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    Ha, I guess where my mind goes is 'I'd rather live to see the complications than potentially die on the table...' So... I mean I agree with you, as long as I make it through it's definitely the right decision. It's just undertaking the risk that I'm having an issue with. I have read a lot of people's stories, and I know this can be a super awesome thing. I would say my number one fear is having the surgery, and number two is failure, meaning not losing or regaining weight after the initial losses related to the procedure. I have read a range of surgery failure rates in the clinical literature, everything from like 13% to 40% for VSG, so it is hard to know what I am really getting into. I'm just hoping I'm not jumping the gun by still going with a reasonably new procedure. I know that this is all just crazy anxiety, but I wish I didn't have to contend with it right now. It's a hard enough decision to make without having to worry ALL the time. It's definitely a situation where I feel like I'd be better off if I weren't in medical research so that I didn't have access to and time to pour over statistics and articles about the procedure. I'm trying to stop that, but I feel like I want to know everything before I get into this! LOL