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  1. 13 days post-op. It's a little more rough then I had expected, but hopefully worth it!

  2. 7 days post-op, 13lbs down, but a little nervous about possibly being allergic! I think being home is making me go looney. Hopefully I will feel better when I go back to work.

  3. I as well have seen your pictures and was just wowed! I'm going to be banded on the 2nd of November and seeing your pictures has definitely inspired me and eased my doubt a bit! Thank you!

  4. P/S: I've been able to loose 22lbs in 2 months on my own, while still enjoying the last of my few favorite foods. It's possible! :P

  5. You should be a little careful. A lot of doctors will decide not to do the surgery if you gain a significant amount of weight before hand! I'm having my last "fat girl" meal today, should the weather not get in my way. Don't eat like a cow! Trust me, it won't be worth it. Pick out a few of your favorite foods and try and space them out. AND WALK! It will help maintain/loose what you've eaten!

  6. Surgery is on Wednesday and the nerves, fear, and doubt are setting in! UGH!

  7. Surgery date is scheduled for November 2nd! So excited and begining to get anxious! Picked up my protain, vitamins, and lots of water haha!

  8. I got approved!! Found out yesterday. My pre-op appointment is October 4th and they will give me a date then! I absolutely cried. Was so relieved!

  9. Passed my stress test today! Primary care visit thursday, blood work saturday and I'M DONE! YAY!

  10. Ahh gotcha. I had to have a barium swallow to see if I had that, I never heard anything from it so I'm assuming it came back clear lol.

  11. Hey! thanks for the friend add! Why do you need an endoscopy? That hasn't been something I've needed as of yet. Just curious if It's in my future yet or not.

  12. 2 pre-opp appointment left!

  13. Psychologist appointment today, hopefully they don't classify me crazy :P

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