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    I just want to cry

    1) I know there is a sticky post int his forum all about post WLS depression, you might find some helpful things in there. 2) hormonal imbalance is super common post op. Hormones are stored in fat cells, so as your fat cells shrink, the hormones are released into your body. My dr. confirmed this, I had heard it on here, she said it is true. 3) you are going through changes, and you are healing, you may have less energy right now, etc.... many reasons to feel a little sad! Hang in there, focus on the positives and you will feel better soon
  2. CraftyChristie

    6 months out!

    Are you still wearing size 20? I have a pair of size 20 jeans Lane Bryant, stretch bootcut... due to the weight loss I bought them new and only wore them for 3 weeks... if you would like them send me a message and I will mail them to you! I also have them in size 18 and I am just about ready to let go of those too.
  3. CraftyChristie

    The stall broke (again)!

    Thanks for sharing!! You gave comfort to my hubby - his date was 6/3/10 and he is at about 66 lbs lost right now. He started at 340 lbs and he has been stalled in the 270's for 5 weeks or so. Sort of a simillar situation. He was happy to see your post. I told him I know from a lot of your posts that you exercise, eat right, do what you gotta do... so it helped him to know he is not alone and he's not doing things wrong Thanks!!
  4. CraftyChristie

    The Hair Diaries

    my experience is similar to cwalker - started losing hair at 2 months... months 3 & 4 I have lost a lot... clump after clump when I shower. Also I used to clean out my hairbrush ever 2 months, now I have to clean it out every week. But, other people can't really notice how much thinner my hair has gotten. It doesn't leave bald spots, it just thins out. EVERYONE who has been through this tells me that by about 7-8 months, it will start to re-grow, and by about 1 yr out to 14 months, it will be back to normal.
  5. CraftyChristie

    Progress Along the Way

    Post-op photos, progress, comparisons
  6. CraftyChristie

    Hubby 3 Month Comparison

    From the album: Progress Along the Way

    My husband Ian - on the left is 2 weeks after surgery, on the right about 3 1/2 months after surgery. Weight loss at that time for him about 60 lbs.
  7. CraftyChristie

    Comparing START to 4 MONTHS post-op, 3 views

    This comparison is between my before photos and at 4 months post op (Sept 20th 2010). Weight: 230 lbs, Loss 80 lbs.
  8. CraftyChristie

    NSV: underwear!

    CONGRATS!! That is awesome!!! My hubby started as a 54 and is now wearing 46's. Being into the 30's is still a dream to him but I know he will get there!!
  9. Copying this over from my blog. Just getting my thoughts out and if you have opinions, or experiences to share, I would love to hear them!!!! Right now I'm in a little bit of a funk. Weight loss has really slowed down this month. I expected this to happen but I didn't think it would happen so soon. I guess it could be temporary and things could pick up again, but I am not sure what to expect. I'm not really stalled or anything, but this month has definitely been different. When I came off my two week 'stall' during my Chicago vacation, I lost 4 lbs the next week which is awesome... then it stayed the same for another week. Then I lost 5 more lbs over the next couple of weeks but now it's stopped again. So far this "month" (meaning since my surgaversary on Sept 20th) I've lost 6 lbs and now I'm stuck. With less than 2 weeks til the end of my "month", I don't see myself losing 15 lbs this month like I have been, unless things REALLY pick up. I am okay with slower loss, and if that's what I'm slipping into now, I will deal with that... it's just the unknown that I guess has me a little worried. There's a lot of things going on. For one, my body has been all messed up since surgery... I had to go off my birth control for surgery and wait 6 weeks after before taking it again. I had no period from the time I went off the pill 6 weeks prior, to the time I went back on it 6 weeks after. After being on it for a few weeks I got my period and I have basically had it EVER SINCE. I think I am going on about 7 weeks of having it at this point. It gets lighter, then heavier, almost like I am still having a "period week" when it's heavier, but it never completely goes away. I really miss being so regular like I was before... and I am so tired from all the hormonal changes. I'm off the pill this week, and start up again on Saturday... really hoping THIS will be the cycle that my body gets back on track. Please? My other issue is this week (which I guess my body thinks is period week) I feel so hungry all the time. I'm eating a lot more. Not more amount at a time, but more often. I just can't seem to stay satisfied. I am hoping and praying this is hormonal and will fix itself too... but I'm scared to death that what if it isn't?! What if I stay this hungry? It will be sooooo much harder and sooooo much slower to lose the weight if that is the case. I'm still working out 3-5 days a week. This week was 4. But nothing is happening on the scale at all. This is the first time I would say I have felt freaked out about the scale not moving. Most of the time it doesn't phase me at all. But this time because of the hunger I'm feeling, and because I'm working out as much as I am, I don't know... it's making me nervous. It is probably silly to think the loss could be stopping or at least slowing way down this soon. But I can't help but be scared. There is that part of me that still doesn't BELIEVE that all of this is real. That part of me that thinks I'll start gaining it all back now. I think that part is getting the better of me today. I just really want to see things start moving again. I'm getting all my Protein, I'm eating well. I have noticed my Water intake going down so my focus today is hydrate hydrate hydrate and I'm going to try to stay focused on that each day. Not sure what else I can do but just WAIT. Hopefully patiently... lol.
  10. CraftyChristie

    Just My Thoughts... Your Opinions??

    Thanks guys. Scale has moved a tiny bit down to 222.8 ... but I've also been sick this week so I am not sure if I trust it yet. I have to admit I thought ooh, I'm sick and barely eating so maybe that will jump start things moving again. But I tried really hard to still eat as much as I could so my body would have the energy to heal (I have had strep and an ear infection)... even so, I'm sure my calories were significantly lower, so I'm surprised I didn't lose MORE in the 4 days I've been sick. But I am happy to be starting to feel better, and hopefully tomorrow I can start working out again.... and i'm really hoping things are going to be moving for me!!
  11. There's a whole debate about soda for WLS patients that the carbonation can stretch the sleeve - but everyone disagrees so I don't know if it's true or not. I have only had ONE sip of soda here and there a few times. I figure just having one sip can't really stretch anything if that is true. For the most part I don't drink it at all.. .I think I've had one sip about 3 different times. Also with chips I have definitely found them to be a slider food. Which is so weird because I thought a slider food would be yogurt or pudding or something of that consistency. But I can eat those little bags of chips you buy for a lunch box - I can polish one of those off without even feeling remotely full. If I were eating chicken breast, I'd only be able to eat 1/2 that volume of food. So for the most part I avoid chips now that I know this. I refuse to deny myself anything, so if I REALLY WANT chips, I'd have some. But I'm not going to mindlessly snack on them because they are there. If that makes sense I would say just try to make better choices when you can -of course, a party is a special occasion and it's okay to splurge on stuff now and then. BUT, if you are WANTING to do better in these cases, you could have easily eaten your own foods throughout the day and just let bday cake be your little splurge, skip the nachos, etc. Try to stick to foods you know DO help you to feel the restriction.
  12. CraftyChristie


    That's great, way to go! You must be so proud!!
  13. CraftyChristie

    Just My Thoughts... Your Opinions??

    Thank you so much Sandy & Maddie I am trying to hang in there and believe!! Still no change... actually, went up just slightly. Grr. But I know it will pass... I know it will pass.... I know it will pass. Now I'm sick on top of everything, with a super sore throat... not sure how bad it will get either Thank you so very much for your support and kind words.
  14. CraftyChristie

    Pounds lost per month

    Every BODY is so diffferent, there's no way to know for sure. My personal experience has been... Month 1, 37 lbs ... Month 2, 13 lbs.... Month 3, 16 lbs....Month 4, 15 lbs..... Month 5 to be determined but only 6 so far with a week to go.. So it's slowing down, but don't know if it's temporary. I started at 310 lbs at 5'5", my BMI was nearly 52. Higher weights/BMI's will drop more quickly on average, but not always. The statistic is that on AVERAGE, a person will lost 60-70% of their excess weight in the first year with this surgery. That's excess, not overall body weight. So for example I was 310 lbs and my goal is 160 lbs which means I would be hoping to lose 150 lbs - 150 lbs is my excess weight. So, 60-70% of 150 excess lbs would be 90-105lbs lost in the first year. Well, I'm at less than 5 months and have lost 86 lbs so I can certainly hope I'm going to beat the average in my first year... perhaps because I'm a bit heavier than some. Not sure. Averages are just that though, and there's no way to know for sure the rate at which your wife will lose. I wouldn't be surprised if she could lose 150 or more in the first year, starting out at 430.
  15. CraftyChristie

    Just My Thoughts... Your Opinions??

    Thanks so much Anna. I am totally the same as you, good result yield good habits. That's why in the past before surgery, whenever I would hit big plateaus that would be the end of it for me because I just didn't have the motivation to eat right and exercise when I wasn't losing. Luckily this time does feel a bit different... I don't feel the desire to eat badly or stop exercising. But I do feel just so BLAH. I just wanna see a little movement, grr! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I think you're doing awesome and I really hope to get to 100 lost by my 6 month mark!! I want my new tattoo which is going to be my celebration of losing 100!
  16. CraftyChristie

    Just My Thoughts... Your Opinions??

    Oh Sheila! I'm so glad you found me too. You are a total blessing to me! Thank you for all of your words of encouragement... they really do help and yes of COURSE I will happily repeat them back to you in a few months I do want to stay off the scale in the hopes that in a week or two it would all be past.... but my fear is that I'd still be the same and then 10 times more disappointed because that amount of time passed... whereas daily, it's like, well how much change can I expect since yesterday anyway... does that make sense??? I don't know. I guess I just have to feel it out. Thanks again for everything! Big hugs and I really hope to see you SOON!
  17. CraftyChristie

    Just My Thoughts... Your Opinions??

    Thank you so much. That was a reminder that I needed to hear. When I started out I never thought I'd be at 86 pounds during my 5th month. So you're right, even if I stall for a long time, I am still doing fine. I'm definitely working on changing things up, I've done some different workouts and working on that Fluid intake, and I've let my calories fluctuate a lot and eating varied foods. Hope something works soon!!
  18. CraftyChristie

    Just My Thoughts... Your Opinions??

    Thank you so much Irene for your extremely thoughtful reply. It is nice to know I am a motivator for someone especially on days like today when I just don't feel like one! Sorry to hear about the troubles you went through with the band I really do believe this surgery is a much better one. I need to keep believing in that and in myself!!
  19. CraftyChristie


    CONGRATS! Just look at those words on your ticker that say BELOW GOAL WEIGHT. How awesome is that? You must feel incredible!!!!!
  20. CraftyChristie

    450 pounds, 23 y old, TERRIFIED!

    Emma, I was bigger than most at 310lbs but I know you may not see that as being "as big".... but I wanted to offer you a word of encouragement... I know that the sleeve originated as a two part surgery for VERY heavy patients (500-600lbs plus!)... where they would do the sleeve first, followed by a 2nd surgery to do intestinal bypass... which the end result is basically the DS (duodenal switch) surgery, once you add those two together. They do the sleeve part first because they consider it the least risk to such a large person, who is at more risk having surgery. SO... I hope that gives you a little comfort that it is supposed to be the safest for a larger person. HUGS and wishing you all the very best!
  21. CraftyChristie

    My 1st Before and "During" pics

    Wow look how much less space you take up!!!!! :-D It's amazing! Congrats sweetie! I also love what you've done with your hair!
  22. CraftyChristie

    Biggest Loser last night

    I too was turned off by the Dr's comment of "this is about more than just a one day surgery." I guess there ARE people who treat surgery as a one day thing, but I for one am putting all the effort I would be putting without surgery, every day... and it's getting me somewhere instead of nowhere luckily :thumbup: It's a tool. It's still for the rest of our lives, not a one day thing. But I guess I shouldn't take it personally, a lot of people do gain weight back after surgery because of this mentality. I just really hope I will not be one of them.
  23. This is not true. Nothing is altered about the way we absorb things. The only thing I was told in reference to calcium is that it is better for us to have calcium citrate instead of calcium carbonate.
  24. CraftyChristie

    5 Months Today and I'm posting pics!

    SO GLAD you posted pics!!!!!! You have come such a long way and you are looking just fabulous :thumbup: Congrats sweetie!
  25. CraftyChristie

    Happy Feelin's in the air...

    Way to go!! You look really cute in that dress!!! I was so happy to wear a size 20 dress to the wedding I went to two weeks ago... coming from a size 28 it felt so amazing. I totally know how you feel!!!

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