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  1. I love this site! Thank's guys, I do feel a little bit better! I'm starting to feel like myself again for the first time since surgery and I didn't want the fact that the scale stopped moving to change that.

    I'M SO EXCITED to hear that I coffee isn't out of my life! I don't drink it all that often but there are certainly them days that you just need a coffee! I heard a lot about starbucks tall skinny Carmel something or other. I will have to try that!

  2. The mashed potatoes that I eat are less than 6 grams of carbs, and they have 2 grams of Protein, which doesn't seem like much but when you are aiming for that 70 grams of Protein it helps haha. There isn't much more I can eat for dinner. I will give it a shot though.

    I would try cutting out the mashed potatoes they are a lot of carbs I know they put them on the list of mushies but they really are just carbs. Refried Beans are a good source of protein but then again they are high in carbs also. I think you need to eat something high in protein at night so your body will keep burning all night. Try cutting out the mash and see what happens.

  3. I was banded November 2nd, and have had no fills yet. I lost 17 lbs post up, but as soon as I started my mushie stage I stopped loosing weight! I've been on mushies for two weeks now, and I'm hardly eating. It makes me sad seeing that the scale hasn't moved at all.

    I eat 1/2 cup to 1 cup of food for lunch and dinner, and Breakfast is usually just my Protein Drink. I haven't been exercising yet, was told I couldn't start until 6 weeks post-op. Am I eating to much? Is this normal? I was starting to think I wouldn't need a fill because I only felt hungry about 20 minutes before I was due to eat (so a meal would last 3-4 hours.) Now I'm not sure since I haven't lost any weight. A normal day is my Protein Drink for breakfast (on the weekends it's one egg scrambled and about 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese), egg salad (or tuna sald) for lunch, and mashed potatoes with some Beans for dinner. I don't eat between meals and I don't drink until an hour after I've eaten.

    Being discouraged so soon is not a good feeling!

    Other questions I had: I will be 4 weeks post-op tomorrow, and it's a bit unclear on how to progress my diet. What are some things I can add? Also, is caffeine 100% a no?! I know soda is a no-no because of the carbonation, but I was SO tired at work today and was dying for a small cup of coffee or Cappuccino. Just for a little bit of energy to survive the day. Has anyone had coffee from time to time?

  4. I did a bit of searching about mushie foods and found some really good things. I picked up some stuff today! I got stuff for the fat free refried Beans, and the pastaless lasagne! I'm excited to try them. I also saw some people mention tuna salad and chicken salad. (I picked up a food processor haha.) Those things are okay to eat 2 weeks post op? Should I wait until my 2nd week of mushies?

    I also picked up cream Soups (cream of broccoli, cream of cheddar, cream of potato). These are okay too, right?

    What about beans? I picked up some bushes baked beans. Are these okay? Do I have you puree those as well? Just looking for some ideas so I can make some stuff for lunches during the week!

  5. Bare with me! I have a lot going on. I was banded on November 2nd, tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post-op. I've been on a roller coaster of emotions. The first couple of days out of surgery I did great. Aside from pain and gas I didn't feel nauseous, never got sick, tolerated my sf Jello and chicken broth! I know for a fact I haven't been drinking as much as I should. I may have dehydrated myself, but have managed to drink 2 bottles of Water a day the past 2 days.My incisions have healed wonderfully, actually look really well compared to some of the pictures I've seen, and my pain is very minimal. Anyway, Here are my questions/concerns.

    I've had a HORRIBLE rash since surgery. Saw my doctor, he said it isn't related to surgery. So now I have to see my primary care doctor. The rash isn't around the incisions at all. Mostly my sides and lower belly. Has anyone else had this problem?

    The past 2 days I've had a strange pressure in my sternum area. Drinking water has become a little difficult. Almost feels as though it's sitting there a little bit before going down. Doctor says I may be a bit swollen, but why would I be swollen now, and not out of surgery. Any one else feel this strange pressure? Has it gone away?

    I'm afraid that I'm freaking out and seeing and feeling things out of pure paranoia. I broke down and cried this morning just from nerves alone. Fear of something getting stuck, knowing if something is stuck, stretching my pouch, and even slippage have been hitting home. I knew of all this stuff prior to surgery, but now that I have had.. it has become so much more real. It's like a baby I want to protect, and now I'm not sure how to do that! My Doctor doesn't seem concerned, but I certainly am! I just need suggestions and help, calming words from long-term banders, or even if new banders are feeling the same.

    Can I have suggestions on what you's ate in your mushy/pureed stage? I'm super nervous about getting stuck, or eating the wrong things.

    What do you's think I will be able to eat for thanksgiving? I will be 3 weeks post-op, and definitely need suggestions.

    What foods are you 100% not allowed to eat once at a normal diet? I know everyone tolerates certain foods differently. Some people can eat certain things that others cant, but are there things you can't eat at all?!

    Any other friendly advice or help is appreciated! I'm just nervous all of the sudden. A little to late to be so haha.

  6. Technically mashed potato's are part of the mushie stage, doctors also recommend plain baked potato's (no skin) between mushies and solids stage.

    No offense but Pasta and potaotes? Are you serious? Please do not blame the band if you do not loose weight. I would not trust any Dr. who said these carb foods were okay. Post op is low to no carb, hight Protein. It is time to be pro active and learn how to use your new tool. If you eat the things that made you fat in the first place you will not loose weight.

  7. I am SO glad I'm not the only one! I was banded on 11/3 and have been itching like mad ever since! Mostly near the incisions, but the iodine also dried me out, sot it's an all over belly itch! It drives me insane sometimes. I actually was afraid I was allergic to the band itself. The doctor reassured me that it was VERY unlikely and to use a non medicated non scented lotion. I've been using Eucerin, with little help. Hopefully it goes away soon!

    My belly is so ITCHY! The incisions aren't infected or anything like that, but the orange stuff they use to sterilize my belly is drying my skin and making me itch like mad! I did take a shower earlier, but it didn't come off, and I'm certainly not going to scrub it off, as #1 - I'm sore, and #2 - I don't want to inadvertently tamper with my steristrips.

    Who else has had this issue? What do you do???



  8. I'm 9 days post-op and down 17lbs. I've been living on sf pudding/ sf jello/ chicken broth/ and cream of wheat. While I don't find myself hungry, I do find myself needing some sort of substance. If you've been banded, what were you eating after 9 days post op? I was told to wait 2 full weeks for mushies, but I need substance! Is it safe to introduce cottage cheese to my diet? Maybe mashed potatoes? I saw a lot of people posting about the tuna salad and chicken salad pureed, how many days/weeks post-op did you incorporate that!?

  9. So I was Banded on November 3rd. I woke up around 7:30 in the morning, scheduled to be at the hospital by 9:00am. I got to the hospital around 8:30. They registered me and took me back to the room where I was asked a million one and questions by a million people. It seemed like in no time they were putting that silly little hat on me and wheeling me into the operating room. Once in the room I slid over to the operating table. They put the air cuffs on my legs to prevent clots. About 5 minutes into being in the operating room, I was drifting off to no where land. I woke up in recovery so incredibly itchy! A lovely side effect of the pain medication haha. I will unfortunately openly admit that the pain was a little more then I had expected. I remember asking if the pain was normal, only because I expected to be sore at most. I also had trouble breathing. Apparently because of the anesthesia and the tube down my throat it made my lungs lazy. So I had to be on oxygen. My surgery lasted about an hour, and I was in recovery for about 3 hours. Once I was somewhat awake they wheeled me to do a barium swallow to check the placement of the band and to make sure there was no obstruction. I had to sit up, and that was horribly painful. Around 3:30pm they took me to my room where they gave me some Tylenol with codeine. It did absolutely nothing lol. So the rest of my stay they injected dilauded into my IV. Once I had that the rest of the stay was pretty comfortable. It was tough to get up to use the rest room, and about 7pm the gas pains started setting in. They wouldn't let me take gas x in the hospital, so I had to walk around to get it out. I was discharged the following day around 12:20pm. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The hospital and staff were amazing, as was my surgeon. So far, so worth it!

  10. I first started the lap band process about 2 years ago. I had unfortunately lost my job about 3/4 of the way though and couldn't get everything completed before loosing my insurance. 2 years later I had my job and my insurance back. He remembered me and worked with me closely to make sure we could get things done in a timely matter (you never know with this economy). Eva was just as patient and kind. Lord knows I was on the phone with her at least twice a week. It took me around 2 months to get everything done, and Eva had my approval the same day the paperwork was submitted to the insurance company! I was at work when I got the call and I can't help but remember how I actually cried. I look forward to my surgery with Dr. Goldstein and the process that will follow. I will be banded in 4 days! November 2nd will the the first day of the rest of my life!

  11. I will be banded on Wednesday, November 2rd 2011!! 4 days away! I'm very anxious, nervous, starting on fear and doubt. It seemed so long getting here, now it seems like it's creeping on me so fast! I'm sure the doubts and questions are normal, which is why I love lapbandtalk! Everyone has so much advice! Wish me luck!

  12. I was banded 8/17/11 so this is my 3rd day post op.

    Haven't been able to keep much down and today especially has been taxing. Have vomited about 8 times and can't keep even sips down. I'm sure tomorrow will be better!

    Don't they say if you can't keep small sips of liquid down to call the dr. Asap? It could mean your stoma got blocked, not to mention vomiting can make your band slip, especially since you are only three days post-op. I would definitely consider calling the doctor! Not to worry you, but that is what they are there for.

  13. I was banded today! Got to the hospital at 5:30 was the first appointment. I was out by 2pm. I took a little longer to wake up because I went to bed at midnight so I just wanted to sleep!!! LOL

    I'm doing good. I think I went in thinking the pain from gas would be excruciating....it wasn't. My throat hurts more than the gas pains from the breathing tube.

    But yea. So far so good. I have to try and get a Protein shake down...8 oz but I was told to drink it 2 tbsp at a time to prevent overeating and having it get stuck. Anyone else had to do this???

    I'm documenting EVERYTHING that happened to me on my blog right now (www.shrinkingjustine.com) If anybody wants to share tips or has questions about the surgery who has yet to be banded, just ask or let me know! :P

    Also if anyone is in GA and wants to exchange info we can be band buddies!

    Congrats! Hope it goes great for you! I'll keep an eye out on your blog for sure. Not sure when I'm getting banded. Have 2 more pre-op appointments then it's getting submitted to the insurance company! :crosses fingers:

  14. I have never been a big breakfast eater, but now after being banded, for breakfast I make a milkshake in the blender using "Muscle Milk Lite", along with some fresh fruit for 25gm of Protein. I also take liquid Protein (3o ml) which equals 15gm. So for breakfast I have 40 gm of protein. That keeps me going for the entire day with plenty of energy, and no appetite.

    For lunch....I'm on the road all day so it varies as to where I'm at. But it is usually something small, perhaps a Wendy's Chili, tuna salad, etc. But with the protein I get for breakfast, I could, and have, gone with little or no lunch. Just plenty of Water throughout the day.

    Then for dinner, I will have either fish, chicken or beef as a entree to get my remaining protein, along with veggies.

    If I need to snack, I carry protein bars with me in my briefcase.

    I keep "lean Cuisine" or similar frozen dinners in the freezer for those quick meals on the go.

    I heard about the muscle milk light, but doesn't that actually have a higher caloric intake to help you gain weight? Can you mix the liquid protein in with the powdered drink for that extra protein or do you take them separately?

  15. I like to drink my Protein. I love Isopure in the morning. A large container is cheap compared to how many servings you get. ALSO to get your Protein in I would only use ONE SCOOP as opposed to two. I like the Jay Robb but it is pricey..I just use one scoop, that one scoop still gives me 25g of protein!! That's a lot and you save by not using 2 scoops.

    How does it taste? I've been weighing all the different types of protein mix, most important being how much protein you get, second the calories, third the amount in container, and forth the cost. I did an unjury sample and it really was tasty. 20 grams of protein.. but its only 17 scoops per container for $20. Just can't weight if its worth it. I'll have to look up Isopure. Do you know how many calories?

  16. Hi there, I also had this and many other types of "maybe I shouldn't do this" thoughts going through my head. Even while sitting on the hospital bed waiting to go into surgery I was thinking, "if they don't put me out right now I'm gonna make a run for the door." This is a HUGE decision and with any major decision there will be doubt.The pre-op diet did give me a moment of, "maybe I can do it on my own" thought. But then I remembered that if I really could have "done it on my own", I already would have. It also reminded me of how much food had a hold on me and when you break the cycle it is freeing. I clearly remember how good it felt to not be so full all the time. I think there is a negative attitude about admitting "we can't do it on our own", like we're weak or something. But we are so strong by doing this. It's like standing up and staying, "I have a problem....but I"m not going to let it ruin my life anymore....I'm taking a stand for me.... I will be happy."

    I couldn't have said it better myself!

  17. So this is my 2nd time around the block going through the lap-band procedure. About 4 years ago I started researching the different types of bariatric surgery and after about 2 years of supervised dieting/pills/ect I decided on the lap-band and the doctor. I was 1 or 2 pre-op appointments away from being able to submit everything to insurance when I had lost my job AND my insurance. So here I am 2 years later going through it all again! All I have left is my Primary care visit, bloodwork, and a stress test/echo. 3 more appointmens scheduled within the next two weeks and I'm done! I've never been more ready for anything in my life. It's been such a long tiring and at times upsetting process. I know it ultimately rests in my insurance's (Amerihealth POS) hands, and that is making me VERY nervous.

    As far as health issues, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 and it has only gotten worse over the years. I was also diganosed with sleep apnea with the first round of pre-op appointments. Heart disease and diabetes run deep in my family history. I'm 24 years old and tired of living my life being uncomfortable and overweight. Not to meantion working 10 hours a day is exhausting with the added weight. I've always been overweight, for as long as I can remember, and it's time for a change!

    I've been reading a ton of the forums here and there is so much more insight and information then I could have ever imagined. I love knowing there is a community of people there no matter the time or day for help with any question that someone could have!

    To our journies!

  18. Just curious as to if any has gone through the process with Amerihealth POS. How did approval go? So far it's been good with my pre-op appointments. Just have my $50 co-pay (ugh). Now that I'm coming near to the end and getting ready to submit to my insurance I'm getting nervous as to how it's going to go.

  19. Hi i was curious to get some advice .. i was diagnosed with PCOS also have bad spine problems and my dr wants me to do either lap band or GB .. im scared of not being able to eat the foods i like and just wanted to some feedback on how others have felt using the lap band . i have heard the horror stories of GB of people gaining all the weight back they have lost .. please can someone shed some advice and opinions on this .. thank u so much . and also what type of things do u have to like workout 5 days a week?


    I also have PCOS (was diagnosed when I was 15, now 24). That is one of the main contributing factors of my getting the surgery. I'm still pre-op. I have about 2 more clearance appointments before they subit to the insurance. The lap-band is only a tool, and still requires a lot of work after getting it. I suggest doing LOTS of research prior to making and decisions. I looked into the process for 2 years prior to going forth with it. I then lost my job and insurance which gave me 2 more years to research and help me decide that it was good for me. 4 years of total research and I'm confident. I've seen good, bad, ugly.. Just make sure you know as much as you possibly can.

  20. I haven't been put on an official pre-op diet yet (surgery not scheduled yet) but I have been on a strict low cal diet, and I've been doing well. Lost 11lbs in 3 weeks. I did question as to whether I thought I could do it long term and stick with it. Truth be told, while right now is going well, I don't think it would last. I think it's a general thought.. can I do this on my own without surgery. Most cases we've come to surgery for a reason.

  21. Hi all! I am having surgery next week and decided to keep it a secret from my friends and family..even my kids..i'm afraid if it doesnt work i'll be embarrassed. Can I hear some success stories and what should I expect ?

    Every one has their own preferance! You shouldn't feel embarassed or ashamed that you are taking control of your life and taking the next step to living healthier. I was very open about what I plan on doing and I got some positive and some negative feedback. I did it mainly for the support. Knowing that people are there for you no matter what happens takes a little bit of the stress and anxiety off. I think you are brave and no matter which way you go, will do great! Maybe consider talking to a spouse or best friend, just that link of support can make a world of difference!

  22. Finally had my Endoscopy today. Hoping to get a surgery date by the end of the week. My question is how do you deal with large pills after surgery. I was told to take Tums in place of Calcium pills but I have a prescription pill that is about the size of the Calcium tablets and what about fish supplements mine are huge! If anyone has had similar problems I would appreciate your input. Thanks

    There is a company called powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury that specializes in disolvable bariatric Vitamins. Everything they make is 100% natural and from the US. It's not expensive and it comes highly reccomended. You should definitely check it out!

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