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  1. Brendasgonnalose

    Checking into the Sleeve Surgery

    I took my very skeptical former nurse mother with meand she was very impressed with the DR's and the hospital and the level of care I received. Contact them Directly no need to go thru a cordinator. They are wonderful. This is the frist major surgery I have had and had no complcationsand very little pain. Love the fact that I can now wear some of the clothes I haven't been able to wear for few years they fit again. Ask lots of question we're all pretty helpful here. Brenda
  2. Brendasgonnalose

    Checking into the Sleeve Surgery

    I too wieghed in over 300lbs, Have been over weight since childhood. I started out looking into the band but then found out about the sleeve. i am verey happy I was sleeve. I have lost 35lbs since Jan 19,10. Check out the program that Dr Aceves' has, he is wonderful. so caring,I wwould recommend him and his staff to anyone. They pick you up in San Deigo, you stay in a very nice hotel 1 night and 3 nights in the hospital surronded by caring nurses and 2 DR's that visit with you 3-4 times aday. Everybody on the ward is there to have surgery with Dr Aceves. so you will meet up with people having the same procedure as you. Ernesto the drive and Dr. Campos have both had the sleeve sugery. Dr Sceves has not had leaks and he has done 700+ Sleeve sugeries. You are in good hands with him. Brenda
  3. Congrats on your upcoming sugery. I had mine 1-19 and the pain was nit bad, only needed pain meds 1-2 times during the 2nd day, what ever they give you during sugery has a lasting effect. Brenda
  4. Brendasgonnalose

    Question about Nausea

    Have you tried warm or hot tea?drink First thing in the morning? That helped me thru the morning blahs and nnow I'm ok with cold in the moring. Brenda
  5. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    I'm doing the happy dance today, down 3lbs. last week I was up and down with the same 2lbs all week so I was glad to see they are gone. Brenda
  6. Brendasgonnalose

    I did It !!!! I did it !!!!!

    Congraats and welcome too the losre's brench. Brenda
  7. Brendasgonnalose


    Congrat on getting your surgery date. I took my mom with me to help in the hospital. But didn't need any help when I got home. I live alone and just wanted to rest. If you have childern then the help might be good. Brenda
  8. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Hi all, I'm joining in, 4 weeks post-op and I've lost 30 lbs. I'm loving my sleeve. Brenda
  9. Dr Aceves is a fantastic Dr.and the hopital is very clean. Check with them about thier currant fees, I paid $8750. Brenda
  10. Brendasgonnalose

    Home from Mexicali

    I was very cold also, possibly it's from lack of enough Protein. When I increased the protein it got some better. I was always cold pre surgery also though.
  11. Brendasgonnalose

    Just been sleeved

    Once you get to the stage that you can have applesauce it is much easier to tolerate the crushed pills. For me this wasafter day 10.
  12. Brendasgonnalose

    Feb 1st, for a sleeving good time

    Hi Youknowit, I had a dream I ate 4 BBQ rids about day 6, woke up thinking what did I do, I can't eat that I was still on Clear liquids. Freaked me out but then got a laugh out of it. Add some mpoore Protein in it will help with the hungry feeling, you should be far enough along to add in Protein powder mixed with water. Brenda
  13. Brendasgonnalose

    Feb 1st, for a sleeving good time

    Sorry to hear you are having a ruff time, Hoping everydsy gets better. Walk, sip burp. Welcome o the sleeved side.
  14. Brendasgonnalose

    Diabetes and The Sleeve

    I am 2 weeks post-op and stopped taking all meds because my sugar levels where staying around 85-95 throughout the day until I started full liquids then had to start back on Lantus 40 unit 1 time a day, (long lasting insulin). More carbs and sugar in the soups and yougert I guess. Will be adding in more exercise this weekend so hoping that will help.I sure like the fact that I don't have to take the crushed Metforman that made me gag it tasted sooooo bad:thumbdown:. My hope is to get off all meds as the wieght comes off, we'll see. Brenda
  15. Brendasgonnalose

    Sleeve in 3 weeks

    Congrats on getting your date. You can do this for the next 3 week, think positive and your surgoen will be pleased and won't turn you down. This will be the biggest help to get to your goal !!!:thumbup: I was suprised at how just losing 22bls brought my BMI from 54 to 50. You can do it. Brenda
  16. Brendasgonnalose


    Weaning your self off carbs is another thing you can strat. I had a major headache during pre-op from the low carb deit , then from the no caffine. I was a big coffee and deit coke drinker, spent a week with the withdrawl headache. Congrats on getting your date, it will be here befoe you now it.
  17. Brendasgonnalose

    Feb 1st, for a sleeving good time

    Good luck tomorrow, you're in good hands with Dr Aceves. We're waiting for you on the sleeved side. Brenda
  18. I gained 10lbs, But know I'm down 20 in only 12 days. It's from the IV fluids they pump into you. Brenda
  19. Brendasgonnalose

    Finally On My Way!!

    Congradulatoins on getting a date. Good Luck on your journey. Brenda
  20. IT Was Barbara that had the clot, you might ask her.I have not had any complications thus far. As for me my PCP asst. was "optomisiclly cautious", his words, when I told him I was going to Mexico he was glad I was finally doing something about my wieght and didn't thinkI was going to be able to do this on my own, he was right about that. He understoood the reason for going to Mexico for the surgery due to the highcost in the states. His wife even went to canada for her Lassic Eye sugery and paid less that he did and hers included airfare and hotel for 2 nights. I would think that if your blood tests come back abnormal she would treat what was abnormal. Brenda
  21. I'm feeling great, down 20lbs. Insisions are healing well. I went back to work yesterday, I was tired by late afternoon. My clients were glad to see me back. I guess it would be aliitle more comforting to know the Dr's although any surgery can be alot scary. Brenda
  22. Youknowit, 3 more days, are you getting excited? Good luck you're going to love Dr.Aceves and Dr Campos Brenda
  23. I whole heartedly agree, you are in good hands with Dr. Aceves.:blushing: Brenda
  24. Barbara, That's good news, glad to hear you are on the mend. Continued prayers are coming your way.
  25. Brendasgonnalose

    Feb 1st, for a sleeving good time

    Loser I am a wimp to pain also and am less likely to get up and walk when I'm in pain. Dr. Aceves gave us Superdol for pain if we felt we needed it, desolves under your tongue, they are non-narcotic. If someone is going with you they could pick some up at the Phamacia. In Mecicali there was several very near the hospital. Good luck on your up coming surgery.

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