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  1. SkinnyInside=)

    Horribly disappointed

    okay first , don't worry about venting here .. we have all been where you are at .. most of us anyway. Don't worry about the 6 month diet plan ... there IS A LOOP HOLE .. IF you can get your PCP to go for it . I too had to have a " 6 month diet plan " .. this really only consisted of 6 pieces of paper , for each month , that asked me what i was eating and what excerising i was doing that month ! All i had to do was fill them all out and have my PCP sign them !! I didn't wait 6 months .. Its all paper work for the insurance company . So , get the paper work ( your surgeons office will have them ) Fill them out starting 6 months ago with whatever diet you've " been on " and ask your Dr to sign them . Now .. getting upset about 3 month wait is a entirely different story . I know you read sometimes about people on here that decided want surgery and they have it the following Tuesday . HAH That is not realistic. it will take you ITLEAST 3 months to get in to see all the specialist for the Pre-op testing . I had to wait 4 WEEKS just to get a CONSULT with the sleep Apena Dr ! So start booking those those test now , stay ahead of the game. If you find out later that you don't need that particular test , cancel it . No biggie . But if you happen to do , you already have a appt. DONT GIVE UP YET !! YOU ARE JUST GETTING STARTED !!! Good luck ! =)
  2. SkinnyInside=)

    Tattoo before and afters

    Ill keep a record too ! Ive got 12 and im pretty worried up .
  3. Im doing the SAME THING ! !ve actually gained 5 lbs !!! Got to cut it out !!! You arent alone though ! haha
  4. SkinnyInside=)

    Not Sure

    Hello ! All I can say is do your research !! I wanted Lap-band at first then changed my mind. Decided its just not for me personally and im now going with Gastric Bypass / Sleeve . Just either way you go .. do your research !! =) It sounds like you are on the right track for a new life tho since you are already asking questions !! =)
  5. SkinnyInside=)

    loony loony loony

    Girl .. I was just like you . You gotta stop feeling sorry for yourself and LIVE !!! You shouldnt really be concerned with a man not loving you because you are big you should be concernd that he's not going to want to deal with the depression issues you have. I know this because I had to over come ALOT to get where i am today and it all dwindels down too.. stop feeling so ******* sorry for myself. Pot doesnt help either . You are just making yourself more depressed. Get up off the couch and go outside ! Im saying these things to save your life not to be mean. If you dont care about yourself why the hell would should anyone else ? =)
  6. Well , I had my Endscopy and everything was NORMAL !! Hellz YEAH !! I also completed my 6 month diet plan and had them signed , ive seen the nurtionist and had my Psych Elv . So now im just waiting to do my Sleep Apena test and then she will give me a date !! Im so excited ! I really think at this rate I should get my surgery before Halloween ! HOPEFULLY !
  7. SkinnyInside=)

    Guess I'll Go First!

    Hey everyone ! Im having Gastric Bypass coming up here really soon just waiting on my actual day ! I never had Lap- band. It just wasnt for me so I went with this instead. I cant wait !!!!!
  8. SkinnyInside=)

    Mini Horror Story

    Wow that really sucks !!
  9. SkinnyInside=)

    What if your hubby LIKES you fat?

    Oh my goodness i go thr the same thing with my husband. He really feels like im going to get thin and go freaking nuts ! He watches the Youtubes videos of wls ladies in bikinis and it scares the crap outta him. i told him he better watch it ! i kid. lol
  10. SkinnyInside=)

    Hello from Akron Ohio

    Hello there ! Well , it sounds like you have alot on your plate ! If I were you I would first make a appt with whatever surgeon you are planning on using. Because in most cases their office manger can help you with your insurance company. The surgeon wants to make money . so they most likely will find a way. You will have to jump thro alot of hoops and red tape .. but if you have that many co-morbidilities theres someway it can be done. If not thro you insurance at work , the state may pay for it since you are so high risk. I urge you to make a appt with the suregon and get the ball rolling. I myself am jumping thro alot of hoops to get Gastric bypass. I have more than 150lbs to lose so that was the besst option for me. But yea, i know it will all be worth it in the end. GOOD LUCK !! KEep me posted !!
  11. SkinnyInside=)

    Big decision -- please help.

    Wow !! What a tough descion !! It is alot of money .. but if I had it .. I think i would go ahead and pay for it ! Hell lets get this ball rolling !! Lol
  12. Thank you so much for starting this thread. Its threads like this and others that helped me make my mind up to get Gastric bypass in lou of the band. I dont want to ever have a revision or any of these problems so im skipping it ha im currently doing all my Pre op testing for my gastric bypass surgery ! =)
  13. SkinnyInside=)

    No more fat clothes !

    I've decided not buying ANY new clothes until I've been Banded !!!I have a crap ton of clothes that I never wear because im " fat " so ive just keep on shopping !!! No more !
  14. KNock knock .. am i the only one ? lol oh noes !
  15. SkinnyInside=)

    Does nebody hav HIP PRIME and live in nyc???

    Hahah i too have HIP and the only problems i have run into is my PCP office manger !! I KNOW she is so sick and tired of me calling for referrals I will say that altho they insurance hasnt really been a pain these test that I have to get done ... are becoming a bit of a nightmare to schedule. The Gastronoligist doesnt have a open appt until Dec 2011 !! If anything try to get all your testing done early !!! You will be way ahead of the game !
  16. SkinnyInside=)

    Dr. Dominick Gadaleta - Dr. Gadaleta patient !

    Oh great !! I was starting to get worried !! Lol
  17. Hey everyone .. ( this is tmi warning ) : / I like many others have a problem with my stomach hanging down and causing a painful , hot rash . I haven't even been banded yet and I've heard once you try to get a TT after weight loss , that one ofthe reasons they get approved is for said rash . With that said , should I be complainingto my PCP about it now so it's on record ? Does that even matter ? Also , any tips or tricks you've used or know of that helps ease the rashes would be apperaticed !!!
  18. SkinnyInside=)

    The dreaded tummy rash :(

    Thank you so much !!
  19. Ive heard many many people say " I would have gotten the Sleeve if my insurance would cover it " . I wonder why that is ..... Im with much everyone else on here .. whatever works for YOU ! Everyone is different and you have to do what is right for you . =) Wishing you all the best !!! I myself am considering Sleeve or Bypass. =)
  20. Yea having my blood drawn and taking vitamins everyday sounds like a cake walk compared to what thus poor lady has been thru . I'm fully aware what comes with bypass and I'm willing and ready for the challenges . Lap band to me seems like a temporary answer to a long term problem that could make me feel worse in the long run . . It's not for me . I know it's works like a charm for alor of people . I've met alot if friends here and they seem to be okay with the sliming , Pbing , etc . But again not my cup of tea . I
  21. This post makes me want gastric bypass. i know it comes with its own set of issues but dam! i really wish you good luck .. and thank you for posting this. If i was able to control my diet and do what i need to do to get fit i would need the band. period. wishing you the best !
  22. SkinnyInside=)

    Anyone else in NYC?

    Oh hi !! I have Dr.Gadeleta over at North Shore .It's a long drive but I really like him !! So how are you feeling ? Tell me everything !!
  23. SkinnyInside=)

    My first Slime

    I gotta know what did you do after surgery ?
  24. i havent had my surgery yet . However , ive been dieting and working out like a nazi and im GAINING WEIGHT !! What the heck !? My jeans even feel tighter ! What is wrong with me ? Im not working out with weights or anything im just walking about 45 mins every night . So disappointing . I was REALLY hoping to be one of these " Bandsters" that lose 50lbs before they even have surgery with diet and exercise . It really makes me feel like crap. If i gain weight once i get the band , that will be the end of me . I cant do this anymore.

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