I doubt I'd qualify here w 38 bmi and no comorbid stuff. I'm not sure I'd want to wait another year + and go through a bunch of waitandsee appointments. I'm thinking of one of the following: puget sound (16K),las vegas or mex

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