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  1. I think the most frustrating thing at this point for me is the fact that I am always SO SO thirsty!! I mean I sip on water all day long and I am still thirsty. Its irritating because before i would just chug a drink and having to sip and wait a few minutes is just beyond irritating.
  2. I have been on full liquids for about 5 days now....and I am getting sick of yogurt, blended cottage cheese, and pureed soup!! I need some suggestions on something else I can eat....so far I have been very lucky and my sleeve tolerates everything I have tried to eat.
  3. Hey Everyone!! Its been 3 days since surgery........Monday day of surgery I arrived to the hospital at 6:30 didn't go back into pre-op until almost 8:30 once back there everything went super fast. I changed into the gown and got my IV's started, they hooked me up to the heart machine and obviously my heart was racing. So they gave me some medicine to calm me down and from there I was quite out of it I remember my parents and grandparents coming back and seeing me for a few minutes and then being wheeled off to the OR...they had me move over to the surgical table and put an oxygen mask on me....and then I woke up!! I was so disoriented and didn't understand where the hell I was and I felt like everyone was yelling at me to wake up lol!! I was in so much pain from the gas they blow you up with and all of the smells were making me sick to my stomach!! I am home now and everything is getting better a little at a time I am trying to eat but it just is so hard right now I have been really sleepy so I have been sleeping more than awake as of right now.
  4. I am so excited on January 13th 2011 I started this journey and finally the day has come tomorrow I will be getting my sleeve!!!!!!!!! Me and my family are going up tonight to stay in Orlando because we live pretty far from the hospital and I have to be there early. I probably won't be back on after today until I get home. Good luck to everyone else God will be with all of us Can't wait to join the losers bench.
  5. Waiting to be called back I am sitting in the hospital waiting room right now!!!!!!! I am getting excited and nervous!!!!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has noticed a change in shoe size since they have lost weight. I am currently a 9.5-10 depending on the shoe!! I would love to have a smaller shoe size!!!
  7. Thanks Guys!!! I really do like my surgeon I think I was just caught off guard by him when he approached me that way. Because that is not his normal personality usually he is kind and caring. I had been Plateauing for three days but this morning I weighed and 3 more lbs are gone =) only 4 more to go before Monday!!!!!!!
  8. I am only 3 days from surgery I am scheduled to be at the hospital on Monday @ 7 AM!!! And I am freaking out....lol I am thinking about all of the negative, when I went to my final pre-op with the Doctor on monday I had lost 14 lbs since starting my pre-op diet. Well instead of saying wow great job which I thought I had done a FANTASTIC job he looks at me and says we need to get a lot more weight off because your liver is very large.....and then goes on he never says how much more he feels my abdomen and said everything felt good IDK can he tell how large my liver is approximately by feeling my abdomen???? Then I asked him how much more do you want me to get off and he says 10 more lbs. Well I have lost another 3 so I still have 7 to go and I don't really think I am going to be able to do it by Monday morning!! I am so scared that he is going to open me up and decide he can't do anything because of my liver I have been following my liquid diet EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I went to a support group last night at Orlando Regional Medical Center....it was so informative I kept dragging my feet not wanting to go and I am glad now that I went I can't believe that my surgery is in 4 days!! I have lost 17 lbs now pre-op liquids...trying to get to 25 before Monday.
  10. Kayla

    Shoe Size....

    I do LOVE shoes lol!!
  11. My final Pre-op appointment was today with the surgeon....My time for surgery has been moved up from 11:30 to 9:00 AM on Monday only 6 more days I am excited about that!!! I have lost 14 lbs so far on liquid diet...surgeon said he would like to see me loose 10 more lbs!! I am hoping I can get as close to that as possible =)
  12. Kayla

    All Stars Line up!!!

    :rolleyes: YAAAYYY!!! I am so excited I didn't think august would ever get here!!!!!!! LOL!!! I am so excited exactly a week from today I get to start my new life. :)
  13. Kayla

    Off to surgery!Surg

    Good Luck!! The first of our August All Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Let me start off by saying I come from a very Southern family.....I am on Day 6 of pre-op liquids I have been doing really good only had one slip up and it wasn't that bad I had a piece of low fat cheese. But today my ENTIRE Family is here and that is a ton of people and they are cooking Black Eyed Peas, Fried Corn Bread, Salt Pork, Fried Okra and Rice!!!!!!!!!!!! This is torture....I know that I can't make other people change for me and my choices but this is really hard and my only escape was getting on here I know pretty pathetic right. I am actually thinking about going to take a nap!!
  15. Kayla


    I am so ready for this!!! After yesterday I know I can do this.....My family after it was all said and done kept saying how proud they were of me that I have been able to do this and that they are so excited for me to start my new life. I just sipped my beef broth and ate jello. Not much longer =)
  16. Kayla


    Thank you!! My Surgery is on August 8th in Orlando Fl!!
  17. So today is day 4 of my liquid diet and I am down 5 lbs.....pretty exciting the liquid diet is getting a lot better to. I have been keeping my self busy by working overtime at work....but to add to my frustration of not being able to eat solid food I started my monthly yesterday and I always crave Taco Bell when I am on it...........Talk about Crappy and I pass 2 on my way home from work!!!!!!! I keep telling myself I can do this I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 11 days til getting my sleeve =-)
  18. It's almost our turn to start our new lives I don't know about ya'll but August 8th cannot come quick enough...what is everyone doing to get ready??
  19. Kayla

    Pain in back leg

    I agree with Stacy160 just monitor it...I get muscle cramps alot I have always had them since I was a young kid they would wake me up in the middle of the night in EXCRUCIATING pain!!!!!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon =)
  20. HAHAHA.......I found myself watching Man V Food the other day he was eating some pork sandwich and I hate pork but it looked AMAZING and then I went and cooked a huge lunch for my Nephew and little sister!!!!!!!! I was very proud that I was able to hold back the urge to eat the food I had cooked =)
  22. So last night when I got home I had my Protien Shake for dinner and a little bit of beef broth....I was instantly Nauseated and puked every bit of it up. Now this morning just the thought of drinking another protien shake makes me sick the only thing I have had all day is water!! I am hoping I get over this soon I still have over a week left. =(
  23. I am still on my Pre-op diet!
  24. Protien shakes I really like Muscle MIlk Light it taste really good they have a huge variety of flavors....I purchased it from Amazon (average 20.00 a canister)...Chewable Vitamins I use Centrum Chewables they taste kinda like Orange juice not to awful!!
  25. I am planning on taking 3-4 weeks...Only because my job has very strict rules about time away from my desk until I feel comfortable enough that I am not going to get sick after eating I won't go back.

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