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  1. Hi Barb, I'm doing good, haven't gotten to goal yet but thats ok I'll ge there. As of today I have lost 131lbs and am feeling pretty good. You are looking fabulous!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you too. You look fantastic. I'm hoping to post pic soon waiting to get them from mom,(she's been slow in getting them on to a disc for me.)


  3. Happy Brirthday, sleeve sister. Your Picts look great . Showed my mom she said you look like a totally different person. Keep up the great work.


  4. That's good to hear. Did you have to drink the ikky drink? Yes still planning on going down via San Diego. Still need to coordinate it with Nina. Hopefully over a weekend.Brenda

  5. Hi youknowit

    Looks like I won't be driving down to mexico, family is having a fit they thingk it's not safe around the boarders right now. Might see about flying to SD and having Ernesto pick me up there on a Friday or Saturday. Would love to meet up with you there. What day are you planning on going down there?


  6. Hi Youknowit,

    How are you doing? I finally got to the not hungery all the time stage that everyone talks about, I guess it just took alittle longer than most for me.


  7. I'm doing pretty good. this last week I've stalled at 44lbs, but I'm ok with it ,I know I didn't gain the wieght over night and I know it's not going to come off over night. How about you how are you doing? I have finally gotten to that not hungery stage that everyone talks about. Yahoo!!! Getting enough water drank is still a problem that I work at every day, yesterday was a bad day only got in 25oz. and today I'm paying for it (dehydrated).


  8. Hi Barb,

    I'm doing pretty good.This week I have stalled,bbut I'm still happy with the 44LBS I've lost so far. I still have trouble most days getting enough water drank, I'm paying for yesterday today, only got in maybe 25 oz. so today I'm very dehyderated.

    I also tried coffee yesterday for the first time, it wasn't very good, I think my coffee is old, haven't used it since Jan. I was so craving coffee and it was a big let down. The good news is I finally have that not feelingn hungery thing that everyone talks about. Yahoo!!!!!!! I got a Wii gme earlier this month and found the EA sport Active Saturday, what a workout. I'm not someone that exercised alot and found muscles I forgot I had, but it is something I can do at home and there is an easy to follow routine. Have a great week. By the way your picture looks great!!!


  9. Hi Barbara,

    I'm doing pretty god, the last week I have been fighting the same 2lbs Down 1 up 2 then down 2 up1, I strated really watching the caarbs and today I" down 2lbs, 32 in all. Haven't had to much trouble with food but mostly sticking to chicken fish and vegetables, Ihave tried small anounts of salad only romaine lettuse thou. Sorry to hear you had a hard time with the ribs, Love them but will wait a litte longer to try them. We have a wonderful BBQ place here, they have the best ribs cooked outside on caol grills. We went there last night and I had the chicken kids plate, ate the salad 1/2 roasted red potatoand 1/2 of the chicken breast. I was stuffed.

    Let me know how the Ovation works for you, my hair has been thining for years, would love to get it back to the thick hair I used to have. I have very fine hair so keeping it thick help give it more body.

    Have a great day.


  10. I am such a slave to my scales, even bought a new one that tells you everything BMI % of body fat, hydration level and bone mass. I step on the scale every morning. I'm down 26 lbs as of this am. I'm doing pretty good, can't wait till I can start bowling again. Sitting and watching isn't much fun. I am on 3 teams hoping I will be able to start again next Friday. We'll see how that goes before taking on Monday and Tuesday again, don't want to over do it.

  11. No haven't had any trouble with swollowing food but have noticed that some things I DONOT like at all that I was ok with pre-op. My B-day was Sunday so mom made me an egg custard and had ice cream(vannila) with it, the custard was good the ice cream not so much and I was an ice creamaholic pre surgery, also I was ok with the ESA protein shakes from Walmart and had one in the fridge so I went to drink it and about barfed. Going to stick to the premium protein from Costco. THe tuna I ate for lunch today usually like it, but now it has very fishy taste and I suffered thru it but wont eat it again for awhile. Too bad I bought so much of it the other day.

    The only real problem I have had is when I drink cold liquids I feel nausus for a few moments, but it passes and I can dirnk again It helps if the liquids are more like room temp.


  12. Just cheking up on you. I'm enjoying the mushy stage except for the tuna fish I'm having for lunch today, not as good without the bread. Hope all is going good for you.


  13. Hi Barbara, Just checking up on you. How it going? Are you enjoying the mushy stage? I find it hard to find mushy foods that have protein in then so I still drink 2 protein shakes a day right now. For lunch today I'm having tuna fish, not so good without the bread thou. Last week I had a hearing convention to go to that was a challenge food wise but got thru it with a lot of soup that I could heat up in the room and the protein shakes. I'm now able to take my meds without crushing them just split them in half, and take 1/2 atime. Yahoo!!!!

    Hope everything is going good for you.


  14. Glad to hear your arm is better. Will they do another ultra sound to make sure it has broken up?

    I'm going great, have added cream of chicken soup, butternut squash soup,(had to blend this) applesauce,Sugar free puddingand SF hot chocolate. Also Premier Protein Shakes from Costco, they taste pretty good and they have 20 gr of protein. I had some cottage cheese 2 times then realized we're not supose to have that till phase 3,so won't eat any more till then but it sure tasted good.still trying to get enough fluid in though. How about you?


  15. Hi Barbara,

    How are you doing? Is the arm getting better?


  16. I'm doing great!!! Not getting in all the protein but getting closer now that I can have the protein shakes, 30grams per shake. I how about yougot the Premier Protein from Costco. They taste pretty good. How about you?

  17. How are you doing today? How is your arm? Hope it gets better soon.

  18. Doing pretty good, I'm down 3lbs from pre-op weight. Still working on getting enough protein in, think I'm getting enough fluids. Congrats on the 10lbs loss.

  19. I'm Doing good. Got home yesterday, I was very fired and it took me till 8:30pm to get warm, I was freezing. My mom said it was from not getting enough protein so I drank a cup of Unjjury chicken soup and another drink with protien total of 46 gm of protein and then started to warm up. Today I'm getting a good start with protein .

  20. I have been having headaches too, atributed it to caffine and carb withdrawl. Yes I will be taking a computer. I'm keeping you in my prayers for a safe surgery and quick recovery. Let us know how you are doing when you get home.

  21. Hi Barbara

    3more days ,are you ready ? Trying to get things packet as my mom and I are going to spend Sunday night in Seattle as we live 2.5hrs from the airport and have to be there at 5am

  22. I'm pretty much ready all but getting things into the suitcase. Are you ready? How are you doing with the pre-op diet? I'm doing ok, like Barbara I'm on the low carb diet. The worst thing is giving up coffee and diet coke.

  23. Doing ok on the low carb diet, I've done Atkins in the past just trying to keep the fats low also. Down8lbs woohoo!!

    Not changing my surgery date, just staying an extra nite in SD because of flight arrangements. Mom thought it would be better to fly 1st class coming back and direct flight and the next morning was the only thing we could get as we use our air miles to get the tickets. Still flying in on the 18th should get therebefore 10am.


  24. Goodmorning Barbara, Well 8 more days,are how are you doing? I'm still having some troulbe finding clear liquids that have protien in them, but my order from Unjury should be here today. I Ordered 3 of each flavor in sample size.Hope the chicken broth tastes ok. I am staying in San Deigo Friday night and planning to take that and the unflavored for that day. See you soon.


  25. Still in the excited stage. I have been wanting WLS for years and finally am doing it, so I can't wait I want to go yesterday.


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