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  1. Thank you we shall chat soon...

  2. eliza

    The dreaded hair loss

    So we all fear the dreaded hair loss! I am desperate so I decided to use a home remedy for hair loss. I am putting the gel of the aloe vera in my conditioner. It has been less than 2 weeks so I can not really see any change. I will keep you posted to see if it works for me
  3. Sorry to hear that your repaired hernia is painful. I had a hiatal hernia too but not as painful as yours. I did get slight discomfort with gas but what really helped me is children suppository. I had gas and well it hurt to push so I used my baby's suppository and whala...The pain dissipated. I hope this helps and you have a quick recovery.
  4. I am 4'11" tall and weight 182 bmi 36. I will like to get everyone's outake on their success after surgery. I am worried on calorie intake and how to maintain goal weight of 105lbs. All input is greatly appreciated.
  5. eliza

    Calling low BMI's

    The surgery is not that bad... Gas is the most painful. I took gas-x but what helped is the suppository. I used children suppository the first week to relieve some discomfort. Also, listen to your stomach when full. Sip gradually and stick to your diet. Just my 2 cent during post op. Best of luck!
  6. eliza

    Calling low BMI's

    I am only 11 days post op... I will keep you posted. I also worry about the dreaded hair loss and skin sagging. I do take my vitamins, calcium, and protein to prevent hair loss but what about skin. Will I be able to tone it up in the gym before my big 40
  7. eliza

    Calling low BMI's

    Wow same doctor... he was the best!! Food journal is a good idea. You are very close to your goal. You must be ecstatic! Good luck...
  8. eliza

    Calling low BMI's

    I also had surgery with Dr Aceves so 36 boughie.
  9. Thanks for the chuckle I look forward into hearing my little one's comments. Gotta love them!!!!
  10. eliza

    July Master List

    Hi, I was sleeved with cute pie by Dr Aceves, so please add me!
  11. You are silly about my doggy! When you get back home you should take your protein, that will ease your hunger. Do not expect to loose a lot of weight now. You just had a major surgery. Plus all the ivy fluids and water you are drinking is going to offset the scale. I hope your stay in Mexicali goes well!

  12. I know there are different methods of surgery by different doctors. Has anyone heard of pin holes in stomach due to oversew? What is the difference between glue and manual stitch?
  13. Suzanne, You are a sleeve guru. I am going to get sleeved by Dr. Aceves. He sleeved you in 2008 and I feel confident on his method of surgery
  14. Cathi Thank you for your reassuring words. Even though I am fully confident on Dr. Aceves and hid staff, I can not help to feel a bit apprehensive All this positive feedback is helping! Good luck with your recovery and keep me posted. I will be going the 29 July.
  15. Congratulations you are almost there. I hear nothing but positive news on Dr. Aceves. I will be joining the sleeve family soon. Positive affirmations put my tension at ease. Thank you!
  16. I really do not know how they oversew, but doctors in the states usually only use staples and surgical adhesion. My fear is stomach content causing an infection in the abdominal cavity. I am going to Dr. Acerves in Mexico.
  17. I have a shelf full of medifast food which consists of all shakes. I was wondering if I could use the medifast diet as post-op diet after vertical sleeve surgery. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated
  18. Thanks Leslie... I am going to check but most shakes should contain all the nutritional value required. I'm also going to look into wonders and cocomint sounds yummy.
  19. Thanks I am just trying to save since my surgery is out of pocket!
  20. eliza

    DR Aceves

    Suzanne, Thank you for the encouraging words. Even though I am confident on my choice, I do feel some anxiety. This forum and your words of advice gives me strength. On a lighter note, all I keep relating to Mexico is its beautiful beaches so my goal is to go back with hubby and a bikini!
  21. I am a stay home mom of 3 toddlers ages 5, 3 1/2, 2 1/2. Any ideas that could help me explain to them my 5 day disappearing. My concern is my middle one since he always requests mommy cuddles, even after daddy reads bedtime story.
  22. Thank you for sharing... I think I am being a worry wort and may be having a separation anxiety. You are right. My relationship with them will be stronger. Needless to say, I will be able to run after them during play time!!
  23. First of all I want to thank everyone for sharing your story. This is a great board which allows all of us to express our most inner feelings. Dealing with overweight, I am determined to go for surgery. My mother had the surgery in March. She was borderline diabetic and is combating chronic back pain. She is more agile and healthier. I am happy for her and encouraged to have my procedure on July 30. She was covered by her insurance with wonderful results, thanks to God. Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover the procedure thus traveling abroad is my only hope. I am reluctant to have any of my family members travel with me. I need to do this by myself. I will have peace of mind knowing that my 3 toddlers are well taken care of. After much research, Dr. Aceves will be doing my surgery in Mexico. I am confident on his expertise along with his staff. I will soon join the sleeve family so please send positive energy my way. I am hoping to return to Mexico with hubby and a bikini!!!!
  24. I will be having surgery on July 30!!!

  25. eliza

    DR Aceves

    Hi, I am new to this board but need to comment on your search. I will be traveling on the 29 for surgery on the 30 with Dr. Aceves. Nina, my patient coordinator mentioned that the doctor does up to 3 surgeries a day. Hopefully, we could encounter this experience together. I am a little worried and refuse to have any of my family there. I would much rather them help me with my 3 toddlers back home. I hear nothing but good from Dr. Aceves and his staff. I am confident and putting all my trust on his hands. My mom had her surgery covered by the insurance in march and she is a different and beautiful woman. I am happy to have encouraged her procedure.Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover thus, I'm traveling to Mexico. I am from a Hispanic decent so I fluently speak Spanish. I hope our journey is a memorable one!

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