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  1. Ms. Lady,

    Please go read my blog "Inspiration or Agitation: My friends respond to weight loss." I was honestly amazed that I had one friend who said she would never speak to me again if I had surgery. About 2 months after my procedure, she was begging for my surgeon's number!

    This is why we have to do what is best for us regardless of what others think. It's funny how "the easy way out" has now become "her way out."

    Hold on ... You ain't seen nothing yet. The reactions will vary from people being happy for you to people judging you, to some people just being downright stupid! I have lost 73 pounds in 5 months and have heard it all!

    Be encouraged and keep loving those around you. You will realize that you are an inspiration to them (they just didn't know it). You were bold enough to do what they feared!

    Take care,


  2. OMG! You will love Dr. Turnquest! He has been phenomenal and he is very well respected. Maybe our paths will cross in his office one day! I think I have an appointment March 26!

    Hi everyone thanks for the advice...I just wanted to give an update. I decided to go with Dr. Turnquest and I'll be sleeved on March 22nd! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Thank you all for taking the time to respond!

  3. Well ... Well ... Well! Hello everyone. The last time I checked I was still black so I guess I will chime in!

    I had VSG on November 20, 2010 and have lost about 50 pounds. I love my sleeve! I have an African-American male doctor in Houston, Texas who has been VERY honest with me. I almost choked the first day I walked into his office and he said. black people do not do well with Lapband! I was like how could you say that? He explained that we love soul food and sweets. We find ways to cheat. I honestly believe cheating has no color, but we do tend to like heavy, greasy foods.

    He begged me not to have Lapband and I am soooo grateful to him! I feel good. So far, no hair loss. I really try to take my Vitamins and eat Protein to prevent this. I am finally to a point where I am eating better. The first few weeks I could barely eat anything. The weight loss has slowed down a little, but I am not concerned. i don't want to lose so fast that I look bad. I am in this for the long haul.

    Take care everyone and keep in touch!

  4. I saw a nutritionist at Houston Northwest Medical Center on 1960. It is not far from the Woodlands ( I had my surgery at Woodlands Memorial Hermann). Give them a call!

    Hi I am just actually beginning my process I am one month down of the 6 mos my insurance requires, however I am in the Houston area as well and I also have heard bad reviews of this doctor...I am using Texas Gastric Banding in the Woodlands Dr. Wilkenfled but having trouble finding a place to work with my availablity for the nutritionist appts...True Results is very limited on their times and I am scared to use my pcp because of the specific documentation.

  5. Hi!

    I live in Houston and was sleeved on November 30, 2010. My surgeon is Dr. Dexter Turnquest. He is located in the 1960_Champions Forest area. I live 45 minutes away, but travel to him because he is AWESOME! He came with rave reviews. You can barely get in his office, because people love this man so much. He is down to earth and is a top notch surgeon.

    I am in the process of organizing a Houston support group. Just need a good location. I will let you know!

    Hello fellow Texans,

    Im in the Houston area. I have not have my sleeve yet. Just curious who did you all go to?

    We should all get together one day.:thumbup1:

  6. Hi Newmefeb8,

    Who you choose to tell is really up to you! I did not shout it to the roof top, but I did tell those who were closest to me. Some objected and others were supportive, It really didn't matter because my mind was made up, but prepared for some negative reactions.

    I did vow that I would not keep my surgery a secret. If people ask, I tell them the truth. So many times I would see poepl who lost weight and ask how they did it. They would lie about some fad diet, knowing they had surgery! This use to tick me off. I have a Blog about it on this site. Feel free to check it out!

    Bottomline. is weight loss surgery is not taboo. You are taking the neccessary steps to become healthier. If people don't agree than pooh on them! You have to do what's best for you! Congrats on taking steps to a better future.

    Take care!


  7. I have always been a leader. Growing up, I could get people to do what I would NEVER even try! Influence is an amazing that gift. If channeled correctly, it is powerful. Well as the pounds fall off, I am realizing that all my skinny friends seem a little scared! They claim I have inspired them to lose weight, but I think the thought of me being smaller than them is frightening! Now, in the back of my mind, I want to believe that I am an inspiration, but I must admit I am slightly agitated.

    Let me explain … By no means do I think I have cornered the market on weight loss, but I have been the fattest one in my circle of friends FOREVER! Now, when I start losing weight everyone wants to get smaller! Are you really wanting to lose weight or can you simply not imagine me thinner than you? This is the questions I will not allow to part my lips! This would be rude, wouldn’t it?

    So, today my agitation was challenged. My childhood friend calls to see how I am doing. Mind you, this is the same friend who claimed she would never speak to me again if I had weight loss surgery. I guess she got over it huh? Anyway, I explain I have lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks and can’t eat very much.

    She has always been much smaller than me, but has recently gained some weight. Even at her heaviest, she has never been as big as I was. She goes on this tangent about how she needs to loose weight and can’t believe she is 241 pounds. I say “Girl. I am down to 242.” There is silence on the other end of the phone. I can hear her heart stop beating. She finally says “You and I weigh the same now?” I reply, “I guess so.” She frantically says, “Give me your doctor’s number. I gotta do something about this fat!”

    Now, allow me to pause for a moment. I am not selfish. I don’t mind my friend getting healthy, but why does it have to be because you realized that you and I weigh the same? It scared the pooh out of her to realize that in a few days, we would switch roles. She would be the fat friend and I would be the “not so fat friend”! Needless to say, I was agitated!

    Then, I calmed down and realized that part of why I had this surgery was to inspire others to take control of their health (and so I could wear a swimsuit in public). I was reminded of how I have always been able to motivate others to strive for greatness (or foolishness-depending on the occasion). This is no different. I gave my friend my doctor’s number and even offered to go with her to her first visit. My agitation had now turned into inspiration.

    So to my friends I say, thank you for your support! I am elated that I could be the wind beneath your wings, the flame that ignites your fire, the catalyst for change you so badly needed.


  8. When I saw this question, a light came on. I am never cold. I don't even run heat in the winter. My family always complains that I keep my house freezing.

    I had VSG almost 6 weeks ago and I have been and ice box! I am running the heat, sleeping with 2 comforters ... it's crazy. I had no idea that the surgery had something to do with it.

    Come on Dr. help us out! I'm cold!

    I have seen others mention this too. What I wonder is I am already the one who is always cold when others are hot, so I can't imagine being more cold natured. I will have to add that to my list of questions for my surgeon (if I can ever find one who is experienced with revisions).

  9. I have Aetna and they were very strict about my doctor visits. I had to see my PCP every 30 days. It could not be one day over 30 days or I had to start over! Honestly, my surgeon had to create a doctor's visit because I went more than 30 days once.

    During the 90 days, your doctor is suppose to put you on a diet. How strict the doctor is, depends on the doctor. My surgeon provided me with a form for my PCP to fill out each time I visited. It asks for my weight, blood pressure, a description of diet plan, exercise I was doing, and any other notes the doctor wanted to make. This was helpful, because I was able to personally take this documentation back to my surgeon to submit to the insurance company.

    My PCP was not strict about my diet. I gained weight the first 30 days and maybe only lost 5 pounds in the next 2 months. This had no bearing on my approval.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck!

  10. Hi Marilyn,

    First of all, thanks for being courageous enough to seek help and ask for prayer. Since you are a Christian, let's begin with the Word of God which states in Psalms 118:17 that "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD." You need to declare this word over your life everyday! Literally wake up and say out of your mouth "I WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE, AND DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD."

    Secondly, we will be praying that God opens a door for you to receive the surgery you desire. In the mean time. Be encouraged! You are not alone. There are many people on this forum who understand what you're going through. I had to learn that the weight may affect my emotions, but it does not define who I am! You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14)!

    I will be checking on you. Keep us posted and remember to speak God's word over your life daily. It has power!

    Min. Natalie

  11. I was sleeved on November 301, 2010. I think we must remember that this is not a race, but a journey. Trust me, I know it is frustrating when the scale does not move, but in time, WE will lose the weight. Keep in mind that even when you don't lose weight, you may be losing inches. The positive side is that, you are not GAINING weight!

    Be encouraged! You are getting some great advice. Let's keep supporting one another on this journey!



  12. What I love about this site is when you have a day like you're having today, you can count on people who understand to come to the rescue.

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! We have all had one or more of the days you speak of. The blessing is that the good days will far outweigh the bad very soon! You received some great advice. Be encouraged and will laugh about this day a few weeks from now!

  13. Calling all Houston Sleevers!

    I am serious about this Support Group. I think I may take the lead on this one. Look for information on the first meeting date and location next week. I am going to attempt a central location, which is going to be hard since we are all coming from different directions. Hopefully we will get enough participants to move it around the city, making it convenient for everyone at some point. We need to support one another on this journey!

    Let the planning begin ...

  14. Rhonda,

    I also had my gall bladder removed the day of surgery. I typically have a bowel movemnet within an our of every meal. I noticed this week (I am 4 weeks post-op) that I actually skipped a few. So, I guess it gets better, but I understand this is typical with gall bladder removal.

    I think I rather go than be constipated : )

    My Dr. removed my gallbladder during my sleeve surgery & now I have bathroom issues everytime I eat! It doesn't matter if it's fatty, greasy, healthy, etc...I have to run to the potty approximately 30-45 minutes after eating! I hate it! I am hoping this gets better over time...please someone assure me I will not have bathroom issues the rest of my life!


  15. Hi BrownBear,

    My blood pressure was extremely high post-op (175/100)! I do not take blood pressure meds of any kind. They kept me in the hospital an extra day to get it under control. The doctor believes it was due to the anasthesia. It has since regulated and I have had no problems. I am 4 weeks post-op.

    I hope you are feeling better. Blood pressure is serious!

    Take Care!