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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has any good puree recipes to share for the two weeks I'm going to be only on soft/puree foods after surgery?? I get banded on Friday and just wanting to plan ahead for what i might need. i've already stocked up on some baby food, apple sauce and SF Jello I'm guessing I'll also keep making Protein shakes...but would be interested to hear some other ideas of stuff I can blend myself. Thanks in advance!
  2. lee_nyc

    Post-op Puree Recipes

    sounds tasty! did you blend all of that together? or just mix it up?
  3. Ok, so this is turning out to be harder than I expected. Does anyone have any recommendation on how to spice up the Protein shakes? My pre-op diet consists of 3 Protein Shakes (25+g protein/less 8g sugar) and then a basic healthy meal for dinner (think: chicken breast, salad, veggies, piece of fruit). So I do realize I'm fortunate to at least have one regular meal involved, but I have to say I've only had 2 of my chocolate whey protein shakes and I'm already hungry and bored with the taste. This morning i put ground coffee in the shake, which didn't work out as I hoped, as I ended up chewing on coffee as I drank it...however, now I'm realizing that may not be such a bad thing to keep mixing up the flavor a bit. I've even thought about putting pepper in the shake for an added flavor. Any suggestions?? It's going to be a long two weeks!!
  4. Good point about the sugar, Melissannde! I did take a look at the sugar content in the yogurt and wondered if it is too much, but the packet from the RD unfortunately doesn't specify anything other than making it nonfat. I'll have to call her tomorrow and check. And Shirley, yes, I'm taking Flintstones too! Although I'll have to take a look and see if it complete with the choline. I do agree, chewing them did help take a little edge off when hungry. Good tips Marie...sounds pretty delicious! I don't think I can get that fancy with my shakes during the pre-op diet, but probably do more of those kinds of things after surgery. Again, thanks for all of the support and tips...I can't imagine doing this without the support of this forum!
  5. Thanks to all of the replies! I know, I do hate to complain, as I know I could have it worse by not getting any dinner. But really I appreciate all the feedback...these are good tips, I should look in to some different flavors I can add or crystal lite, etc. Good idea!! This morning I weighed and lost 3lbs the first day, so that helped motivate me a bit. But today was kinda more of the same...once I get to dinner, I'm fine and feel much better...but have just been so fatigued and weak during the day until that point. I did however realize today that I have the option to blend my shakes with nonfat yogurt or skim milk (i was just using water!) and that has kinda changed my life...I just had one with nonfat raspberry yogurt this evening, and it was so delicious! And I also realized I can mix up when I have what...so I'm thinking I might do a fruit in the afternoon, and save the third shake until the end of the day. Thanks again for all of the support!
  6. lee_nyc

    Anyone else in NYC?

    Oh nice, I wish columbia had a 3-in-1...i was running all over the city trying to cover all the appts without missing too much work! Thankfully I got it done in just a coupld weeks and now just a few weeks until surgery date. I like the "closet bander" too...although i'm not closeted, but i've only told a small group of people. I'm in the financial district...so not far from bklyn! Good luck with getting through the whole process and getting a date set!
  7. Hi everyone, I start my pre-op diet on May 13th (surgery on the 27th...woohoo!). I've been told I need to find a shake that offers 25g of Protein and less than 8g of sugar and have a list of shakes that fit the bill from the RD at the hospital, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of any they really liked? I was thinking about ordering from bariatricadvantage.com which seems like an easy one-stop-shop for shakes and Vitamins, but it also seems a bit pricey and I'm afraid I'll order 2wks worth of shakes and hate the taste. Anyway, I'd love to hear any feedback from others who have already done their pre-op diet.
  8. Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself. I just was approved by insurance this week (yay!) and meet with the surgeon on April 27th. I'm hoping to schedule my surgery for end of May/early June. I'm 28, live in NYC and looking to lose approx 100lbs. I'm really excited about this process--and while nervous, now that I've made the decision just can't wait to start this journey! I'd love to hear from others who have success stories to share, were recently banded, as well as those who are looking to have surgery in the same time frame as me, so we can hopefully go through it together. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the input everyone! I am having my mom check out walmart where she lives to see what they have (since there is no walmart in nyc...so they don't deliver here either :-/ ) I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on the muscle milk, although I think I had one a couple months back at fashion week, of all places! haha. maybe i'll pick one up and see if it's something I can tolerate for a couple of weeks. And good to know about the bariatricadvantage, as that is where I was looking initially...so I might end up going that route, as my doctor has said i can have 5 of those shakes a day plus 1 bar, on top of my low-cal/fat dinner...so it seems like more substance and will keep me feeling like I get a lot throughout the day. Where as, if I understand correctly, any other shakes, its just 3 shakes a day plus the dinner. We'll see.
  10. lee_nyc

    Anyone else in NYC?

    That's awesome! Congrats, I'm having mind just a week before you. Which hospital are you having it done at?
  11. That's so great, Melinda. Hopefully you get the surgery date you want. I just scheduled mine this week for May 27th and I can't wait! Keep us posted once you get your date set.
  12. Oh thats very exciting!! I'm sure it'll go great. I just scheduled mine yesterday for May 27th. I can't wait!!
  13. Thanks so much for the replies. That's good to know. I'll of course talk to my surgeon about it, but wanted to get feedback sooner than that
  14. Thanks so much for posting about this...and for all the responses, as this is something I've been really curious about as I get ready to get banded. If I could take the question one step further, I'm wondering if they do get smaller, if you've found they lose perkiness or anything like that. I don't mind so much if my D cup goes down, as much as I just hope they don't look droopy! lol. If anyone is comfortable to share their experience, I'd appreciate it.
  15. lee_nyc

    Anyone else in NYC?

    Oh that's awesome! I'd love to hear more about your process. 220lbs--talk about a success!
  16. lee_nyc

    Anyone else in NYC?

    Oh that's great! I'm having it done at Columbia Presbyterian. I meet the surgeon on Wednesday to set the surgery date. How's your experience been with Cornell so far? Do you have a date in mind you're hoping to have the surgery done?
  17. lee_nyc

    looking for a buddy ...

    I'm meeting with my surgeon on April 27th, and hoping to have surgery scheduled for the end of May. I'm 28 and my goal is to lose 100lbs. I too would love to have someone to chat with as I make this life change and adjust to new ways. Hope to find some people to chat or email with! Thanks!

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