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    Horribly disappointed

    I sympathize with you. I also understand the initial shock, disappointment and worry. I too have UHC and I did not have to do a supervised diet at all. My BMI at the time of surgery was something like 43 I think. I did have to fill out a packet from the surgeon that included a 5 yr weight history (to show that I didn't gain weight all of a sudden) and I had to list all health issues that are weight related. The last thing on the form was to list all of the diets I had tried, how long I had stuck with them and how successful I had been on each one. I had absolutely no problem getting approved. Maybe you can ask your surgeon if they have a form like that. Best of luck to you!
  2. Determined1

    I have my date... :)))

    Congratulations! I'm sure getting that email was like a exhaling without even knowing you had been holding your breath. Keep us posted on your progress.
  3. After countless doctors appointments and many nerve wrecking moments wondering if the insurance would approve my surgey, I am ecstatic to announce that on Monday, May 16th, I officially became a member of the banded community! I'm still a little sore but to me that's a small price to pay for the healthy road ahead. My daugther told me that as they were wheeling me out of the room to take me to surgery my last words were, "Healthyville, here I come!' I still can't believe that it finally happened!
  4. Thank you Sandy1. I will find out tomorrow what my pre-op diet will consist of. I definitely plan on using this site as a tool to help me in this journey. There is so much helpful information here. Thank you again and good luck on your journey!

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