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    You can see before and after pictures of my face in my photo gallery area. I think I have some after pictures of my belly there too -- my belly is really the only wrinkly place I have, and you need to keep in mind that I gave birth to four kids, so it stood up to a lot of abuse.
  2. LindaS

    What's Your Favorite Store Now?

    I like Maurice's, TJ Maxx, Target and JC Penney's. They all have great clothes for good prices. I don't like to buy most clothes from Walmart because I've had problems with the quality, but I do love their Danskin workout clothes, especially the price. They do last; I tend to shrink out of them before they wear out. :-)
  3. LindaS

    Out On The Table

    I had the sleeve over two years ago, and even before surgery I didn't get a lot of hunger pains. But what surgery doesn't fix for me is the head hunger. I get cravings for Snacks -- especially salty snacks like popcorn, chips and nuts. I still get these after the sleeve even though I am not hungry. Sometimes I go to bed early just to avoid eating late at night. I think this would be true regardless of the surgery type. I haven't had any complications since being sleeved. I have not vomited at all. I can feel very uncomfortable if I eat too much too fast, but I've adjusted how I eat to accommodate this. I tend to stop eating after a few bites and give my body a chance to send me signals about fullness before continuing. Before my sleeve, I loved my carbs especially breads and potatoes. Since being sleeved, these are the foods I am least likely to eat because I don't like the way they fill me up. I can eat more of these than I could during my first year after surgery, but they tend to be crunchier versions, and I don't eat as much (especially potatoes). That said, I can still eat them. I just don't like the way they make me feel bloated, so I don't eat them. I love that I am satisfied with less. It sometimes takes me longer to eat if it is really protein-rich food. Alcohol hits me harder and faster on way less. I do drink when eating. I take NSAIDS fairly frequently. I should drink more Water on a regular basis. Lately, I have been neglecting to take my Vitamins, and I should at least be taking Iron because I tended to have iron-poor blood before surgery. When my blood work has been done, my results have all been very good although my B Vitamin levels were higher than normal, so I stopped taking Biotin. When I am taking my vitamins normally, I take one Multivitamin and 1 iron Vitamin A day. When I was taking Biotin, I also took one of those a day. I do not take Calcium supplements since I tend to have a lot of calcium in my diet. I love cheese. My stomach was very noisy right after surgery. For a while, it quieted down. In the last month or so, my stomach has gotten noisy again. I'm not sure why, but it may be because I've cut back down on my calories again. Growl, roll, growl. It can get pretty loud. This is something that didn't happen before my WLS. When I eat in public, someone who doesn't know that I had WLS won't comment about my eating habits. Those who know, especially if they haven't been with me when eating before, will comment about how little I eat. I would agree with someone earlier and say that what I eat is on the low side of normal portions.
  4. LindaS

    Suggestion for the vets forum

    I like the idea of one-year to post a new thread and anyone can reply. And despite what it says to the left, I'm a sleeve vet of more than two years. I never had a lap-band.
  5. I think they banded me too, and i don't like it! If I wanted the band, I would have chosen it. Where's my sleeve?
  6. LindaS


    I never regretted my decision. I was 90 percent back to normal at 6 weeks, but I still didn't push it with too many weights and was tired. Iron vitamins helped.
  7. I was told vomiting is not normal. If you are vomiting, call your doctor ASAP.
  8. LindaS


    Very cute! Woo hoo! It didn't take long at all.
  9. LindaS


    In my area, some doctors charge a fee for that initial informational meeting. It was about $25.
  10. LindaS

    BCBS of MI PPO? Anyone?

    I'm doing great. I lost 85 pounds. I haven't had any problems; I am staying active, and I feel very happy about my decision and the results. I work out regularly and eat right most of the time. I feel very normal, which is wonderful.
  11. After being on a very bland diet for months, I had no desire to eat things with sugar. Even very plain items tasted way too sweet for me. I do drink coffee. I invested in a Keurig though because I don't drink as much as I did, and some days just one cup is enough.
  12. LindaS

    Honestly, how much do you vomit?

    I will be two years out next month, and I have never vomited since surgery. Twice I got a saliva-filled mouth from eating too much too fast but that was pretty early on when I was still learning about my sleeve.
  13. LindaS

    Eating as a vet adaptation

    I will be two years out next month. I still eat mostly Protein, and if I stick to that I have great restriction. But, I do allow myself to eat other things. For instance, this summer I will eat an ice cream treat when my family does that. At home, I keep Greek Yogurt for my treat, but if we are out and about on a hot day, I won't skip the treat. For me, I think the biggest difference is my tolerance for sweet stuff. Right after surgery, I had absolutely no tolerance for anything even slightly sweet. The mildest flavor seemed very strong to me. I believe this is because of the restrictive diet I had been on (pre-op diet, post-op diet). My surgeon's guidelines kept me on liquid with protein for something like 8 weeks in a row (two pre-op). My diet was so bland that when I finally did start eating regular food, it tasted horrible. Almost two years later, my diet isn't as bland. The ice cream is appealing again. So, I can eat things I wouldn't have right after surgery. However, I still have restriction. I think the best thing about this whole experience is that I now eat more "normal" than I ever had in my life. My portions are sized right. I also know that I don't have to eat everything I'm served. It has become normal for me to leave food on my plate. I say this knowing that there are also "quirks" in my new diet that I never had before. The other day, I was eating out with my family and had limited options. I ordered chicken strips. When I was done eating, my daughter questioned me about why I had left the breading on my plate. She wanted to know if it was something I couldn't eat. I could eat it, but breading/bread/carbs make me feel full and bloated, so I tend to avoid them. I had peeled off the breading to get to the chicken underneath (protein!). I hadn't even realized what I'd done until my daughter commented on it.
  14. LindaS

    Teeth correction needed as a VSG vet?

    Ha Niki! My kids are in braces too, Right now we have four sets of braces going on. I'm a bigger wimp than my kids.
  15. I am almost 2 years out for surgery, and I have been logging at MFP since before surgery. I think I have a 560 day in a row record right now. :-) I'm slsherwood51 there.
  16. I take Celebrate multivitamin one time a day and Iron once a day (most but not all days). I was taking Biotin, but my last two blood tests have shown my Vitamin B levels were much higher than they needed to be, so I stopped taking it at the suggestion of my surgeon. I don't take calcium because I eat a lot of calcium-enriched foods. When I first had surgery, they recommended I take a multivitamin twice a day, calcium at least twice a day and iron twice a day. I never did twice a day. With the sleeve, we don't have problems with malabsorption, so we can get nutrients normally.
  17. LindaS

    HAIR help......please

    Talk to your stylist about options especially cuts that will minimize the appearance of thinness. I have pretty thick hair, so I didn't worry too much. I was proactive in discussing my concerns with my stylist. She recommended shampoo, but I never tried it. I started washing my hair every other day and didn't color for the first year after surgery. I could have colored my hair, but I didn't want to risk something going wrong that would mess up my hair since it was already in a weakened state. By six months, it quit. My MIL has naturally thin hair and is currently going through the thinning stages (she had surgery in October). She uses a hair piece to fill in her hair. She bought it at a beauty salon, and she frequently gets compliments about it. She usually pulls her hair back in a bun and then uses the hair piece at the back where the bun is located.
  18. LindaS

    Waffling, Waffling, Waffling

    I was 255 when I had surgery. I am 5'7, so my BMI was right around yours. Almost everyone told me that I was too small to need weight loss surgery. They said I didn't need to, that I wasn't fat, and I could do it on my own. They loved me like I was and why would I want surgery? I knew I was obese, but those around me didn't see it. It wasn't until after I started losing weight and family members went back and saw pictures of what I used to look like that they realized how big I was before. But most don't remember how big I was unless I remind them, and I do. I saved my fat clothes from my "before" picture and put them on to compare how far I've come. I'm going to add that picture here. I am now 172, which is a loss of 83 pounds.
  19. LindaS

    Question to veterans about scars

    My scars aren't noticeable. Like CowgirlJane, my stretch marks are probably worse. I have photos of my belly at 18 months in my gallery. I am linking to it here. The only mark I see on my belly in these pictures were not from the surgery.
  20. LindaS

    From one eating disorder to another?

    You mentioned you lost a significant amount of weight in 10 months and that you had plastic surgery. When was your sleeve surgery and when was your plastic surgery? I was initially thinking that if you lost that much weight that quickly, you might still be adjusting mentally. But having plastic surgery made me think you had lived at the smaller size for a while. If I consider you might have fast tracked all of that, I would guess you were at your heavier weight just two years ago. This makes me think all of the changes are a LOT to process, and I am not surprised you are unsure of yourself. What I suggest is that you take photos of yourself now. I also suggest you look at your photos from back then. Compare them. Analyze them. See how much progress you have made. In your current photos, take pictures of you with other people too -- especially people that you might have been photographed with in your larger size. This can help put things in perspective. I know that seeing myself in pictures lets me see things I never see when I look in a mirror. I think it can be even more helpful if you can do it wearing clothes you wore in your before pictures or next to objects from your before picture. It lets you see how much is missing now. Good luck! And I am so curious about your complications from losing weight too fast.
  21. LindaS

    My Fitness Pal Settings

    I choose custom. I can't edit anything under the header "your diet profile." There are 3 headings. The one on the left is "daily nutritional goals," and they are all editable, although some are connected. On the top right are "fitness goals," and they are all editable. Under "fitness goals" is where the "your diet profile" is located. I can't edit that section. Thanks for trying to help.
  22. I am drinking coffee -- at least a cup a day and sometimes up to three. Two is probably my normal amount. I don't usually have a problem with it as long as I don't drink too much without eating.
  23. LindaS

    Grumpy tummy...

    It does get better, but once in a while I will still have a noisy stomach. It doesn't happen often, and I rarely notice it. I am about 19 months out.
  24. LindaS

    How is this possible?

    I'm 18 months out, and I can eat fairly decent size portions especially if the food is low in Protein. I don't like to eat bread because it expands in my belly and is uncomfortable. This isn't noticeable right away, but it starts bothering me within 10 minutes or so.Because of this, I tend to stop eating for a minute or so several times throughout my meal, so I can wait to see how I feel. If the food is high in protein, I can't eat a lot. If the food isn't high in protein, I can eat much more. I could eat a 6-inch sub, but I wouldn't eat all of the bread. I would usually remove the top bun and only eat part of the bottom bun. If the bread is toasted, it is easier for me to eat. I second the suggestion to talk to your uncle. It may be that he learned not to eat so much because of the way that much food made him feel. The weight gain may also be temporary. I went on vacation last summer and ate well throughout, but I still ended up gaining 6 pounds. I was shocked, but it turned out to be Water weight, and I lost it again.

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