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  1. Ashleigh, I'm glad you are doing well, now past the liquid stage. :lol: It's good to read a surgery story from someone in my area, by the same practice that I'll be using. Thanks for sharing. I don't think I'll have to stay overnight with mine, because I don't believe my insurance requires it. (unless I add the plication.) I am still thinking about it.....but then would have to go to Greenville. Not so sure if I'm up to that, or not. :unsure: I am still anxiously waiting for my work to get our new plans with BCBS so I can pick one that will cover the most. .

    You're very welcome! I love sharing any info that may help someone else. I'm glad I opted out of the Plication. I am glad my insurance required the overnight stay because I was soooooooooo sick. I felt like I left the hospital when I was ready to. I would not have been ready the day of. Good luck with your insurance and getting it all worked out! I know for me it felt like the time would neverrrrrr come, but it DID!

  2. My little story..........

    I began my 2 week preop diet June 8th. I was so sick of meat and cheese after this since everything else is packed full of carbs and I couldn't have it. Even on my BIG 30th birthday on June 18th, no cake for me!

    I received the long awaited phone call of my surgery time on June 21st around 3pm. The nurse said to report the 22nd at 8:30am to day surgery at the hospital and I would be spending the night, to plan accordingly. She also told me that they give me a time an hour earlier than I am actually scheduled to have my surgery, and since I am healthy I would be doing a lot of waiting around between 8:30 and 9:30.

    6:00am June 22nd, morning of surgery........*beep beep beep* My alarm goes off and I'm up ready for my exciting day. I get up, take a shower and try to relax my slight nerves. They gave me some special soap to wash with so that's what I did the morning of and night before. I wake up my husband and get him going for the morning, then I wake my 3 year old twins up, then I woke my mom up who lives with us too. We all left our house about 8:00am, I live less than 5 minutes from the hospital. My husband drove one vehicle to take our 2 dogs to the kennel for a few days. My mom and I loaded up the boys and they dropped me off at the hospital. I walked up by myself, since she was taking my boys to a friends house to spend the night. My mom was quiet heartbroken that I didn't want her to come up before they left. :( Buttttttttttt I wanted to go up by myself, it helped my nerves and it would have broke my heart more to see my boys walk away when they had to leave. I was signed into day surgery barely 5 minutes and I was called back, peed in a cup and they started working on me. They took me to my lil' curtain room and asked me to change into a gown to get started. Well.....emotional me started crying! I wasn't nervous about the surgery really, but more so being put under and excited for this new journey in my life overwhelmed me. The nurses were awesome and gave me great comfort!!!!!!! Then BOTH nurses tending to me tried to start my IV and as ALWAYS I ended up getting poked 4 times until they finally "got it". I have weak veins. Yeahh my husband finally shows up after doing his morning errands. JUST IN TIME! The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me for a minute, the doctor doing my surgery checked in with me, the nurses wished me luck and said I was good to go. I remember everything about the waiting bed........then it all becomes a blur. I remember being wheeled out into the hallways on the way to the OR and then I was O-U-T!!!!!! The only thing I remember from the recovery room is them asking me if I was in pain and I said yes give me drugs! haha I couldn't tell you anything else about it. To the best of my knowledge I was in my room in the 11am time frame and in and out of sleep until 12am that night. I again remember very little of the rest of the day. I know I had a good bit of morphine and zofran. What I CAN tell you is I was throwing up A LOT! My mind wanted to cry it was so bad, but I couldn't stay awake long enough to do it. I thought maybe I had made a mistake, this is awful, I don't know if I can do this. I couldn't keep anything down nor did I WANT anything to drink. Finally around 1am I felt like walking the halls and getting out of bed. It wasn't too hard. Then I get back to bed and throwing up started again. Then I feel asleep, the sun rose on a new day and it was like a light switch.......I FELT AMAZING!!! Yeh my stomach was tender where my 5 holes were stiched up, but I wasn't sick and I felt functionable! The hospital finally allowed me to be released late morning. My doctor and the nursing staff at the hospital were amazing to me and if I remembered anything about them I would thank them. haha :)

    1 week liquids sucked!

    Wednesday I started my 1 week liquid/pureed and I finally feel normal again. LOVING IT!!

    23lbs down since pre-op diet.

    *****EDITED TO ADD: I also had a hernia repair with my surgery.*******

  3. It's a relief to hear your friend said liquids was the hardest part, because most of what I read people make it sound like a breeze and it's clearly not for me!!

    I've heard great things about Dr. Bell too!

    Ok, when my boys go to bed tonight I will share my story on the post you are refering to.

    I also have my kept my surgery low key! I did this for me, not for the world to have an oppinion about me or to me. My mom and husband know, they are great! 4 of my local girlfriends know because they helped with taking care of my boys and a good support system for me. In a few weeks when we travel to visit various family members I will still be in my special diet phase, so it may come out at some point. I don't mind people know, but there's been no real reason for me to put it out there to them yet.

  4. Johnny Boy thank you for the tip!!!!

    Mist, indeed it is on my official list from the nutrionist to eat mashed potatoes! :( Good point you made! I will take it easy on them for sure. I've been sticking to what the nutrionist gave me fairly religiously.

    Today has been easier on the hunger pains, but I was just getting frustrated yesterday that most what I read is people don't even feel hunger the first week or 2 and here I am feeling like a starving pig wanting to cry because my liquids were not helping. I have done just liquids today and tomorrow I move to my liquid/pureed foods! Yippie!

    I would like to share that I was 280 before I started the 2 week pre-op diet, 277 the day I started the pre-op diet, 266 when I checked into the hospital last Wednesday and today I am at 255!!! I can't wait until I am healed and can do some serious exercising! This is exciting.

  5. I only have to be on the liquid diet for one week. So I guess Wednesday is my day to move to mushies. That's great youre going back to work tomorrow! The first night I was in bad shape but each day has been better and better since.

    Though overweight I have always been a picky eater. I have habit foods and only ate those paticular foods. It's been hard for me to venture out and try other things during this process, but so far I've been handling it very well. I just wish I didn't have such strong hunger pains right now. :(

    ****CORRECTION**** I do NOT move to the "mushie" phase Wednesday. That is week 3. I start week 2 Wednesday and will be on the liquid/pureed diet. My mind classified mashed potatoes in the "mushie" column automatically; however they are on my list for liquid/puree which caused my confusion. :)

  6. I was banded Wednesday and starting Saturday and getting stronger though today I have had hunger pains. Ongoing! My liquids was not handling it! I sucked it up those days, kept doing things right or sleeping it off. Well tonight, day 5 I gave in and had some bites of mashed potatoes and the hunger pains went away. 2 hours later they are starting up again faintly. Am I supposed to be this hungry during the liquid phase? :(

  7. Sassy.....I am so new to this board and still trying to find my way around. I do a search for "Morehead" just to find this thread, hehe. I will look around some more and find the thread you're talking about and post.

    I DID have the Plication scheduled, however 2 days before I chickened out and cancelled it! I thought, what an awesome addition to the Lapband; however with it being so new in conjunction with the Lapband and a new procedure for my surgeon I just didn't want to add to my risk. If the Lapband can do SOMETHING-ANYTHING for me I was ok with it taking a little longer. I am happy with just the Lapband and glad I didn't take any risk above just that.

    So, yesterday the liquid diet got to me........I have had non-stop hunger pains for 2 days. I had a tad of homemade mashed potatoes tonight and WOW I feel like a new woman. I'm not supposed to start mushies until Wednesday so I'm going to only use them when I can't take it anymore between then.

    So great to meet all of you. This new journey is exciting for me as is for you all. Looks like I am the only one already banded so I'm up for any questions, though I am new!

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