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  1. I've been reading through a lot of the posts in this forum and have gotten some useful info, but wanted to go ahead and post for myself. I'm about 10 lbs from reaching my goal after getting the lap band last May. I have quite a bit of extra skin in my stomach and breasts and would like to start looking in to reconstructive surgery.

    I'm wondering at what point I should start going for consults and looking to have this done. I read somewhere I should wait until my weight has been stable a year. I'm of course not that patient and would like to look at getting it done sooner.

    Also, I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations in NYC, preferably that sets up financing or payment plans. And also, if so, if you can give me an idea on the pricing.


  2. Thanks for the update! Yeah, I'm a little over a month since being banded. I've lost 28lbs, but that includes my pre-op diet. I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. I go for my first fill next Wed, although I guess in all honesty, I've been losing consistently and have a hard time imagining eating less than I do and still seeming like a normal person, so I'm wondering if I even need a fill? I'll talk to my dr. more next week and see what she says.

    Hmm, definitely interesting you are hungry after only 2 hrs...that happens to me sometimes, but not usually. I guess it depends on what I eat...i try and get as much Protein as possible. But really my dr. has recommended at least 4 mini meals a day, not going more than 4 hrs without eating. Not sure what yours recommended? Also, mine only does the fill once a month, so it's interesting yours recommends every 2 wks. I guess you have to figure out what is best for you?

    Hi May Bandsters -

    Okay, so now it's July and we've all been banded for either a month or a month and a half, depending on your date. How is everyone doing? I've only lost 17 lbs since the surgery and most of that was in the first week. I had my first fill on 6/23 and lost 3 lbs immediately after that, but I think that was most due to being on liquids and mushies for two days afterward, and the fact that I had just started my period and I always lose a few pounds after I finally start. I haven't lost anything since that and I feel like I barely eat anything! So....I can't decide whether my band is too full, or not full enough. On one hand I can eat very little at one time, but on the other, I get VERY hungry after only two hours. What do you guys think? My doctor recommends getting a fill every 2 weeks for the first 3 fills, but I'm reading here that most people get fills only once a month in the beginning.

    I know this was a lot of questions, but I'd love to have everyone's input and opinions!


  3. I know there are similar threads like this already posted, but as I'm starting on regular food again in 2 days, I'm looking for some in put on what my eating should be like. I'm curious to hear what your meals are like...what they often consist of, how often you eat them and portion size. Also, do you focus more on calorie count, sugar or Protein...if that makes sense.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. yeah, i think leann is right about just making sure you're getting enough Protein. my doc recommended 60-80g a day.

    i was banded 5/27 as well...i only had to do 2 days of liquids and then on to pureed foods...and now i'm on to soft solids, which i'm not totally sure what i'm eating is soft enough, but i'm trying. also, i had been told that the servings sizes might vary, depending on what i have. for example i did have a cup of chili earlier today...which I don't know, maybe that's too much. but it took me about an hour to eat it, so i went slow and it all went down fine. I am going to see my registered dietician and doctor again tomorrow, so i'm going to get more info on portion sizes.

  5. Well, I still have a couple weeks before I'm able to have any alcoholic beverages--but I'm already trying to give some thought to what my best drink options will be.

    I know, I'm going to do better with the lapband if I don't drink too much...and I don't plan to, but the reality is, I have a job that puts me in a lot of open bar situations. So I'd rather just have a game plan in place.

    So with that...what do you think my best options are.

    I've already thought about just mixing liquor (tequila, etc) with lime juice...

    or maybe mixing SF crystal light?

    Also i've heard bloody marys are probably a good option.

    Appreciate any suggestions, or what you've found to be low cal and tasty.

  6. Yeah, i'm 2 wks post-op today and kinda still feeling my way through what I can do.

    It still seems I can't do too much lifting without feeling it in my stomach, so I've mostly been walking. Have been able to do 2 miles one night and 3.5 a couple nights later at a pretty vigorous pace. Tonight I tried to implement running, but felt it in my stomach quite a bit, so I only did a few minutes and just walked the rest of the time.

    I'm sure you'll start to be able to do a little more each day.

  7. How much cream of wheat, and how much talapia did you consume? My dr. is keeping me to 2 oz. per meal this week, 3 oz next week, and finally, a half cup the following week. I was fine on the Protein drink period, but now that I am adding in real food, I have to use good ol' fashioned will power to not eat more than 2 oz.

    my doctor had me only having 1-2oz the first two days, but after that, I have been able to have 'mini meals' which (for me) range from 2.5 to 6oz depending on how I'm feeling and what it is. it's interesting to hear how different doctors recommend different things.

  8. Yeah, that's exactly what I did, left it in an extra week so I wouldn't have to deal with it during my surgery. However, the odd thing was my body didn't care it was still there and I got my period (albeit very light) the day of surgery anyway. Which is weird, b/c I've left it in an extra week before and it was fine. I guess between the new change in diet and all the stuff going on, my body didn't know what to do.

    Anyway, they had told me at my first appt that the doctor may have me take it out a couple weeks before, but when I spoke to her she said to just leave it. So yeah, check with them and see what they say.

    Oh wow! My doctor never said anything about using (or not using) my nuvaring during surgery....I was kinda hoping to leave it in an extra week so I wasn't having my period during the day of surgery..... then again maybe I should go ahead and take it out now and get the dang period out of the way prior to surgery! Guess I need to contact my surgeons' office to see what they recommend......never thought about the ring since half the time I forget it's there!!!

  9. I think it depends on the doctor and the hospital...but I know at Columbia Presbyterian, it's non-negotiable. No matter how it's paid for, the psych eval was part of the process.

    Even though my insurance fully covered my surgery, I still had to pay the psych eval out of pocket. I guess I could've tried to find one in my network, but I decided to just go through the list that my doctor gave. I tried calling a few to see if they took insurance but most didn't, so I just picked the one closest to me and paid the $150. You might just talk to the local programs and see if they could include you in the list that they give people.

  10. Nice to see all these updates.

    I am happy to say that the water/gas weight has dropped...plus 1lbs. I'm staying at a condo for a couple days now to finish recovering by a pool before going back to work on Thursday and don't plan to weigh for a couple days now, which i think is a good thing.

    I only had to do 2 days of liquid diet and now I'm on to pureed foods...I think my stomach is still so confused that I can barely tell if i'm hungry or full or what.

  11. I just got banded on Friday and I'm currently weighing 4-5lbs more than when I went in for surgery. I mean I'd say obviously I haven't really gained weight...

    I know it's b/c I'm still bloated and still have the gas from the anesthesia in me...not to mention I have my period, but it's frustrating. I just wondered if this is normal...and if so, at what point did you start to see the scale reflect the right weight.


  12. Hi eveyrone,

    I was just banded yesterday--yay! I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago and use metformin and the nuva ring to relieve symptoms--which are thankfully minimal. I have been told those of us with PCOS and the band will probably lose weight slower than those without PCOS. I'm just wondering if anyone can give info on if it did take them longer to lose weight and any other feedback you might have? Would also love to hear success stories...I'm so nervous that even with the band I'll struggle to take the weight off due to the pcos.


  13. Hi everyone

    I just got banded yesterday, the 27th. It all went smoothly and I'm of course sore but up and around and feeling overall ok today. I think the pain from the gas pockets in my check and shoulders is almost worse than the incision pain. I must have a lot of gas still holding in b/c today I weighed 5lbs more than yesterday...yikes! Hopefully that goes down soon.

    Anyway hope you're all doing well!

  14. I'm wondering if anyone has any good puree recipes to share for the two weeks I'm going to be only on soft/puree foods after surgery??

    I get banded on Friday and just wanting to plan ahead for what i might need.

    i've already stocked up on some baby food, apple sauce and SF Jello

    I'm guessing I'll also keep making Protein shakes...but would be interested to hear some other ideas of stuff I can blend myself.

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Good point about the sugar, Melissannde! I did take a look at the sugar content in the yogurt and wondered if it is too much, but the packet from the RD unfortunately doesn't specify anything other than making it nonfat. I'll have to call her tomorrow and check.

    And Shirley, yes, I'm taking Flintstones too! Although I'll have to take a look and see if it complete with the choline. I do agree, chewing them did help take a little edge off when hungry.

    Good tips Marie...sounds pretty delicious! I don't think I can get that fancy with my shakes during the pre-op diet, but probably do more of those kinds of things after surgery.

    Again, thanks for all of the support and tips...I can't imagine doing this without the support of this forum!

  16. Thanks to all of the replies!

    I know, I do hate to complain, as I know I could have it worse by not getting any dinner.

    But really I appreciate all the feedback...these are good tips, I should look in to some different flavors I can add or crystal lite, etc. Good idea!!

    This morning I weighed and lost 3lbs the first day, so that helped motivate me a bit.

    But today was kinda more of the same...once I get to dinner, I'm fine and feel much better...but have just been so fatigued and weak during the day until that point.

    I did however realize today that I have the option to blend my shakes with nonfat yogurt or skim milk (i was just using water!) and that has kinda changed my life...I just had one with nonfat raspberry yogurt this evening, and it was so delicious! And I also realized I can mix up when I have what...so I'm thinking I might do a fruit in the afternoon, and save the third shake until the end of the day.

    Thanks again for all of the support!

  17. Ok, so this is turning out to be harder than I expected.

    Does anyone have any recommendation on how to spice up the Protein shakes?

    My pre-op diet consists of 3 Protein Shakes (25+g protein/less 8g sugar) and then a basic healthy meal for dinner (think: chicken breast, salad, veggies, piece of fruit). So I do realize I'm fortunate to at least have one regular meal involved, but I have to say I've only had 2 of my chocolate whey Protein Shakes and I'm already hungry and bored with the taste.

    This morning i put ground coffee in the shake, which didn't work out as I hoped, as I ended up chewing on coffee as I drank it...however, now I'm realizing that may not be such a bad thing to keep mixing up the flavor a bit. I've even thought about putting pepper in the shake for an added flavor. Any suggestions??

    It's going to be a long two weeks!!

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