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  1. 18 days until sleeve day...

  2. Almost 2 weeks post op and 25lbs of fat gone forever..... I am still trying to find foods that I can eat but its okay. I am going to love the newme2be. Hope everyone is doing well

  3. frustrated tryn to post pics

  4. Glad everything went well. I just joined but have been trying to get in the sleeve family loop. Prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and I will continue to check on you and your updates.

  5. Good Morning Sleeve Family, I am up sipping on my greens broth and tasting ooh so good. It still kinda tender going down to me no matter if its cold or warm. Cold hurts a little more. I will be glad when that goes away. I start my vitamins and sub lingual B12 today. I starting walking yesterday, Im feeling good and hope everyone else is too.

  6. Hope all is well with everyone...

  7. How are you feeling? Just checking on you.

  8. how did your consultation go? Who is your surgeon? Update for me as of today when I called my chart is still on Dr. Zorn desk hopefully sometime this week; I can at least get a date. Until I am staying busy working and writing my Master's Thesis for the completion of my Master's program. I've decided I will just update weekly with PB and see how it goes. No worrying, no stress. It w...

  9. I am home and couldn't be happier. Shout out to everyone that supported me.. I truly couldnt have done it without you. I missed my babies and sooooooo Happy to be Home. I feel great on postop day 3. When does everything kick in, Im ready

  10. I couldn't figure out how to reply to your response, so I just came back to your page to answer. I am happy your doing much better. Does it seem real yet that the surgery has happened? No, I havent had my surgery yet. My date is January 17th, but I put myself on the cancellation list just in case someone changes their mind then they will call me at any time to be put in. If not I have a sch...

  11. I got moved up to the 30th of Dec so my Jan 17th should be available see if you can get in.

  12. I really want a tall glass of cold water...:(

  13. I"m sleeved...feeling sleepy a little discomfort but truly ready for my new start. Thank you for all your support:)

  14. Im freaking out, Ive gained some weight.....

  15. is this scale really accurate? 30lbs no way

  16. Its almost been a year and I am 100lbs down with more work to go but I have no complaints. I was beautiful before and even more confident and beautiful now.. I love me, I am traveling more comfortably and looking good while living life. I wish everyone the best in their endeavors and continue to reach for the stars..

  17. just checking on you BlaqBeary, hope all is well.

  18. Just checking on you. How is everything going?

  19. Just returned from the movies, cant sleep but I am going to try. Sipping on my last sips before midnight. I will touch basis with the sleeve family in the morning.

  20. Looking great ms.vixen. moving on down the ladder. Hope all is well.

  21. Ms. Vixen how's it going?

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