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  1. My port was one of the earlier versions that had a connection that the manufacturer has had problems with. All the ports used after Sept of 2002 (Ithink?) are the new version. My port had come completly disconected and the fills would do no good. I still managed to loose over 120 lbs without a proper fill. The replacement was out patient and only took a couple of hours and I had little or no discomfort from it.

  2. I'm not at goal but I do have a comment to your question. I think you will have to constantly monitor your progress and look for that amount of food it takes to fill you and how long you stay full. My port broke and it took me a while to notice these signs. Had I been more aware of what I was doing I would have had the port fixed sooner. I now pay close attention to what I am eating looking for signs that my fill is not where it needs to be.

  3. Hi! Everyone! I am a male, 49 years old. I had the lapband on May 28th 2002. I weighed 458 lbs in Jan of 2002. I lost about 45 lbs before surgery in May and I have lost about 120 lbs since the surgery.

    I had a broken port that was discovered in June. My weight loss had slowed in December and a couple of fills were attempted. I actually had my first fill this past January. But since the port was broken none of them have worked. My port is now fixed and I should be back on the losing path again. Even with the broken port I was able to keep the weight from coming back on.

    The lapband has given me my life back. I am now capable of riding my bike and do the things I enjoy with no pain or diffuctilities.