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  1. I don't know if this is normal or not or just maybe in my head. I constantly have to remind myself to eat and if I don't I get massive headaches. But after I eat give or take about an hour my stomach growls, like I'm hungery. Why is that?? I thought we no longer have hunger "attacks". Could it be my food digesting? Seriously after I eat about 2 oz's I'm extremely full and theres no way I could be hungery again.

    Taken 8/11/11

    From the album: Weight loss photos

    Can't believe I took this pic but heres me in tight clothes, really is this me??

    No Grapes????

    I had my one month check up today and I recieved my new list of foods, it's like christmas to me when I get these lists. hee hee... On the list he said I can have fruit but in big bold letter it states NO GRAPES!!!! I didn't get a chance to ask the Doc because of my list of questions. Whats the reason behind no grapes?
  4. Sorry Ive got so much going on Im rarely online unless its an app on my phone. I just added a few new pix to my gallery.


    On our wedding anniversary 10/31/2011

    Sorry for the late replies, I'm rarely on. But for my arms I lifted weights when I was going to the gym, their still flabby but toning up.

    Yup I can fit in one pant leg of my "fat" jeans

    I'm smaller now and just added 2 new pix, sorry for the late responses I'm rarely on here


    From the album: Weight loss photos

    Bottom jeans are a size 26 and top jeans are a size 16


    This was around 4 months out I believe


    I like this pic


    From the album: LESLIEH

  11. Well I'm rarely on here anymore, my life is now on the go. I feel like the energizer bunny at times. But all is very good and I'm finally holding

  12. Happy Valentine's Day

  13. Wow I dont get on here much and just noticed my facebook posts are updating here, sorry people I haven't been ignoring u just didn't know I was updating here too

  14. Humm, I'm thinkin the dr strapped my legs down hard. In the crease area, I guess ur pelvic bone or tendon **** hurts n so does my right hip bone. I prolly tried to kick him, lol. Also note to self do not let ur meds lapse, stay ontop of them.

  15. Happy birthday my lil man. I just can't believe ur 7 already. U were my dream come true at that time. Never thought I would be able to have kids but u stuck around n changed my life forever. I luv u baby boy!!!!!