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  1. 23lbs away from the 100 mark... I am giving myself until Oct. 21st, 2012 to reach it. That day marks the year anniversary since I was banded... Joined a gym on the 10th, have been working out and will be working out 5 days outta the week...Ive been and will be counting calories. My weigh in is Oct. 13th, giving me enough time to sprint to the finish line in case I am a couple of pounds short.... WILL I SUCCEED ? WILL I FALL SHORT ? Stay tuned...
  2. blackcadillacs5

    1 Year Ago Today!

    Best decision I made for myself! Although I did not reach my yearly goal of 100lbs, the number is slowly starting to not take control, it is about getting there, period. I have lost about 90lbs (89.6!) and I am grateful. I am not there yet but I am on my way, however I can now say that I can stand on my own and no longer need to lean on my band "Oscar the grouch" to take the lead. I am doing it on my own and loving it! Perhaps, just perhaps I will get another fill when I hit a plateau and need that extra push. I appreciate this forum for the guidance it has given me, although I have never physically met anybody who has had the lapband yet, I know I can pick the brains of all you fellow cyber-bandsters! Much love, -Jason
  3. blackcadillacs5

    October Spooktacular Challenge

    Checking in at 233.4 Even better is that I am still working out 5 days a week...
  4. I've heard from several people who did this already and I didnt have one until today! Named my band "Oscar the Grouch" because of the constant complaining What's your band's name and why??
  5. blackcadillacs5

    What Is Wrong With Me?

    Wow that was soo me again. I did'nt really start getting used to "having" a band until my first fill which was 1-2 months out. I did loose little (probably because I wasnt following the rules) from the time of my op to my first fill. In retrospect I only regret part of it because I would have been that much closer to my goal. That's about it. It will be a fighting battle with hunger, mental games, calories, scales, etc etc etc forever, however, you have the help of the band and this board and the battles get easier....can't say that they are won yet because I myself am not there, yet.
  6. blackcadillacs5

    Have You Nicknamed You Lapband Yet?

  7. Wow. First of all...great job. You seem like you have done your research and are mentally prepared (which is the most important!) Forget what the dietitian/nutritionist said about herbal life. If you really want to follow this to the T then I suggest you seek another opinion. My dietitian gave me a meal plan for a person having a bypass, and said it was the same thing. Totally different, I threw the paper as soon as I got outta that place. Your mind and heart are on the right place, everything else will fall into place. Congrats on making the first steps to your new you and journey. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
  8. blackcadillacs5

    What Is Wrong With Me?

    I hear you. I was on the same boat...day 3 post op and I ate half a sandwich. Just because I thought I could. I didn't eat another sandwich for about 6 months... I hate it them. Even the thought of them because of the guilt and above all the pain it caused. I've been banded since 10/21/11 and I know my band limits because I tested them all. However you must have the will to succeed. If not the weight will win... You have to literally take it day by day until you are more comfortable and your mind jumps on this big change. Your body will adjust faster than your mentality of having the band...Trust me. I went through it but I don't regret it at all. After 6 months and 3 fills I am at a place where I don't WANT anymore fills, I am loosing on will, diet and exercise. Everything will be ok, its a learning experience and you've already taken the biggest and most important step
  9. blackcadillacs5

    Have You Nicknamed You Lapband Yet?

    I know I am late...but thats because you Gorgeous ladies were hogging up the chat This is Beau he is my Basset Hound. He was supposed to be my dog but loves my girlfriend more than me :c lol
  10. blackcadillacs5


    My basset hound :)
  11. I finally weighed myself today and to my unpleasant surprise lost 2.8lbs. LOL I guess I have been focusing on the # on the scale for the past year that I was expecting a bigger number. I am on myfitnesspal and have been consuming under 1500 calories for the past couple of months so its not like I am over eating my workout (1hr cardio, 30-60 min weights). I have 2 personal trainers that are helping me and have told me that it's muscle gain and perfectly normal which is a relief but I wanted to know if anyone has gone thru this?
  12. Thanks everyone...I weight myself a day ago (about 6 weeks since my last weigh in) and I'm down 9.5lbs which is awesome! LOL I was just taken aback with the 3lbs after 5 hard weeks. I appreciate the insight, I am taking it to heart...I have already modified my diet and upped my Protein and Water. I will not let this plateau beat me! LOL Thanks again.
  13. blackcadillacs5

    Have You Nicknamed You Lapband Yet?

    Im back...took me that long thru read through all the posts. You guys werent joking Its all in good spirit.. I hope. My gf and I have a basset hound his name is Beau and we love him to death... If I knew how to upload a pic I would.
  14. blackcadillacs5


    I think it was 1 month for moderate exercises...but I didnt dare until 2 months later. Its takes longer for the internals to heal. I can always feel my port, but nothing outta the ordinary. That's usually how my Dr. adds a fill, they lay you down and ask you to do a crunch/sit-up. This puts pressure on the port so it can stick out a bit and be easier to inject. Whatever you do take it slow and talk to your surgeon before hand.
  15. blackcadillacs5


    You will slowly get used to the idea of having longer periods of time between weigh-ins because sometimes you just wont loose...I like to weigh myself in the mornings before I eat anything and after the morning call FYI - You home scale vs Dr scale may be different... sometimes it varies 5lbs and I find it irritating. Try and weigh yourself with the same clothes/lack of to be consistent.
  16. blackcadillacs5

    October Spooktacular Challenge

    I hope its ok that I join in...9 days late and all Name, real or screen~ blackcadillacs5 Goal weight for October 29th~ 221 (far shot) Weight on October 1st~ 244 (Oct. 9th day I joined this challenge= 239) Age~ 27 Dietary goal for October~ Eat less carbs up the Protein Exercise goal for October~ Work out 5 days a week Personal goal for October~ Not miss a day working out... Date banded~ 10/21/11 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 82lbs What is your favorite Halloween Activity?~ Eating the candy I am supposed to be handing out
  17. blackcadillacs5

    Have You Nicknamed You Lapband Yet?

    Wow this escalated quickly lol
  18. I appreciate your 2 cents...I was wondering if anyone had gone thru anything similar and you are a prime example. I feel toner and my gf says I look the part too...so its working in a way I was not expecting. I will continue to strive for it, Im cutting out some things from my diet and upping the protein...Im slowly starting to get over the initial shock of having only lost 3lbs lol... Boy what a journey!
  19. My gf says I have...but I didnt really measure before to be accurate. I feel great and people tell me Iook great so I'm def. gonna keep on keeping on...my trainers said eventually the weight will start coming off again....
  20. blackcadillacs5

    Banding On Thursday...please Pray For Me...

    You have the right attitude and you've already done so good, will keep you in my thoughts. BTW all of your feelings are normal... you will be fine. Congratulations on your new journey!
  21. blackcadillacs5

    Have You Nicknamed You Lapband Yet?

    LOL Wow! thank you ladies...very entertaining for me...and for everyone in my class starring at me while I LOL'd out loud. Had to close the laptop...
  22. blackcadillacs5

    Have You Nicknamed You Lapband Yet?

    Lol I like it. Opps sorry for the repost.
  23. blackcadillacs5

    Unsupportive Wife

    I had a similar experience with my girlfriend...she said she felt "like I wasnt going to end up doing it". It quickly changed when I took her to the initial LapBand Meetings and started the prep work. Perhaps the same will happen to you, regardless you are doing this for you and that is what counts. Eventually they should come around.
  24. blackcadillacs5

    What Your Non-Health Reason?

    My non-health reason is myself. I want to feel strong, and confident and look better. I did it for me, plain and simple.
  25. No regrets. Its a tool and Ive used it as such...Best thing Ive ever done for myself.

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