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  1. What does the doctor do if you experience a "slip?"

    Their advice makes sense, but the occasional indigestion is OK to use Maalox for....the docs just don't want you covering up symptoms by over using antiacids. When I was suffering a slip (not yet diagnosed) I was taking huge doses of all kinds of antiacids.


  2. I always do that when I go into a room - I determine if I am the fattest one there. I always am. I am 67 years old, with high blood pressure, sleep apnea etc andI started this venture at 386. I was scrambling to not hit 400. I had to reduce my BMI to 60 for the laproscopic procedure. The doctor warned me that if the liver was to big and fatty they may have to just close me back up. I did Water aerobics 2 hours a day (I cannot walk) stayed on 1000 calories a day and by 11 months I finally squeeked under the 60 BMI weighing in at 345 I think it was. I had surgery on the 11th of April. It was a breeze. No complications whatsoever. Doctor was surprised my liver was so small. I wasn't, I felt starved the whole time - still do. I'm 2 weeks out from surgery tomorrow and still on liquids. I have always had such a hard time losing weight I fear I will plateau with this too - afraid to get on the scales. I go for first post op check in 2 more weeks. They will weigh be then. I think I am glad I had lapband although I saw people losing more with other procedures but if we have to eat the same no matter the procedure the less invasive option seemed best for me. I just hope it works. It seems my body adapts to whatever calories I give it and the scales stay stuck from then on.

    i just read through most of the thread on 'what BMI is too large to be banded" and I have to say, while there were some encouraging posts in there, I only saw posts from people who had like a BMI of 55 or so. I have a BMI of more than 60. My handy BMI wheel they gave me doesn't go past 60.....anyway, RNY and the sleeve are NOT an option for me. I mentally just can't cut something up. The band seems more my style. I like the idea of it being reversible if weight loss doesn't happen...but I am afraid that I am too large and it's not going to work for me at all.

    I haven't yet had my consult, that isn't happening until mid-April, but I was hoping that there were other people out there who not only had more than just 200 pounds to lose but were successful at keeping some of it off. I am not looking to get skinny. i would be the happiest person on the earth if i weighted 250-275 pounds. right now, that seems like a far off dream....

    also, i am not interested in losing weight really super fast, i know this is a slow and steady wins the race kinda thing, so i am mentally prepared. I am more curious if i could feel restriction at my size at all.

    anyway, just thought i would ask. thanks in advance for your calming words of wisdom

  3. Maybe this is how we will figure out cravings from hunger. I keep wanting pizza but then my Protein drink will do.

    I don't know if because it is Easter and there are eggs everywhere, but I am craving eggs!!! Mostly scrambled!! I was just banded on 4/20 so I know it is too early. I feel I am starving!! I wish they made a Protein drink that tastes like scrambled eggs!! I am soooooo tired of sweet things. The only time my stomach does not feel like eating is when I am laying down. The minute I sit up I want to eat!! Anyway, just wanted to vent!! Thanks :P

  4. Hello - I am still experiencing some grieving period depression coping with emotions that I don't get to eat away anymore. I am reading a really good book that is helping using Cognitive thinking. In it I listed all the miseries I have with being more than 200 lbs overweight and how almost 1 year of pre-surgery dieting I only lost 44lbs with still 200 to go. But that is exactly why I needed the surgery - I don't lose easily. I will still maybe experience some hunger all the time but its not as much as I did experience. I will still have to exercise at the pool but each pound loss will make it easier to get there and work out. My other alternative is to die. That is not a good alternative and good grief that food never really helped me. It wasn't really my friend. It brought me almost to my death bed. I had already resigned to that and with all that was in me I decided to fight. I went to a weight loss clinic, got weighed, started dieting, swimming and finally lost enough to have surgery 6 days ago. They said the band is a tool and I am going to "make it work for me."Email me

    Hi, I am 11 days post-op (banded 4/7) and I was wondering if any of you went through a "grieving period," where you really upset that you could not eat the large quantities of food you ate before. For me it was Domino's pizza...I used to order a small and eat the whole thing and then half a breadstick. Now I look at pictures of it and have even cried over the possibility of restricting myself.

    So far I have lost 24 pounds on my own and 19 pounds with the band. I really love the way I feel (granted being on a 2 week liquid diet). But did anybody...especially emotional eaters...ever actually grieve over the thought of not being able to eat in excess the junky fatty foods?

    I know this is going to be an amazing change and I am so excited and thankful for my band and to be eating healthy...but I also feel right now that without food I feel incredibly vulnerable. Has anyone else experienced it? How have you dealt with it?

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