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  1. IM doing good im still waiting but im very impatient ...you look wonderful and you are almost to your goal congrats!>.

  2. hi christina I just wanted to know how you are doing and how is the protein going for you.....

  3. omg.... you will be at your goal weght in no time I'm so happy for you.....

  4. oh! and dont forget water is your best friend when drinking this protein shake try one sip protein one sip water through out the day....water is your best friend period lol.....:-)

  5. I have ussa credit line but unfortunatley...i have only had it for 6 months and I dont have a high enough credit limit so there for I have to pay cash....so im waiting for my husband to get the money at the end of this month and the I can let my job Know so I can set everthing up as quickly as possible :)

  6. Everything is good I think Im getting a little depressed lately because I want this so bad and it seems like its taking forever now i know for sure it will be october the date unsure yet its fustrating but anyway, how are you feeling now I see your down to 191 that is awsome.......and keep me up to date if on what you find that works well for especially if the fajas are helping alot lol.....and tell me how you like that shake they are really high in protein so that should help keep your muscle mass.....its really good to Because its job is suppose to help build those muscles and send oxygen to them let me oh.....I got one more thing Ive done so much research dont forget the firming cream also a cynergy cream o.k do your research on what im giving you and youll be in a bikini in no time lol...there is also this exercise machine that vibrates and it works wonders on toning the skin along with exercise I"ll get the name to you soon o.k

  7. I wondering if you knew the pricing for limarp? becaause I plan to have surgery in october and i have been researching do you know if dr. almanza or dr. pompa is better? Thanks so much for your help

  8. HI christina , how are you feeling? did you get the protein shake by muscletech?

  9. Thank you Nikki........

  10. Hello, i just wanted to sau your such an inspiration you look wonderful.....I wanted to know how did you keep so fit after losing sooo much weight I think about that alot . because i have a 105 pounds to lose and i worry abou the excess skin how did you keep so tone?

  11. Hi, i just wanted to say good luck on your journey and the best of wishes.... I will be having my surgery begining of october and I know I will also need all the support I can get because you have sooo many different emotions going on inside because it is life changing.....good luck! and god bless......

  12. does your sternum still feel soar? how does your stomach feel?try the protein shake by muscle tech the makers of hydroxycut it tast really good the vanilla....i'm glad you made it home safe LOl...because you know how we hear all the bad things in other countries but not the good things....

  13. how r u feeling today?

  14. how do I upload pictures......I dont think I'm doing it right can you see my photo?

  15. Im getting a lil better at this but how do I post something about myself?

  16. hello, i am new to sleeve talk and i would like to add you to my friends i dont know how to can you add me

  17. I'm new at this ......I dont know how to set up my info somebody pleas help!:|

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