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  1. I had my surgery last year in October. So, over 9 months ago. I have done great losing approximately 50 lbs. I had good restriction, etc. However, as soon as it got hot in the summer the restriction vanished. I have had two fills in the last two weeks, mind you, the only fills I have had since my surgery in October. Neither which have helped. I am going in again on Monday to get another fill. I am just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? I am positive it is the heat. I now can eat anything and I miss the restriction. I know it is a matter of tweaking and finding my green zone, but want to get it back desperately and will strive to do so. I have at least another 50 lbs. to go and I will not stop until I achieve my goal, but just curious if anyone has had the same pitfall? Advice? Suggestions? Support? lol Thanks!

  2. I eat a lot of cottage cheese! Today my hubby, who is an execuative chef, made me up a batch of the most delicious egg salad. I pretty much ate egg salad & wheat ritz.crackers all day. Lol. I also try to drink yo on the go, a yougurt smoothie, every day. Occaddionally I make my self mini pizzas on small tortilla shells. I don't do well with beef any more, sad b/c I used to love steak, so I eat mostly chicken.

    Egg salad recipe?? I wish I was married to a chef! LOL wink.gif

  3. Newly banded and still on the mushy diet, still healing. I have lost between 16 & 18 lbs., depending on the day. I try not to weigh in but can't seem to help it. I'm more concerned about healing correctly now however for sure.

    Anyway, I would like to hear some samples of what you eat, preferably during restriction, in a day, Breakfast, lunch & dinner with amounts, etc. It will be awhile before I am able to get a fill, but would like to start gauging a little bit. Thanks!!


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  4. So glad you are doing well Q-Tee!

    I was banded last Thursday and quite frankly have been out of it since. I was hoping I would be feeling much better today. Don't get me wrong, I have improved but am not quite up to par yet. I still have quite a bit of pain, mostly in the port area and I just feel out of it. I am hoping I get feeling better soon. The surgery was smooth and the surgery team was amazing and I was so at ease. I do not regret anything. I'm looking forward to feeling better and eating some soft foods. I am not really hungry, but broth is not cutting it, not even my homeade broth sad.gif. Maybe starting soft foods in a day or two will help!

    Lots of love~October Bandsters!

  5. Hello My October Bandsters!!! So, I had surgery this pastFriday Oct 14th… Surgery was a success. My surgeon told my family Idid a great job shrinking my liver. I was at the hospital a total of 5.5hrs.The actual surgery was only 1hr. I have been pretty good pain wise. The gas issomething else but walking really does help a lot. I had to stop taking the liquid narcotics becauseI had an allergic reaction to the meds. I was itching all over, everywhere… andwhen I say everywhere, I mean everywhere (lol)… I had nausea only on the veryfirst night. I don't really have a large appetite but I have been doing a halfof Jell-O, a Popsicle, and ½ cup of Soup daily, some Gatorade for dehydration,and definitely getting enough Water intake. I'm kind of glad that my doctor allowscreamy Soups as well because the broth is just plain nasty. So far I am happywith my decision. I will start to add my Protein Shakes & vitaminstomorrow. I don't have a scale, so I wontknow how I'm doing weight wise until my post-op appt this coming Friday. I hopeeveryone is doing great. I pray for a successful surgery and recovery for myentire fellow Bandsters (pre-op & post-op). Good Luck and I'll keep everyoneposted.

  6. Surgery went well. I was very nauseous upon waking up. I can handle the pain, but not being nauseated. However the nausea stopped after my drive home. I don't think I handle anestesia very well. Anyway, had to be to the center by 9, surgery was suppose to be at 10, didn't start until 10:30. Was on the road home by 2:30. Came home and slept. I have gotten up and walked a lot which helps. I am taking the pain meds and nausea pills. But overall, doing fine. I have tolerated popsicles and just barely had a 1/2 c. of homeade chicken broth. It was delish, but not at all hungry yet.

    Hope all of you are well!

  7. I am currently in my preop room! Kinda scared, but ready for the losers bench so no turning back now. Will update you after!

    WOOT WOOT for October 13th! I will be leaving my house momentarily to go to the surgery center. Still not too nervous. Just want to get it over with and start healing and move on to a healthier new me!

    Good luck all bandsters today. Let me (us) know how it goes!

  8. I am going in tomorrow too! Have to be there at 730 am. I was wondering if anyone did before pics and measurements? I wish I had when I started the preop diet as I have lost 20 lbs on it so far, but I did my measurements a little over a week ago and again today and already see inches lost!

    I have been keeping my measurements on myfitnesspal.com. I haven't taken any before photos as I feel I have a lifetime of them! LOL biggrin.gif

  9. My surgery is tomorrow! I will call this afternoon to get my exact surgery time, but I am way excited. I thought I would be more nervous, but I am just so ready for positive change that, so far, I am more excited than nervous. For the last month, I have really taken a different approach to eating foods and am happy with my emotional progress, as well as physical progress.

    I am making a large pot of homeade chicken noodle Soup, so that I can drain the broth and have homeade broth instead of canned for the first little while, as I heard it tastes so much better. Then, the fam can eat the soup!

    Countdown! (Pre-op~lost 8 lbs.)

  10. Hi Q-Tee!

    I got your personal note and I have tried to write you back, but for some reason it won't let me. I haven't been able to figure it out. It let's me do others but not you~so sorry. I am so excited for you! Mine is coming right up as well, Oct.13!! I will keep working on trying to fix whatever is wrong with trying to message you. Having a hard time with it.

  11. Hello October Bandsters!!!

    I went today for my pre-op visit and to see the surgeon one last time before surgery. I'm scheduled for October 14th at 11am. I will be the 3rd surgery of the day. In exactly 7days, I will officially be welcomed into Band-Land. I'm so nervously excited. I started my pre-op 10day Atkins diet on Oct 2nd (this past Sunday) and I have lost 6.2#'s this week already... Yay!!! I really hope and pray for everyone to have a successful surgery and quick recovery. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's stories and glad to see everyone who has been banded is doing pretty well thus far. I cant wait to join you guys next week. Just remember... "We may not be there yet, but we are so much more closer today than we were yesterday!!!" Good Luck everyone!!! biggrin.gif

  12. Hi All!

    Just checking in! I have been on the pre-op diet for 6 days now and it is much easier than I anticipated. I haven't been hungry and I have lost 7 lbs. so far. I am so ready for this that I think I have just wrapped my head around it. I feel like I am already looking at food so differently. It is exciting to see everyone's surgery dates and surgery successes. I hope mine will be as smooth. Sometimes all you hear is the bad so I am excited to hear some positive things about the surgery! Good Luck All! To healthier bodies! 8 days and counting ~until surgery!

  13. I will be having my "last meals" today! And, I start my pre-op diet tomorrow. I will be meeting with the doctor today, the dietician & having the pre-op class this evening. It is going to be a very busy day!

    I woke up this morning feeling as good about this as I have. I'm ready for change. I have researched lap band thoroughly. I have read 6 books in less than a month on the subject. I have read two that have helped me significantly, so I thought I would share. First, Fighting Weight, by Khaliah Ali, who discusses her journey, and Eat It Up!, by Connie Stapleton. She discusses, in detail, the emotional side of eating and finding balance in your life and tips post surgery. Just thought I'd share.

    I will post more throughout the pre-op diet! Thanks all! Wish me luck! lol biggrin.gif

  14. Hello October Bandsters!!! I wasnt able to log on yesterday due to a long day at work but I am so happy at all the success our October group is having. I hope we keep up this momentum and keep supporting each other.

    There is so much to comment on... Let's see, where should I start...

    54Shirley, GREAT JOB!!! When I grow up i want to be a LOSER just like you!!! Yay...

    On the topic of telling people about your surgery, me personally, I have told all my closest friends and family. I have also posted updates about my surgery on my Facebook page where everyone can see. I don't care what people think. Im doing this surgery for me and only me. So if the next person has something negative to say, I simply ignore it because I have the positive support I need from the people that mean the most to me. This surgery is only a tool to help me in my weight loss journey and with the LapBand we really have to work hard for our success. This is really not the EASY WAY OUT (in my opinion). So I would tell the world if I could. I also plan to show the world as well.

    Next... As far as telling our children, I only have 1 child, my soon to be 13yr old daughter. I told my daughter about my surgery for 2 reasons. Its only me and her in our household. I am a single-mom, so she will kinda be my support system at home. I just felt I needed to let her know what I plan on doing with my body and all the risk that come with it because invasive or not, surgery is dangerous and death is a risk. I sat with my daughter and showed her a mild video of gastric bypass surgery and then LapBand surgery. She was a little unsure at first but when she saw how simple the LapBand surgery was, she became excited for me. I explained to her that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I told her that losing weight does affect my outer appearance but this surgery to me means more than just my appearance, I want to become a healthier happier and more energetic person. She plays basketball and is ready to help me in my journey. She even wants to start eating healthy with me. She says she cant wait for the day where we can go bike riding together and she can show me how to play basketball. I can't wait to be more physically involved in her life as well.

    It is crazy to see that different doctors require different things for the pre-op diet. I see everyone talking about liquids and shakes... but I have to do a 10day Atkins (low carb) diet. I don't know why? My surgery is October 14th and I plan to start my diet October 1st.

    Hey EyeOnPrize... Your not the only one!!! This past week has been crazy for me. I have really been indulging in lots of food that I know will be off my food list for awhile or maybe even for life. Saturday I had Red Robins. Monday I had Chipotle. Tuesday I had Culver's. Yesterday I Pepe's. Today I am having Popeye's chicken. Not really sure what Ill be having Friday but this weekend we will be going to Red Lobster for ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMP. Its like saying bye to the foods I love. Am I wrong for this? Did anyone else go thru this or experiencing this?

    Well October Bandsters... I just want to wish everyone great success on your journey... We have to stick together and encourage each other. Until next time...

    P.S. I need some Protein shake suggestions... What have you all tried? Whats your favorite so far? THX...

    Always love your posts Q-Tee!

    I really don't care who knows. I mainly just don't want my children to know. Mine are much younger than yours. But, I think it is fantastic how open you are with yours! I seriously can't get my eating under control. I want everything before because I know I will not be able to do it soon.UUGHHH Already did the Red Lobster Shrimp too!

    Love the "stick together" and success wishes as well! Ditto ~ to the October Bandsters!

  15. So today is day 1 of my pr-op diet and not loving it. My morning started off running 35 min late to work. I am NEVER late. I am the one waiting in the parking lot for the first person with a key to show up to let me in. Then a lady who I work with had made chocolate chip Cookies and has a huge tub of them here for everyone to share. My office is also the breakroom while we are expanding office space so they are just sitting behind me yelling at me say YOU CANT HAVE ME. I am doing ok with not having one. I want to do this right. What is hard is that I have a lady I work with who is trying to get me to eat a cookie. She hates the idea that I am getting lap band becasue her sister has failed on lap band. ( She eat whatever she wants and blames the band not working) Well she has had 5 Cookies already and its not even noon. I just dont understand how someone can judge me for getting lap band when she is almost at a half dozen cookies in 3 hours. And they are big the size of you face cookies. Come on really. Did you need cookie 3 4 and 5. Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out. Hope you all are well and staying strong.

    I really don't care what people think, but have reserved telling people because I too, don't want it to back fire (except my children of course). I also know that many people are jealous or do sabotage others because they don't really want someone else to have great success. We see it all the time. Even partners sometimes unknowingly do it to each other as well. Just think in a short time, seeing those cookies won't be near as bad and your body will be reaping the benefits!

  16. I am glad to be a Loser.

    Better to lose then gain.

    So, I'll take it

    I have a post on the post op site about spreading the good news.

    I have lost 110 lbs. since my last weigh in. about a weak ago.

    I even have photos in my album.

    I would have never done that before ! But now... I will start posting

    smaller sizes as they come along.

    So I'm very proud to be a Loser.

    Wow Shirley!

    That is so FANTASTIC! Congratulations!

    I deem you THE BIGGEST LOSER! And, that is meant with nothing but love! wink.gif

  17. I am SO glad to see this group so active so quickly! I just got off the phone with the lady at my drs office that does the insurance and found out that I can start my preop diet next week! I am supposed to have only 4 shakes and fresh veggies if needed! First off I can not stand the over whelming sweet taste of these shakes and wow... 4 a day for 2 weeks??? I see lots of chasing it with Water and eating veggies to cleanse my palet after drinking them! I saw EyeOnPrize posted about her children and what to tell them... I have 5 kiddos and the only one who really knows what is happening is my oldest (13). I have talked to her to help her understand what it is and why I am doing it, but all of my other kids when they have heard anything said about the surgery and asked we have told them that I am having my gallbladder out (which I am at the same time) and they seem to understand that because they have seen me have gallbladder attacks before. I hope that helps them understand since they know how painful it is to have an attack and I am trying to not have anymore! It is so exciting to know that I have read and read and read on these boards for so long and now it is actually coming up to my turn to join in over on the losers bench!

    Yes! For the 1st time in my life I want to be a LOSER too! lol wink.gif

  18. If you had a Hysterectomy, would you explain it to them ?

    Some things are just your business.

    It's up to you, but these could be one of those things.


    I love this response! I have already told my husband, parents, in-laws, and one close friend. That's it. I told them only because I will be counting on them for support. And, these are the people I eat with the most and they surely would notice my different way of eating. I agree that some things are just your business! I'm glad to hear that because I was almost feeling a bit guilty for not sharing all and everything! lol I do not want my children to know because I do not want them having weight issues, etc. and thinking this is just acceptable. This is/was a last resort for me. I just want to be healthy for them!

  19. Can I just say how much I love this forum! So helpful. I have a meeting with my doctor, dietician & a pre-op class next Wednesday. I will have the "dreaded" weigh in and snap shot. The very next day I will start my pre-op diet. So, it has been very helpful to know kind of what to expect for the pre-op diet. I'm actually quite excited to start the pre-op diet, as I was approved weeks ago and all I have done since is eat, eat, eat. I am very excited and ready to have this done! However, there is a part of me that is a bit nervous since I found out this was a go~ it is like every meal is my "last meal." I will honestly relieved when I can no longer eat this way. I feel out of control. Although I feel this time in between (the anticipation phase) has allowed me to wrap my mind around this surgery and what my life will be like after. Someone mentioned in an earlier post they were doing this as "a gift of love to themselves." What a fantastic way to look at it! I also am doing this as a "gift of love to myself!"

    Also, I have a very supportive husband. He is fantastic. However, he is wanting to attend everything next Wednesday with me. I am thankful he is supportive. However, I know he knows I am heavy and am having this surgery, but I have a fear of him knowing my weight, probably silly, at this point, I know. But, I have not shared with anyone my weight for as long as I can remember. Don't get me wrong, I love the support, but part of this is surely personal. I also have 4 children ~ages 13, 11, 6, & 3. I do not want them to know about the surgery either. Just wondering how other people have handled these types of situations?


  20. I have not had my surgery yet, not until October, but if the scale is going down that is all worth it! You can do it~it's only 7 more days. You have come so far already~deciding to get healthy and take control. I know this is not an easy process, but the support on here is amazing and helps. Congratulations on your weight loss so far. Remember~ Keep Your Eye On The Prize!!!

    By the way, in a month or so~ I'm sure I will need the same pep talk! You are not alone! wink.gif

  21. Okay, so my surgery is scheduled for Oct. 13th! I can't wait. This has been a relatively fast process for me. My regular doctor recommended it to me at the end of August. I attended a seminar on the 6th of September. I was approved and scheduled right after that. I could have had surgery sooner, but had to wait until I had a few days off. I have been reading these boards and doing endless research, not to mention reading two books about the surgery, which I have found all very helpful. I just responded to a post about having 2nd thoughts. It is kind of scary, but NO 2nd thoughts here! I am not this fat girl that I'm looking at now. I know there can be complications with any surgery, and I hope that I am okay. I have felt very confident about the process and surgery the entire time! I'm thinking, at this point, nothing can be worse than the anticipation and waiting for Oct. 13th! I know this will be hard work, but I look so forward to this adventure! I'm actually looking forward to eating smaller portions. I'm sick of overeating and then the guilt and the entire cycle of it all! I don't mind exercising~I use to be an athlete for heavens sake. I can't wait to move...I mean really move again! Surgery ~better life~ Here I come! I wish it was tomorrow! tongue.gif

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