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  1. Hello fellow sleevers. I am 12 days out from surgery and doing great. My only problem is I am not exercising yet, nor do I think I am up to it. I do take short walks everyday and I mean short. I do my everyday activities, but by this time of day I am beat. I cannot imagine adding exercise to it. Will it get better? That is a rhetorical question because I know the more I lose the better I will feel.

    Can you motivate me?

    Not sure where I am on my weight loss yet because I am determined not to let the scale get me down. I can tell in my clothes and I can tell by how I feel.

  2. Thanks, i in fact do have the package, but I have not done anything with it. Would you mind telling me what kind of supervised diet you are currently using? I go to my regular Dr on Feb 9 so am planning to get started with the pre-reqs on that day. Do I find my own Psychologist or does the Bariatic group do that?

  3. Let me start out by saying all UHC is not the same. The requirements can vary by employer. Have you registered as a bariatric patient with UHC? Your case manager will send a packet of requirements. There are some requirements not in the paperwork. For example you might need to get your psych eval pre-certified and go to someone with a doctorate (not a masters degree).

    I had to 6 months physician supervised weight loss and 6 months of support groups. I did not know this at first. So make sure you know so you can start them at the same time. Also both of these had to be consecutive months. If you miss a month you have to start over.

    I am sending my file to a doctor in Atlanta today. My current surgeon recommended Dr S Scott Davis Jr. I have not met him or been to his office yet. He performs surgeries at Emory Crawford Long in midtown. There is a VST member that has used this doctor and was very pleased.

  4. I was all set for the band until I found this page. I have completely done a 360 and now I am convinced the sleeve is best for me.

    3 questions:

    Any recommendations for surgeon in Atlanta/Gainesville area?

    I have United Health, has anyone been approved through them and about how long did it take?

    The insurance said I had to be on a Doctor's supervised diet for 6 months prior, why is this and what does it involve?

    Thank you for all your help.