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  1. How ONEDERFUL! Congrats to you
  2. Bertie

    Itchy Belly!

    I am 10 days post op, and am starting to feel more noticeable pain too. I feel like something is going to pop out of my main incision. I've had a hard time getting comfortable in bed--the first few nights I slept like a LOG! Now I toss and turn and hubby says I whimper a little.....and yes, ITCHY! My bandages are still stuck on, I tried to peel one off and it made me cringe, so I left it as is. Hope you feel better soon, Itchy Belly
  3. Bertie

    How to YOU feel about STRAWS?

    yikes---I don't remember my doc saying anything about using or NOT using a straw! I've been using a straw since day 3 post-op when I was allowed to start full liquids & Protein shakes. Its the only way I can get the Protein shake down.....(somehow, it tastes better with a straw??) No problems yet--day 8 post op, so guess I am OK?
  4. Hello! I wish I liked structure to a T.... but I have ONE WEEK of doing this, and so far, so good! Best of luck to you!
  5. I worry about getting enough Protein too and my doc. told me I could add cottage cheese at week 1 post op (which was today!) I am not much for cottage cheese, but read on here that someone blended it in with the creamy soup--I tried that today, and the Soup was delicious and filling! No noticeable increase in gas output yet either, LOL
  6. Bertie

    First fill went great!!!

    Congrats on the weight loss! I am terrified to get my first fill, glad it went well
  7. I was so confused about this too. I am only 6 days banded, still gassy, achy, sore, etc. I experienced fullness from food (creamy chicken soup) today, and it felt wonderful! It is still hard to describe. I used to eat at Subway at work a lot, and would order sandwich, chips, large diet coke, and sometimes soup. Today, it felt like I had eaten the sandwich and chips, and drank the soda, and as I was eating the soup, I felt like, OK, this is good, I am good, I have had enough, I think I am full (even tho it was JUST the soup that I was eating)......if that makes sense. It was a really NICE, satisfying feeling, and so motivating. Good luck to you!
  8. Day 6 for me. This morning I thought I was NOT going to make it back to work, I felt so hungry and weak. I had my chalky Protein Shake for Breakfast, and lo and behold, during lunch I actually felt FULL for the first time after having some creamy SOUP! That was so motivating to me, I did not know how long I could last "eating" just liquids.... Sugar free chocolate pudding is on my doctor's "full liquid" list--pretty satisfying too.... Good luck to you, hang in there
  9. Bertie

    Post banding diet

    I was banded Sept. 2nd and am sick of liquids too! I have 2 weeks of just liquid and then the mashies.... BUT, I am finally feeling GOOD! I went back to work today, and was having my 4oz. of strained cream Soup for lunch, and halfway through, for the first TIME, I felt FULL from FOOD! It was really amazing and so motivating!! Hang in there, we can DO THIS!
  10. Hi, just got banded Friday, Sept.2nd! I only did a 2 day pre-op liquid diet, and now on clear liquids---I feel hungry all day, but have been very careful with what I am eating. I have been eating ice chips non-stop, clear broth, Sugar free popsicles and crsytal light. Dr. said I could have 4 oz. of liquid at a time, up to 64oz. a day. I feel like my stomach is empty, my stomach actually growled at me a few times..... I just feel hungry and deprived already and its only DAY TWO! Any words of wisdom? Thanks! Bertie
  11. Just double checked, and I can have sugar free jello, so will try that. Can start FULL liquids on Tuesday. Thanks for the comments---I just feel better knowing support is out there.....
  12. Bertie

    Movie snacks

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!
  13. Bertie

    Movie snacks

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!

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