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  1. Helo there! My update - Glad to hear your working with a specialist I am sure you are doing great! I am doing well just had my 4th fill - I think I am at my green zone- I do still have "head hunger" in the evenings but since cooler weather is coming I am sewing more so keep myself busy! I have one son 28 years old a daughter- in law and 22 FANTASTIC grandsons - 2 and 1.5 months!!!!!!!!!! Weight is sow but steady about 2lbs a week! Still excercising every day but change it up since the pool is too cold to swim now Walk away the punds with the band I highly reccomend! wow, HELLO fellow June 2011 bandsters. I was banded on June 30th. I started at 220# the beginning of my journey in Jan. 2010. Had to lose 10% weight by march 2011. At that time I was 208#. Gained back up to 215# waiting for insurance to approve. Surgery date set and weight was back down to a 206#. Surgery date weight was 204#. Two days after surgery I was 210# and now I am 189#. I have stopped losing weight due to relapse into old eating habits. I've been at 189# for two months now. I am working with an eating behavioralist to get "back on track" with my meals. I am at three fills and feeling some restriction. I am sure that one more fill will put me in the green zone. I know that I will start losing again in the next month as my behavioralist is aggressive in her therapy. So happy she is non judgemental, I judge myself enough lately. So I am married with four children, boy 21, boy 18, girl 15, step son 11 and boy 3. Also have a grand daughter 8 months. I live in Minnesota but my heart is warm and sunny in Miami. It would be nice to hear from more June 2011 bandsters. and updates on you goals and weight loss. I need some inspiration. Also anyone see the movie Corageous?
  2. Howdy from San Antonio TX --Just thought I would give a shout out to all the June Bandsters to see how everyone is doing? I myself am doing pretty darned good-- Losing weight -a little slower than I would like but hey I will take it~ Inches are coming however a nice pace (in my opionion HA HA) Haven;t had any major issues happen- band related OH I DID HOWEVER FALL DOWN THE STAIRS AT MY HOTEL THIS WEEK ON THE WAY TO THE FITNESS CENTER, OUCHIE~ Rug burn and a big ole black and blue -- Cardio at least 6 days a week 45 minutes a day and strenghth excercises 3 days a week (I don;t excerceise on the day I travel home from whatever office I am at that week) For those who do not know I travel a ton for work Would love to hear form everyone Make it a GREAT DAY :Banane20:
  3. Debora Anne

    negatives all around....

    You are absolutely right!!!
  4. Debora Anne

    1st stuck episode

    I have not had any stuck episodes yet - and hope not to !
  5. Debora Anne


    Conrats keep up the good work
  6. WOW You look amazing ...I think I have finally made my descion that YES when I reach my goal I will have a TT for sure ...and a little lift with the boobs
  7. Debora Anne

    Resistance Bands for Weight Lifting

    Now that swim season is over I have put aside the free weights and use the bands LOVE EM! I have a video with some excercises but also play around with them. I can also do the arm bands on my stationary bike-- it helps my balance also
  8. I am with you running is not my cup of tea! I was swimming but even here in TX the swim season is done...I found a DVD by Jane Fonda I like (dancing moves) I also found a pilates with a band workout LOVE IT! Definitley can feel the burn as they say. I excerceise 6-7 days a week however my work is very stressful and I find it helps me become calm. And it deters me from snacking
  9. Debora Anne

    Current PAP Smear??

    I was not asked about a pap smear or any gynecological updates
  10. Debora Anne

    I'M READY TO SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad you finally got your band! Its been a struggle for you! And will be worth it Good luck and keep us posted
  11. Debora Anne

    Anyone from Texas?

    I am 3 momths post op and in San Antonio TX - Good luck on your journey
  12. Debora Anne

    I hit the 2-year mark August 10th

    Conrats you have done incredibly well! As a woman of 50 myself I am excited to hear success stories! My journey has been great so far and I probably will indulge in a TT in 2 years as well .........You are so right about keeping busy and swimming - I have a pool and am dreading winter time9( I do live in SA TX so at leats I have a longer swim season) but then will start my DVDS's which include a little boxing ...........I am not quite ready to get "in the ring"
  13. Debora Anne

    I'M READY TO SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good for you! Congrats you will be very successful I am sure
  14. Debora Anne

    106 pounds lost in a year!

    You look great and what a great success story
  15. Debora Anne

    Don't Say "You Can't" to People

    My mother had gastric bypass 4 years ago..she was told it is not reversible and prior to surgery she was advised to attend seminars and really think about bypass because it is permanant
  16. Debora Anne

    Would you get an unfill if you were me?!!!

    If you are PBing and not comfortable then certainly discuss this with your Doctor ..an ubfill may be needed FYI my Surgeon and NP beleive no more than 1/2 cup each time and take 20 minutes to eat and STOP even if there is food left on my plate....after 30 minutes if I am still HUNGRY then eat 1/4 to 1/2 cup again ...my bites are very very small and I chew chew so far I have had no issues
  17. Debora Anne


    I just had my 3rd fill yesturday .5 cc 2 weeks prior .5cc (only had 1/2 cc because was going on vacation to remote beach location and we were concerned if problems occured) I had 3 cc at time of surgery and now up to 6 cc I have felt restriction from each fill - everyone of course is different and the amount and number of fills to reach your feeling of satisfaction will vary considerably Reply to icandoit5 WOW 2 Cuos of rice..I have not tried any white carbs yet but I could not eat even 1.5 cups of anything since surgery..You sshould talk to your Doc and Nutritionalist - you do not want to strretch your pouch - overeating is one of the biggest reasons people have issues with the band ..and remmebr this is all about change and just because you "can" does not mean you should .. I
  18. Debora Anne

    excess skin & excercise

    You are young and that is an advantage - with excercise regularly to include Weights you should not have too much excess skin
  19. I have lost my chin and no turkey waddle I am short and wide I quess an Apple and seem to be losing it all over in small does although I have found mt chest has lost several inches more than the rest of me
  20. Debora Anne

    Eating Poll

    A Do you eat mostly healthy food with a few treats here and there? B Do you eat all healthy food and NO treats/trigger foods until you've reached goal? C Do you eat what you want just in smaller portions? I would have to pick A and B - However I still do not drink any carbonated beverages (nor have I wanted a Diet Coke -which is incredible since i was "addicted" 1 month before the band I have been to gun shy to try pasta-bread or rice I was very pretty strict before this week - I am on vacation and have had a little wine this week and a couple of chohlate candies - I do have to admit the foods I want now are very different
  21. I had my first glass of wine this week (on vacation) Banded June8th
  22. I have not been told that I cannot frink Crystal lite only that diet carbonated drinks may be a hazard
  23. Debora Anne

    Tips for self-payers?

    I was self pay and verified with my current health carrier that they WOULD cover any complications after p;acement
  24. Debora Anne

    Do you use Wii to exercise?

    I use WII fit plus

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