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  1. YAY! congrats!! gotta love the sleeve.
  2. not even your BF. My BF was th first person to know ( i love that boy crazy!!!!! I swear i have the BESt BF in the world) i didnt tell my mom but with my case i winded up in the ICU and that how my family find out and uh to this day my "dear" sweet mother never fails to remind me of the almost fatal heartattack she claim she almost had. **mothers**
  3. ryansgirl

    officially sleeved!

    yay elly!!! congarts!!!
  4. love it tiffy! i'm always so proud of you!
  5. ryansgirl

    One Tiny Victory

    congrats evey step counts!! it all adds up in the end!
  6. i got one one at 4 months out and i never had one before every in my 25 years, i didn't know what was up i thought i was dying. um also i do get more colds then i did before i had the surgey i never got sick but i done have 4 different colds since i had surgery probably just my body still healing and stuff but i was like what the heck i neve get sick.
  7. i'm 9 months out and my gall bladder fine so i guess it depends.
  8. truthful it inevtaible not to lose some muscle mass that just the way it is regradless of what other people think even with all the protein in the world your body can only use so much of it . don't give youself something else to stress about this thing is stressful enough i lift weights and exercise seven days a week and i'm donw 132 pounds did i lose some muscle? i'm sure i did. but now that i'm closer to goal i'm focusing more on building my muscles so point is you can always build and rebuild muscle.
  9. key is totally right i had a three week stall. guess what i'm eating 2000 calories a daY!!!!!!! and i'm losing weight so that is soooooooooooooooo true. (oh course i lift weights and i exercise seven days a week. what? you thought i lost 130 pounds just from the sleeve it self??)
  10. ryansgirl

    Grocery bills

    humm with all the protein drinks i drink like bill said it not cheap. i find my bill for grocery shopping the same i don't eat meat anymore but i do like the tvp. now i do save alot of money for just not eating out anymore my savings has grown.
  11. so this week i was a little ill because it the end of the month and i had only drop 8 pounds i try to average ten pounds a month. so anyway it left me sour right not i'm 191 and i was hoping to be 189 to keep my self on goal. but anyway i was in biology class (not really paying attention i bet you thrilled to know i not going to school to be a doctor:lol0:) when we open our books and right there was a picture of what a pound of fat looked like!!! i was like wow!!! all that!!! i was sooo amazed i'm like i drop 130 pounds of that so far!!! 40more to go!!!! after i left i ran to the store to find me a model but i could not find one so i order one offline. it not here yet but here what it looks like.() so after see something like that i take what i lost this month and be glad i'm dropping that! so everytime you lose a pound for the week just remind yourself "well at least i don't have that to carry around anymore!!" xoxo, nikki:001_wub:
  12. ryansgirl

    No appetite at all.....

    i think mines is mental because im eight months and i'm stll force feeding mysel i really just dont enjoy food at all in any form or matter but i'm a major tea drinker now so.....
  13. the one comments i get when people know i had weightloss is the story " i had a friend aunt whos aunt had surgery who sick .......................ect." i will neve get why people do that! I have a great one today some one i worked with felt the need today to tell me a story (ive been great jobs all day long from people there always one to ruin it right.) who knew someone who had it and gained all their weight back. for this one i sayed what about that 20 pounds you gain back did you have surgery? i asked it so seriouly you know so she didn't think i was being funny. (although i really was) and she lower her head and was like oh well you know i just ate whatever i wanted yadyada. when she said that i was like well maybe your firend did too! and went along my way. point made. love the commets
  14. oh sweetie. you've discover what they call slider foods.they don't have much vaule when it comes to giving your body what it needs. i would go with tiff on this and also something that kept me togather is i use to spend soooo much money on take out foods and what nots. anyway the other day i just realize how BIG my saving account has gotten since i stop all the junk food and fast food. just a thought. also even if your insurance wont pay they have a diet. at your local health department that really cheap instend of fussing with my insurance i go and see her every 4 months or so and we talk about dietary changes and what nots if they have something like that in london.
  15. you are not alone lan2k i too still weep even though i feel better, I look better, big improment in quailty of life. i still feel sad many days i trys not to dwell on it but somedays it does get to me. like i know i can't eat like other people i still drink alot of protein shakes just because i don't have room for much food. so i have lost all interest in eating for the most part. i skip alot of things with friends now when it has anything to do wih food just because. i hope that part does pass one day. i have a black or white view on EVERYTHING lol can't seen to find the middle with nothing. exercise has been the best thing though for me i exercise seven days a week it really is like my addiction from food. (once a addict always addict) AND the thing is i don't talk to people about that part because of the negative things that come with people thoughts on wls i don't regret my sleeve at all but im still a little ill at the fact that i had to go though something so drastic to get to a healthy weight.
  16. ryansgirl

    Youtube Videos and your photos

    yea that mad tude all around it like she did you a favorite??? ok......
  17. :001_unsure:so why do my mom feel the need to tell everybody. we had a fight today because i don't want the whole stinkin world to know aboutr my wls. i do feel guilty when people ask me how i did and i just say protien shakes and exercise but i leave out the sleeve part. am i lying?? should i feel bad???? but today my mom told a couple people at the gym i had weightloss surgery i was so piss!! she had no right and i have told her this twice. so now what?? i thinking about swicthing gyms that how upset i am!! and my guess was right every one has a bad thoughts about wls (now they looking at me funny mine you this are size 2 chicks!!) she should have not said anything. it wasn't her place. My sleeve does not help me get up everyday to run an hour my sleeve does not help me lift my weights it was just a tool i use that has helped me. Also now i'm getting lip from my sister(she has gained 30 pounds) and friends that the only reason why i can go to the gym like i do is because i only work 2 days a week (my bf stays in his parents old house when they moved back home so he has no rent but he still helps me a lot with my bills.and no we don't stay togather and we are not staying with each till he put a ring on my finger lol) so now i'm discredit for that! it really stressing me out it kinda like that question should we feel guilty for being happy like someone who wins a million dollars should they feel bad for wining and being happy or finally going to school or whatever. and you have that voice "well the only reason..........." i don't share my weightloss surgery with everybody it nobody biz right??
  18. ryansgirl

    it nobody biz right???!!

    i'll keep that in mind thin.
  19. ryansgirl

    Youtube Videos and your photos

    WHAT! ok that not cool at all. now i'm weird out..................
  20. Honie49 if you didn't want to part of it you should have not step into the line. ok. this is the reason why many people don't post because of people like YOU who feel the compell need to go about stateing "their" facts. but everyones else is a lie???? and yours is the truth. ALL OF YOU PEOPLE who feel the need to discreidt have nothing to say about why do posts get delete? we know that is true but you never have nothing to say. why is the place such a big issuses surrounding it. nope you never touch on that one either. just everyone hating on DR. A because he the best??? yea whatever . why was i in a hot house with a fever and a infection again no one touching that one. or how they had a out break of infections. again no one touching that fact. i mean the list goes on and on. Dr. B not a doctor?? that ok again know one touching that just everything that shaded gray. i guess that easier to make up excuses about. again great if your time there was fine and you made out by the grace of god but stop challenge everyone who didn't. (oh and i know you didn't talk to me and felt the need to speak my "garbage" as you state about this just so many know i'm young and had no real health problems and it happen to me and it not the fact i got the infection again it how they handle the whole thing that got me sour with them)
  21. Go ahead girl!!!!! Tell brother he look good too! Love you lots too!
  22. ryansgirl


    all it takes are those first pictures!
  23. ryansgirl

    it nobody biz right???!!

    thanks guys and you are all right. i went today to the gym and i had a blast as always with a friend. truth is i'm not covering up but i still don't tell everyone i come in contact with i did wls i don't see the point if they are not that big in my life about it just triedsom to tell any and everyone and explain over and over and over.....you get the picture.
  24. if it took you an hour then you must have been reading wrong.................i had one. and yes people are that afraid because you do get hate mail and such just for posting how you feel about them as a matter of there are a few people who did and it still took you an hour and you didn't see any of that and it ok that the person who works for the faculty to also be on here defending. again an hour and you didn't see ANY of that? ok

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