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  1. Brendasgonnalose

    I've been approved by the doc!

    Congrats on getting your aproval. Your'e going to love Dr Aceves and his team, they are very caring and will take good care of you. August will be here before you know it, and we'll be sliding over to make room on the losers brench for you.:thumbup: Brenda
  2. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    I Know how you feel Keys, have the same thing going on. 1 week nothing next week 2 lbs this week only 1lbs down, ARGGG! aBut the good news is I went shopping this weekend and was able to get pants and shirts 2 sizes smaller. YAY Brenda
  3. Brendasgonnalose

    Skin reaction

    It could be from the adhesive. I had the same problem with the tape at the drain site. I'm using a scar cream now and it did heal when I was able to go without the cover on the drain site. Brenda
  4. Brendasgonnalose

    14 Weeks out

    That is so great down 4 sizes. I haven't bought new pant yet I had smaller pants that I can know get into.but I only have 3-4 pairs that I can wear right now, I also have several pair that it may be another month befoer I can wear them. I was able to buy 2 shirt at JCPenney's this week, first time in 20 years I have been able to do that, usually Walmart or the big ladies store have been the only place I could find things that fit. Brenda
  5. Brendasgonnalose

    14 Weeks out

    Congrats Sleeve sister, I felt the same way when I hit 50lbs and then realized for the first time that it gone forever never to be seen again. Love this tool. :thumbup1: Brenda
  6. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Well I'm down 2# this week. I was out of town this weekend and meals were prepared by someone else for the group I was with somethings not the best choice but back on track now. Brenda
  7. That might be doable for me, I have to be in Reno for bowling tourn. on Tuesday and my reservation for hotel is set up to arrive on Sunday 16th. I could leave here on Wed. the 12th. Yes I am dirving to Reno. Brenda
  8. Youknowit, I'm am going to be in Reno for a bowling tournament the week of May 16th, It may be possible for me to take a few extra days offand drive to Mexicali, could pick you up on the way. Can leave Reno on Thursday. I haven't talked with Nina about scheduling this yet, I was thinking if they could do this Friday or Saturday I could be back by Tuesday for work on Wed. Let me know what you think. Brenda
  9. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Congraats Keys, Stacey, Barbara and AJW. Looks you all have had a good week. This week I made it to my first goal of 50lbs!!!!! WOOHOO:thumbup: I was able to buy 2X shirts instead of 4X also. Loving this sleeve. Brenda
  10. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Well after not seeing any loss last week, this week I'm down 3lbs. Brenda
  11. Brendasgonnalose

    Seattle, Washington anyone?

    I'm across the Water from you in Port Angeles. Had my surgery with DrAceves, you are going the love him and his staff. You are in good hands with them. Congrats on getting your date. Brenda
  12. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Wieghing in at 291 this morning. Way to go Chancie can't wait till I acn say that.:laugh0: Brenda
  13. Welome to VST. You will be in very good hands with Dr Aceves. I had my sleeve done in Jan. and haven't had a regret at all. I plan on having the Tummy tuck and what ever else is needed when I get to goal. They have a good plastic sergoen there also. I am 50 and started this journey at 335lbs, So I get the feeling the sagging is inevitable. So far the bat wing on my upper arms are getting flappier. Good luck with your revision. Brenda
  14. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    I checking in at 294 this week. 3lbs down for the week. Way to go Barbara getting to Onederland. :thumbup: Brenda
  15. Brendasgonnalose

    Update on The Blood clots in my arm

    YAY thats great news. Thanks for the update. Brenda
  16. Brendasgonnalose

    Jan Feb Surgeries

    I have had the same thing happening, I tried taking a previcid at night as well as the nexium in the morning as some have suggested but that didn't stop the huggeries. Usually just snacking on almonds helps. It mostly happens in the mornings till lunch time as I am not a Breakfast person, the only thing I can tolerate in the AM is a Protein shake. Then around 10AM I can eat something. Brenda
  17. Brendasgonnalose

    Jan Feb Surgeries

    I had my surgery Jan 19 today I have lost 40lbs. Brenda
  18. I used Dr Aceves in Mexico, he has a very good reputations and is a very caring person. I would recommend him to anyone looking for the sleeve. He was a little more money I paid $8750 but I felt it was worth it, that covered everything but the flight to San Deigo. I have had no complications, and he has done over 700 sleeve surgeries wiht no leaks. You are in the hospital al but the fist night you are there. The nurses are caring and the place is so clean. The drs(Aceves and his asst. Dr Campos) come and check on you 3-4 times a day. They do 3 lea tests, and you get all xrays lab reports and a sugical report to bring back to your Dr. Good Luck Brenda
  19. Brendasgonnalose

    Checking into the Sleeve Surgery

    I was self pay and when I checked with my ins. about coverage and aftercare hey said since they won't pay for the surgery they won't pay for any follow-up care. I'm 2 months post op and have had NO complications or need for follow up yet. You will need to check with your ins. and see what the policy is. Research alot and find a Dr with a good reputation and one that has done 300 or more of the surgeries, thier complication rate is lower the more they have done. Good Luck Brenda
  20. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Well I'm sitting at 297 this morning, only 2lbs for the week, at least it down and not up. Brenda
  21. Brendasgonnalose


    Welcome To VST John Lurk and learn away, that is what I did before I was sleeved in January. There are alot of knowledgeable people here, ask all the questoins someone will likely have an answer. Brenda
  22. Brendasgonnalose


    I had my sleeve done 2 days ahead of you and have been taking whoole pills since week 3. Istill use the gummie vits and a sub-lingual B-12, Bp pill and nexium in am and 2 pills at nite. Where do you get the chewable iron, I have looked at wal mart they don't have any? Brenda
  23. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    By next week you will be in onederland!!!! Way to go Barb. Brenda
  24. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    I use Fiber Choice chewables. They come in a sugar free tablet, lots of fiber. They say 7grams of carbs but when you subtract the fiber it's ok. They don't taste to bad either very tart though. Brenda
  25. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Well today I'm doing the happy dance as I have left the 300's, today I wieghed in at 299. yahoo haven't see the 200's since 1099. Brenda

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