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    I'm so excited\0/! My day is almost here - May 1, 2015 and I can't wait to start my new adventure. I've read many of the comments on this site and while some were a little disheartening to read, the majority have been great and positive supporters of this procedure. I know there will be pain (some inexplainable)as with all surgery but I'm going to take it one day at a time and going to make it fun - remember, I'M DOING THIS FOR ME!
    3 Days before Band
    1) Taking 2 weeks leave time from work (giving myself ample time to get a handle on the "New" me)
    2) Started the process of eating smaller bites and sipping my drinks - harder than I thought but getting the hang of it.
    3) Decided to go with EAS shakes, Slim-Fast shakes, Chicken/Turkey broth and sugar-free Popsicles & Jell-O (I'm a Jell-O person)
    4) I have the following items ready: Vitamins (as required by Dr.), heating pad, GasX, good pair of walking shoes, etc.
    5) These are my required items: scented candles, massage oils, action and comedy movies, online games (these make me feel good)
    6) Designated a (Queen Diva) small plate and silverware "just for me'. This will help me with my meals and easy take-along when eating out.
    7) Cleared out all processed and junk foods from house - replaced with "My Power" foods - So proud of myself!
    Here's how I will handle these items
    1) Flatulation - while I know it might be a constant thing until I get into my zone, I will sing the Frozen song: Let It Go, Let It Go......
    2) Chest pain - husband, come on down - karate chop my back and Rocky my way up and down the stairs a few times
    3) Pain meds - I'm not going to be Rambo and try to macho my way through - they're there so I'll use them when needed.
    4) Head Hunger - as the song says, I'm going to get Physical, physical.....then have some flavored Water with either cucumbers or lemon and lime floating around in it. It's all about the visual - you see substance and your mind believes you're actually eating.......hunger gone.
    5) Tiredness - REST, my body knows me better than I do. Nothing wrong with catching a few winks. If at work, then I'll walk away from my desk and step outside for a few moments of fresh air. Make sure I'm hydrated and have eaten the appropriate meal/snack.
    Now, as Arnold said in the Terminator - I'll Be Back to share more of my adventure shortly.