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  1. Yes i am 6 days out and I have experience the stomach pain more with cold liquids though. When I sip warm liquids not so much. It's getting better as the days go by. I just thi nk its part of my healing process. I mention it to my doctor before discharge and he said that it was common with some of his patients and especially when trying to drink cold beverages. He said stick to warm for now until I can handle the cold beverages better.

  2. I don't feel different physically but I know that things are different because I cant drink a tall glass of COLD Water. I know that things are different because the only things in my diet in the last 6 days are liquids. I know that things are different because warm liquids are the only thing that doesnt call my stomach to cramp up. I know that all this is going to take time to get used to but as of today I have all my energy and feel like my normal self minus all of the above changes.....

  3. i

    I am totally freaking out at the moment. This morning I woke up with a sore throat and a little sinus headache. No other symptoms and no fever! My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and I am desperate to go thru with this.

    Anyone have any experience with such a problem just prior to surgery. I could really use some advice on this.


    That is crazy, it happened to me as well I have been on tylenol since Sunday when my sore throat kicked in. My surgery is thursday but I was freaking out as well. It is finally starting to feel better after tylenol,tea, halls, salt Water gargle..... Prayers and happy thoughts on your surgery day.

  4. I really just take it one day at a time. Everyday is different, some days I can get all my fluids in and some days I can't, some days I get all my Protein some days I don't lol. What I don't do is I don't beat myself up about it, I feel everyday is a new start for me :D

    Great Advice.... I will keep that in mind for the new year... Keep up the good work, beautiful then, beautiful now.....

  5. Here's me at 168 :)...I'm soooooooo not comfortable with body pics, but I really do need to document, plus my friend wanted a picture of me in the sweater she bought me for my birthday. It's storming here in So Cal and just got back from errands, but it was now or never (have to get dinner started). Pics were taken with my blackberry so not great quality.

    OOPS here's a before pic too...

    Im late posting and everyone has said everything I was thinking, ... You look great, keep up the good work....

  6. Hey Just wanting to send prayers and well wishes to all the sleevers being sleeved before 2010 says goodbye.

    My sleeve date is Thursday Dec 30th and I will drive down on Wednesday the 29th for my preop clearance. I can't say Im nervous I really don't know what this feeling is. I know that I am truly excitied about the days moving swiftly this week. This forum has been an excellent resource for all the questions and concerns that everyone has about this surgery and the ups and downs of getting through. I appreciate everyone that has been open and honest about their weight loss journey. I thank you all.. For all those joining the losing bench don't be a stranger, our stories will also help and motivate others to keep going even when the stalls come, even when the bed feels better then going to the gym.... Let's say goodbye to the pounds as we say goodbye to 2010.


  7. I have 5 kids ages 14,13,11,9 & 6 months . I am just being honest about the whole deal with them. I told them

    I am going in Feb to get skinny surgery.I haven't given them details and they didn't ask . My kids seem excited they can't wait to see how I look

    to cute tks I will talk to them after Christmas

  8. I have 3 girls (one is only a baby) I told my 12 and 10 year old in a very straight forward way, but pretended it was very simple, which technically it is according to my husband who's a surgeon. They didn't make that big a deal of it cause I didn't, 5 months later they love have an almost skinny mummy! I'll be praying for you, you'll love your sleeve :rolleyes:

    tks I have 3 girls as well 12,10 and 8. Im going to just tell them, I have been holding this information for months confused on how to tell them.. straight forwards sounds easy enough.

  9. I have 3 girls (one is only a baby) I told my 12 and 10 year old in a very straight forward way, but pretended it was very simple, which technically it is according to my husband who's a surgeon. They didn't make that big a deal of it cause I didn't, 5 months later they love have an almost skinny mummy! I'll be praying for you, you'll love your sleeve :rolleyes:

    tks I have 3 girls as well 12,10 and 8. Im going to just tell them, I have been holding this information for months confused on how to tell them.. straight forwards sounds easy enough.

  10. It's now 7 days before surgery date (Dec 30th) and I am really starting to think about this life change that I am about to make. I went to my work Christmas party last night and all I kept thinking was this time next year, I won't feel this way. I had on a beautiful sleeveless dress with my back out but no one but me knew the dress looked that way because I had on a cover up to cover these fat arms I"m so ashamed of. I took pictures with my bff and although it was a nice all I could see was my fat arms. I can't wait until these fat arms and other fat areas aren't a hinderer to my dress code. I want to wear my sleeveless dresses and everyone to know its sleeveless and I feel comfortable with my sleeveless dresses. Next summer and the next Christmas party everyone will see the beauty that is hidden under the fat coverage. I am getting pretty excited about my sleeve date. I am having mixed feelings as I'm sure everyone does at this stage of the process. But I'm not turning back only moving forward. I am starting to prepare my home for my return from the hospital with the foods and drinks that maybe needed. I'm cleaning and spending time with my girls. I still haven't figure out how to tell them about this surgery , I have explained to them that I will be away for a few days and I will be removing my gallbladder. I told my oldest whom is 12 briefly about the surgery but still haven't went into details. I really think they will be to worried about me if I told them I am going in to get my stomach removed .

    Has anyone had to tell their your children about this transition in their life and if so how did you do it?

    Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I move forward through my journey and I will keep everyone updated with my progress....

  11. Thanks. I found it. And, was like AW! I love it!

    Whoohoo for December 20th!

    I can't. I thought I was pre occupied BEFORE. Oh my gosh. It's far worse. All I can think about is surgery.

    Like, what to do before surgery? What will I need? What do I need to do?? LOL

    yes, I have created a to do list?. what to take to the hospital list?. grocery list? I still have 16 more days but it still seems like forever. Ive gained some weight since my sept weigh in at the Pacific and Im concerned. They sent my paperwork and it said if you gain weight your surgery will be cancelled.. Im freaking right now , need to start my liquid diet asap to get these 8lbs off... December 30 here I come...

  12. Wow, sounds tough but you'll make it through!

    I will also be starting a 2 week liquid diet, its not mandatory but I want to lose a few more pounds and make sure my liver is in good shape. Right now Im starting to prepare what I need, looking around for different types of Protein and basically gathering the different foods I know I will need. Good luck with your surgery!!

    It's funny how all these doctors want different things. Although Pacific doctors don't require liquid diet I am starting on a 2 week liquid as well. My date is Dec 30 at 12 to be exact. But as a nurse I know the importance of a clean system before surgery and i want to be clean and clear.. Good luck with your liquids and your sleeve date. I will be coming as your going...

    In my prayers

  13. Congrats!

    You are lucky to get in at WLA Kaiser, I wanted to be sleeved there but they werent accepting new patients, so I ended up being referred to San Diego.< /p>

    Good luck!

    Yeah tiffnie, we all wanted to stay at our Kaiser but they werent even taking our names at that time. so we had to outsource to san diego. My family is still trying to figure out why Kaiser took off so much more then they could chew. But they did and we just have roll with it. Blessing to you and everyone for their new start in life.

  14. I am ckg in at the hospital bright and early at 7:30 for my 9:30 surgery on Wed! I'm not nervous at all, and i think it helps i've been super busy w/school AND have been anxiously awaiting for this day! Ahhhhhh I can't wait to start my new life on the losers bench!

    If you have a spare prayer, good vibe, positive thought available, I'd love for you to think of me! :)

    Thanks everyone!

    Congratulations on your sleeve, my prayers are with you. I understand about school I am taking a break from completing my Master's Project to check the website. My sleeve date is the 30th we both will be starting the new year on the losing bench.

  15. Hello December Sleevers,

    My sleeve date is December 30th and I think I am starting to get exxxcitied. They originally gave me January 17th which I havent gave a second thought about since they sent me the letter. Then they called me with a cancellation and it was for December 30th. I gladly excepted and although I still have a month to go it is starting to hit me that I will start my count down at the 1st of December. My stomach has butterflies. But again I am happy that I am going to be starting my new journey before the new year. Merry Sleeve Day everyone.

  16. I have spent most of my life feeling defeated and feeling like I could never change that. I had come to accept that success and feeling good about yourself only happened to other people.

    Yesterday, I reached the 100 lbs. lost mark. I weighed myself 3 times, cuz I just couldn't believe it. Even though I had been given this wonderful tool, I guess in the back of my mind, it still seemed like more of a dream than a reality.

    Trust me when I say that I have never been any type of motivational speaker. But, folks, I am here to tell you that I was given a chance to live my dream life. Healthy and fit. I am not 100% there yet, but have come such a long way, that now I have no doubt that I can be successful. I am living my dream.

    For those who think that WLS is the easy way out, you're wrong. It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. I have been through some tough times, but it's all worth it.

    When I first started this journey, I remember saying that I would be so happy if I could sit on the floor and play with my grandkids. I am able to do that and so much more. Yes, I still have restrictions due to my back problems, but they aren't half as bad as they used to be.

    My pain is so much less severe, I am off all blood pressure meds, off the CPAP and for the first time in my adult life, my cholesterol is NORMAL.

    Through the good and the bad times, I counted on the support and advice of the folks on this forum. You guys have kept me on track and were a safety net for me when times were tough.

    I still have 17 lbs to go and then I have to ease into maintenance, but I now I know I can do this. For anyone having 2nd thoughts or doubts, hang in there. We can all do this and we are all worth it.

    your testimony really made me emotional.... I can't imagine the day I can say I am down 100lbs how exciting. I am happy for you and I have no doubt that 17lbs will be come off before you know it. My date is December 30th seems so far and so close all at the same time.

  17. Hello everyone. I was in the gym today and it felt so good and hurt so bad at the same time. My point tonite is to say to all of those who get down from time to time.. weather it be a stall or if you arent losing as fast as you can is to get moving and do your part. Like everyone hear is an individual and have had different experiences.. so will you.

    I say this because I dont always have the greatest support system. I dont always have that person who is going to make me feel better. Today I felt down and a little upset about my progress, but then I thought.. Get Up! Move! Go to the gym! So I did.. I finally was able to do 22 min on the elliptical machine which I have never done in my life. I then proceeded to do an hour on the treadmil. I say all of this because a couple of weeks ago I felt that it was over for me, maybe I wouldnt lose anymore.. I wont hit my goal. But then I had to make sure I was doing my part. For some its all about the food intake and it comes off, but for some of us we have to get moving.

    So if you dont have that support system and you have HATERS! in your life who dont support you, get up and get moving and make sure your doing your part for your success. I have lost almost 60 lbs and have a long way to go but i promise myself that I will not fail myself, because failing myself and not caring enough about my health is what got me here. I thank all of you from this site that write in often because you guys keep me going. I can see the end of my journey through you guys and I know ill be there soon. So next summer I plan on waving to all of my haters to didnt support me cause I got my LIFE BACK! Love you guys.

    Thank you for your encouraging words. As I get closer to my sleeve date (Dec 30th) I guess anxiety is kicking in and the doubts begin to form. Will I be successful? Will this permanent step be all in vein? I continue to tell myself that although I have over 150 to lose that I can do it. I am a professional weight loser have done it multiple times before, keeping it off continues to be my issue. So I am in doubt that will this truly make the difference in keeping it off this time. But as you have stated you have to be your own cheerleader and motivator sometimes and just keep moving forward. Congratulations on your success and I wish you many more lbs lost for the future.

  18. I also experienced this when I had blue cross PPO. my out of pocket was $5000 when I was considering the lap band that was 5 yrs ago. I absolutely couldnt afford it. Then I switched jobs they offered a PPO and kaiser and I heard Kaiser was passing out authorization for WLS like candy after you take a mandatory class soo I went with Kaiser because I knew the process of PPO 6months monitored weight loss and 20% out of pocket. Kaiser out of pocket is $10.00 copay. just continue to hang on your opportunity will come.

  19. hey folks,

    I am a newbie here, and I have a question about the 5 year history. I have UHC, and they require a 5 year history for approval. Do you have to have been at the BMI rate of over 35 during that time? I lost a lot of weight (approx. 100 lbs) about 6 years ago, and gradually regained most of it over the last five years. Am I going to be penalized for this? I think my weight was something like 175 6 years ago (5 year history starts 6 years ago, go figure), and I am now at almost 300. Any idea?

    Hello and welcome to the sleeve family,

    5 year history sure sounds like a lot of data to gather. This is probably a determent so people will give up and not want to jump through all the hoops to get the surgery , that they will have to pay the cost to provide. The most that I have heard of with BC is 6 months, before I switched to Kaiser and was pursuing the lap band. BC wanted me to have 6 months of MD documentation to say that I was aggressively trying to lose weight with an nutritionist and medical doctor. The upside is that if you have been with the company for at least 5 years and have progress notes that your provider documented in the plan of care with obesity and/or overweight written in the context you should be okay. Good luck with everything and keeps us informed on your journey. You will find as you go through the post that everyone besides the out of pockets sleevers ( I assume) had to jump through some type of hoops in order to get approved through the insurance companies. If you are determined to to get the procedure and lose the weight you will do whatever it takes because this to shall pass....

  20. I had surgery January 13, 2010. My highest weight (after most likely a Christmas cookie binge) was 251. On my day of surgery, I weighed 243. Yesterday morning I weighed 156.4.

    My initial goal was 175 but that came and went without question in August. During my whole journey, I always sort of wondered if I could 'make it' to a normal BMI. When I reached 175, I reset my goal to keep stepping closer to 157 (normal BMI for my height). I have teetered back and forth but hadn't "officially" made it until this morning . I record my weight on Wednesdays so those are the only weights that "count".

    I realized also that I hadn't taken my measurements since February! I just took them and have lost 132 inches in 15 areas of my body since my surgery. Amazing.

    I could go on and on about the differences in my life, my eating habits, how I don't dream about my next meal or sit home on the weekends because my clothes don't fit or cover up with a sweater even though it's hotter than heck out...but...just trust me...

    I've been training for a half marathon that I will complete in less than a month and am happy to say that life sure is nicer when you feel better about yourself and your health is in order.

    My sister is scheduled to be sleeved next month and I am very excited about her journey. I hope it will bring us closer and I'll have someone to go shopping with!!









  22. I am with u on this one.....I have been told by many people from Kaiser from other locations that they got to chose where they go....I had my appt to get my labs and start my referral and we filled out 2 referalls...One for Pacific and one for Crown...they informed us we do not chose...Kaiser does....Crown only does the bypass for Kaiser and if the surgeon agrees u are better off having the sleeve they refer you to Pacific....what a crock of crap that is....so if I get org sent to crown it will just delay it 4 or so months to get back to Pacific!! why do some locations get to chose where they go and others (mine all I know of) choses for u? I agree the wait time at Pacific is overwhelming...I called about 1 month ago and it was 1-1/2 months out and now they are scheduling January...so by the time I figure I get mine if im sent there in the first place will be March/April

    Ps finished my options class September 28th in Corona finished all my labs Oct 15th....waiting for authorization which she said takes about 4 weeks!!

    I am not sure why the kaisers are functioning in different ways. I really don't think they prepared themselves for the 12wk change and the overwhelming number of people that would be going through these classes. My bellflower location allowed us to choose between them and Pacific. I haven't even heard of crown. It takes time but it will all come together. they push all these Kaiser patients to Pacific and they weren't prepared either. We just all want to be safe and get the surgeries with success.

    Best wishes to you

  23. Hey NewMe2Bee,

    I understand how you feel!

    Having to keep your weight under control until surgery--what a pain...

    This is what I've been doing and maybe it will help you.

    Numer 1 - I weigh myself every morning - 7 days a week. I record it as well...It keeps me accountable and keeps me focus...

    Number 2 - 99% of the time I am moving. My exercise program starts at 7 am. And from that point I am doing something: bike ride, swimming, house work, yard work, etc. It doesn't matter what I do as long as I keep moving.

    Number 3 - WE CAN DO THIS! Postive thoughts.

    Like Drew Carey said, "Junk food is not a reward, it's a punishment "

    thanks for the tips , I will take all the positive thoughts that are given to me and move forward. Drew Carey did really well with his weight loss and he looks great.

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