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  1. I sympathize with you. I also understand the initial shock, disappointment and worry. I too have UHC and I did not have to do a supervised diet at all. My BMI at the time of surgery was something like 43 I think. I did have to fill out a packet from the surgeon that included a 5 yr weight history (to show that I didn't gain weight all of a sudden) and I had to list all health issues that are weight related. The last thing on the form was to list all of the diets I had tried, how long I had stuck with them and how successful I had been on each one. I had absolutely no problem getting approved. Maybe you can ask your surgeon if they have a form like that. Best of luck to you!

  2. I haven't lost any weight in the last month. Now, with that said, I definitely know why. My portions are not large at all; however, I find myself eating ice cream more often than I should. So, I've decided to get rid of the ice cream and see what happens. I did start Zumba classes about 2 weeks ago twice a week. I am going to add the treadmill 3x a week and see what happens in the next 4 weeks. Hang in there. You might need to tweak what you are doing just a little. You will soon see results. Good luck!

  3. Hi Marsha!

    My doctor is at DePaul Hospital in St. Louis. His name is Mario Morales. I had surgery in May and I go for my 1st fill next week. If I'm not mistaken, fluoroscopy is when they do the fill by the xray and that is what was explained to me will happen when I go in next week. Good luck!

    I received a band in Mexico in January and have never had a fill and am not losing weight. Does anyone know a doctor reasonably close to me? I am in Carbondale, Illinois. Marion, Illinois, Belleville, Ilinois or St. Louis Missouri would be reasonably close. I would like to have flouroscopy.


  4. So, I know this isn't the food/recipes forum, but I just had to share my favorite fulfilling mushy dinner so far.

    I put a can fat free refried Beans, a half a cup of salsa, about a tablespoon of cottage cheese, and a sprinkle of taco seasoning in the food processor and pureed until smooth. I then measured out a half cup of the mixture, sprinkled some shredded cheese on top and warmed it up in the microwave. I finished it off with a small dollop of sour cream. It was shockingly tasty and very filling! My husband was having a very Mexican dinner that I couldn't have, and I didn't even feel deprived! I was so pleased with myself! lol. thumbup.gif

    Thank you for sharing! I'll be trying this recipe over the weekend. It sounds delicious! Thank you again!

  5. Just curious whether there are any St. Louis bandsters out there. Who did you use and where you happy with everything? Thanks!

    I was beginning to think I was the only one. I was banded this week, May 16th and Dr. Mario Morales was my surgeon. He is at DePaul Hospital. I have nothing but good things to say about him. Once I finally got to me him, he took his time, sat down, and explained everything to me. He didn't make me feel rushed like so many doctors do. Also, he didn't try to sale me on the band. He was very honest in telling me that the band will do some of the work, but I would have to be dedicated to work along with the band.

  6. @Oldie not banded yet. To be banded on the 233rd. :-) its going.. lol

    Good luck on your pending surgery! Your name makes me giggle. What are you going to change it to once the weight starts to melt off? I'm sure you'll come up with something clever. Anyway, be prepared to just concentrate on you and healing at least the first week out of surgery. Also, once you are feeling up to it, please let us know how it went. Again, good luck to you!

  7. i was banded this past Monday, May 16th! I'd love to make some friends on here, so hi to everyone from Southern California!

    We have the same birthday! I too was banded May 16th! Oh what a feeling to finally be done with all the insurance hoopla and on to some real results. Unofficially (by my scale at home), I'm down 17.8 pounds. I'm waiting until I see the doctor on Tuesday to update my ticker. My best wishes to you on your journey!

  8. Hi. I was banded on 17 May 11. Prior to starting the preop diet 5 May 11, my weight was 340 pounds. Today 20 May 11 my weight is 312 pounds. I have had very little physical pain from the procedure. It is only painful when I change positions from sitting to standing to laying down. I had no gas pains post op. The only time it was painful was when my darling bride hit me in the stomach without thinking. That was tough but I managed to survive.

    I am having no problems with the post op diet. No hunger pains, headaches or the like. We shall see what develops.

    Hi Ron! I was banded on May 16th. I think I suffered a little more discomfort than you; however, it was nothing like gut wrenching pains or anything. You and I do have a couple of things in common, I never had the awful gas others have complained about. Now, this could be due to the fact that I religiously took Gas-X Ultras just because I was afraid of feeling like I had been hit with a ton of bricks :brick: . Oh, and I too was hit in the stomach. However, mine happened a little differently than yours. I was in the grocery store and an older lady rounded the corner and slammed her grocery cart into mine which pushed my cart into my stomach ! I wanted to fall to my knees and weep like a newborn :hurt: . As of this morning, and according to my scale, I have shedded 17.8 pounds. I'll update my ticker after my post-op appt on Tuesday. Anyway, I've rambled long enough. Congratulations on starting this great journey and I wish you much continued success and fabulous health!

  9. I've been blessed to not have so much of the gas pains that I've heard about. I have had very little discomfort in that area. My only troublesome area is right near my belly button. I guess that's where the port is located. If I bend the wrong way, it stings something awful. Congratulations on your band as well!

    Congratulations! I was banded Tuesday. This is actually my first post op post :) glad you're feeling ok. I wish the gas pain would go away!

  10. After countless doctors appointments and many nerve wrecking moments wondering if the insurance would approve my surgey, I am ecstatic to announce that on Monday, May 16th, I officially became a member of the banded community! I'm still a little sore but to me that's a small price to pay for the healthy road ahead. My daugther told me that as they were wheeling me out of the room to take me to surgery my last words were, "Healthyville, here I come!' I still can't believe that it finally happened!

  11. It's hard to believe that the day is finally here. In less than 24 hours I will be amongst the banded. :party: I can't wait! I don't feel as if I'm nervous because this is something that I've thought about for 3 years now; however, I'm wondering what is going on. Here it is almost 3pm and I haven't had my first Protein Drink for the day. I've had 32 ounces of Water and a couple of crystal light. Is this normal? Maybe subconsciously I'm nervous and don't know it.

  12. I couldn't agree with 4anewme more. I am just starting this journey. My surgery is scheduled for May 16th. At first I kept thinking that I would have the surgery and magically drop weight; however, the more I thought about it and talked to different people, I realized that I didn't gain all of this weight overnight and it would be unrealistic to think I could lose it overnight. With that being said, hang in there. Every day will not be a bed of roses but with determination and consistency, you can and will reach your goal. Good luck!

  13. I have a tentative surgery date of May 9th. I still have to do the endoscopy which is scheduled for May 3rd. If it shows I have a hernia then I will have to wait until May 16th :angry: so that the dr's office can get clearance from the insurance co. to repair the hernia and do the band at the same time. I'm soooo anxious!

  14. Congratulations! I know exactly what you mean. I got the call today that will change my life forever! My surgery is scheduled for May 9th. It seems like a dream that's finally coming true. I've been looking into this procedure for 3 years. Best of luck to you!

  15. After reading about lap band for at least 3 years, I finally took the necessary steps to take control of my life. I am so excited about finally being able to get healthy. My surgery is set for May 9th, Yay :D ! I'm going on Wednesday, April 27th for pre-op testing. Does anyone have any suggestions on things I should do to prepare myself for this next phase of my life? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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