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  1. Hello, I haven't been on this site in so long, I loved the support it gave me and probably my first mistake was not logging on. Anyways, I had my surgery 11/10 and am really struggling now. I lost about 90 pounds with 30 pounds to go. I got depressed that I wasn't losing faster and had major issues last year that I just couldn't focus on losing weight. So I feel I wasted a year. I have put on about 7 pounds but still have very good restriction when I eat the right food. I never lost my hunger but I know a few bites of food and I'm full. I am a junk food junky and I don't exercise. Believe me I know what to do but would really appreciate any advice. Do you think its to late for me to still lose weight with the sleeve? And how would you go about getting back on track? Thank you, Janine
  2. Thank you for the great advice. Its nice to know people you really don't know you are so supportive and helpful. I think the boot camp is a great idea and something I will do after Christmas (I know I shouldn't wait but it will be too hard). When I stopped logging my food on my fitness pal is when I gained the 7 pounds. So keeping a food journal is something I know that works. Good luck to you guys on your weight loss journey:)
  3. Hi, I'm from rockland county too. It's been so long since I've been on this site, i need to get back on track.
  4. I'm a year since my surgery, I have not seen much increase in how much I can eat in the last 5 months. I can only eat about 3 oz of dense protein and a few bites of vegetables. About 4 oz of soft protein. Some days I'm a little more hungry so I have extra protein. Slider foods never fill me up, I could be full and still want chocolate. If you stay away from junk food most of the time then it will be hard to get back into old habits. Good luck
  5. janinemaire

    Weight Loss 14 months out

    Your weight loss is so amazing. But I completely understand how you feel. I'm 12 months since surgery lost 90 pounds and have about 35 pounds to go and am so afraid it won't come off. I have good restriction and I eat healthy except I have been eating to many sweets. Now with the holidays coming its going to be extra hard. I have not gained but the last month I lost only 2 pounds. Going back to basic is probably the best think we can do. Good luck, keep us updated how your doing. Janine
  6. Hi Patrick, good for you for kicking your sugar habit, not to sound like a pain but did the B12 you think worked or did you do somthing else? I keep struggling with the sweets, which is not good since it was just Halloween and other holidays coming up. Other than needing a piece of chocolate, I do good with my carbs and protein. I'm looking for a magic answer that will help me, lol. Thanks Janine
  7. Hi Patrick, your getting back on track and your almost to your goal and that's great. Honestly I have a couple cups of coffee a day without sugar, I don't think anything is wrong with a little caffine. I also think I have a sugar addiction, it has really slowed my weight loss. I don't have much interest in regular food, so its easy to stick to the Protein first. But I need chocolate every day, its like the only thing that I really enjoy eating. I haven't had any sweets for a few day and I'm really craving it. I'm wondering about the B12, does that really help? I know I won't have any self control after Holloween. Good luck
  8. janinemaire

    Is 8 months out too late?

    Look at some of your positives, you basically have not gained and you have lost over 100 pounds which is amazing. Maybe you need therapy to help you deal with your insecurities. To start get back to basic, Protein first and little carbs. I bet you can't eat as much with pure protein the way you can with other foods especially unhealthy foods. I can eat a lot of unhealthy foods and I have no control. So I don't buy them. When I want something I just buy a single serving. Also just start walking and don't worry about the gym, it really does help relieve stress and makes us feel good, Good luck,
  9. janinemaire

    Weight Watchers

    i agree with sleeve 4 me, ww is such a good program it really teaches you how to make good food choices and helps you with your food demons. True, I would mention wls. Good luck
  10. janinemaire

    Hunger & Cravings

    welcome to our sleeve family, I'm almost one year out and I usually don't have hunger, I get more of an empty feeling. A few bites of food and I'm good. A few days a month during my TOM I'm hungry. I don't have any interests in carbs but still have a big sweet tooth. Good luck with your surgery, Janine
  11. janinemaire

    Women Only Question

    You mean these two saggy piles of skin I have on my body that were once my big boobs? I always had big boobs now there gross. I was a 46DD now 40D ?, but my bra is to big and I don't want to buy another one yet.
  12. Its so normal to feel the way your feeling, in a few weeks your going to feel great. You will be able to eat all the foods you want in time but just not as much. I have to say the further out from surgery I get (11 months) the less and less I'm caring about food. Take it slow and be positive, feel better janine
  13. janinemaire

    Carb Debate (Friendly)

    I stay around 55-60 grams of carbs but breads and pastas just don't sit well with me even whole wheat. If I go over 60 grams its usually something sweat I ate and of course that doesn't bother me.
  14. janinemaire

    @ 4 Months and Can Eat More

    I've been eating around 800-900 calories since i was around 4 months (I'm 11 months now), its normal for our new stomachs to relax so we can take in more food. If you haven't already start to journal your food and make sure you measure out your food. I also eat about 3 three hours so I don't have that empty feeling. Good luck, Janine
  15. janinemaire

    I love bread

    Even 11 months out of surgery I still can't eat but a few bitesof potatoes, bread or Pasta, it just fills my stomach to much. Crispier breads are easier but I like to stay away from the extra carbs. I have been eating thin crust pizza since I was 3 months out. I never had a problem with sauce. I like these magic pop crackers their 15 calories and 4 grams of carbs each and you only need one, there perfect for humas, salsa, pb and j. I love them and their easy to digest. You should get over missing the breads soon as your able to start having regular foods. Good luck with your recovery.
  16. janinemaire

    Just curious to Know

    Coops I have been thinking the same thing trying to up my calories to help speed up my weight loss. The only way I get to 1000 calories is by eating junk, I know I don't eat enough. Please let me know how your doing, I'm really interested. Janine
  17. janinemaire

    Hit my 9 Month Goal!!!

    You look great, 103 pounds in 9 months is amazing. I'm sure you will be at goal in no time.
  18. janinemaire

    What do I have to look forward to??

    I had so little pain and felt no different that i didn't think they did the surgery until I felt the bandages on my stomach. I felt so good that I left the hospital the next day. I didn't even need any pain medication. I was just sore for a few weeks. Eating took some time, I drank a lot of hot tea. Good luck, be positive and you will be fine.
  19. i have a day care and I was back to work in a week because I felt fine. Good luck starting your journey, Janine
  20. Your look amazing, congratz on your one year ; )
  21. janinemaire

    Do u drink pepsi and coke??

    This is always an interesting topic and always debated. Carbonated drinks bother me, but every once in while I have a diet soda over a lot of ice, and I try to get as much of the bubbles out.
  22. I want to figure out how to save this post so I can keep rereading it when I'm feeling nervous about my weight loss. What's funny (not really haha) is that we all have lost alot of weight and a least for me, don't even see my 88 pounds in 10 months is really good, I have not been able to lose that much weight before. I still have great restriction, eat healthy and feel good. But I still only see I am not at goal and almost feel embarrassed about it.
  23. I can feel sick if I overdo the sweets, like Diva I can handle a little at a time. But the problem for me is that I'll have a little, let my stomach settle and go get some more. Which is why I cannot at all have any junk food in my house, I was hoping I would have better control by now.
  24. Thanks for all the great advice, I love the support on this board. I feel its always my TOM since I get it every 3 weeks since I lost weight compared to every 6 weeks. Anyways I think the best way to tackle this is to trick my sweet tooth as long as possible with all you suggestions, one of my favorites is magic pop crackers (15 cal, 4 carbs) with a little Peanut Butter, than have the real thing once in while. I hope it works, Janine
  25. I'm 10 months since my surgery, my weight loss is slow but steady. I usually eat very healthy, high protein low carb but my problem is sweets. I don't keep sweets in my house normally but if I do I can't help myself. I know I should have more self control but this has always been a struggle. Even if i go out and there is sweets sitting around I will eat it and if I'm not eating it I'm thinking about how much I want it. Last week I found a three month old lollypop and ate it. I know I sound pathetic but I would love to hear how you all deal with your sweet tooth or is it only me that has this problem. Thank you Janine

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