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    hello fellow banders! Im about a month out from surgery just got my first fill last friday still feel no restriction and it can get discouraging but we all did this for a reason so when I get discouraged I think about that, I did this because I wanna be healthy and I wanna live and watch my daughter grow so we just gotta work that band! Im one of those people that gained weight after surgery and it discouraged me and I asked myself if I did this for nothing but as someone has already said think about where we will be a yr out and I know I have to personally keep reminding myself that its not gonna come off over night. Working out is gonna help and I was just released to start back I missed it and I hope that it helps. Since my surgery ive only lost 3 and that was a month ago but thats 3 pounds I dont have to carry around anymore!!! So keep your head up and be positive!!! Best of luck on your weightloss journey!!!!
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    shavonneb reacted to Dave_NW in First Weeks after Surgery   
    Glad you got your answers today, and you're more at ease. The first weeks after surgery can be pretty stressful, because you're going through so many changes. Hang in there - it does get easier. After you figure out what does and doesn't work for you, I'll bet you're going to rock this band. Good luck!
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    shavonneb reacted to B-52 in First Weeks after Surgery   
    Let it go. I experienced almost the same. It felt as though I didn't have the surgery at all. I was always hungry, and could eat just about anything. I did get stuck once or twice from taking too big swallows. But as long as I took small swallows i was eating just fine.
    I had to force myself to diet, just as before the surgery. I though what a waste of time.
    Then I had my first fill, not much immediate change, but as I read here it takes few weeks for the fill to start taking effect.
    I'm coming up on 2 weeks since my first fill. I'm not really hungry. At least not like before. And when I do eat, I find after eating a very little bit, I loose interest, and start to get that "Stuck feeling" which will also make you stop.
    The weight is coming off. I think after my next fill things will really start kicking in.
    So hang in there. You got to struggle through this Post-Op phase.

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