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  1. hello fellow banders! Im about a month out from surgery just got my first fill last friday still feel no restriction and it can get discouraging but we all did this for a reason so when I get discouraged I think about that, I did this because I wanna be healthy and I wanna live and watch my daughter grow so we just gotta work that band! Im one of those people that gained weight after surgery and it discouraged me and I asked myself if I did this for nothing but as someone has already said think about where we will be a yr out and I know I have to personally keep reminding myself that its not gonna come off over night. Working out is gonna help and I was just released to start back I missed it and I hope that it helps. Since my surgery ive only lost 3 and that was a month ago but thats 3 pounds I dont have to carry around anymore!!! So keep your head up and be positive!!! Best of luck on your weightloss journey!!!!
  2. shavonneb

    finally happened

    Hi! I was banded on the 28th of Feb. and just got my first fill on Friday. I would have to say that the burpy feeling is the air I was still dealing with the gas and air a few weeks after and if your like me you will have the burpy feeling directly after your fill as well. I was pretty sore around my port area for about 3 weeks sometimes it still hurts but my Dr told me that to help with the healing of the port and the inflamation to ice it 2-3 times aday and that really helped me out so it may work for you as well. A few days after my surgery I was starving the liquids weren't doing anything for me and it really discouraged me and I felt like I did the whole thing for nothing so I went in for my check up my Dr reassured me that it was normal that some people swell worse than others and that I just didn't swell at all so I had no restrictions I was able to eat everything including pizza!! But a lot less I noticed... Just take it a day at a time and talk to your Dr make sure you get all your questions answered but also remember reading on here that everyone is different Im just now catching on to that!! Best of luck with your weightloss journey!
  3. shavonneb

    First fill/ feel like I am eating more!!

    Add me to the boat.. I got my first fill yesturday and was only given a half of a cc guess I still had a lot of Fluid in my band from my surgery. I did the liquid diet all yesturday and most of today... But I just can't stay full on the liquids I feel hungry and I get get really pissy bc of my hunger... So tonight I ate some solids everything went down just fine... My husband and I can notice Im eating a lot less then I ever was just hoping im on the right track. Im excited ive been released to start working out again so im hoping that helps pick up the pace with my weight loss. I would love any POSITIVE advice of your successes!! I wish everyone the best but its comforting knowing there are others out there going through the same dilemas as myself! Good luck!
  4. shavonneb

    UGHHH!!! Cheating!

    Dont dwell on the cheating just move forward... Like it has already been said we all cheat at times I was banded on the 28th of last month so you have a few days on me and I was having the same issues, I can eat anything and moved into solids and was super consurned so I joined this forum for answers I got some good some bad. But I ended up going to the Dr on friday and he reassured me with me eating solids everything was still fine if solids kept me satisfied then eat them but only the size portions aloud he said the reason for being able to tolerate things easier was that (in my case) my stomach hole is the same size as before so it will allow food to pass the difference between people is that some swell, some dont, some are worse than others...I didnt swell so its very easy for me to tolerate foods as well including pizza He told me im ready for my first fill just dont want to bother my port yet so we want to let it heal a little more so im due for my first fill on the 25th. This could be your case as well but only your dr can tell you that Good luck and keep up the great work.
  5. I just got my surgery on the 28th of feburary so im just over a week out and already discouraged with this. I know its not an over the night fix nor do I want it to be... So here's my dilema and hoping someone has answers... I did the whole liquid thing the first week but I couldn't really tell when I was full and now into the 2nd week liquids aren't cutting it so Ive tried other things( crackers, fish w/ battering, eggs, etc.) Im not getting sick (i know this is a good thing) but im able to eat anything... Is this normal? Why am in not feeling satisfied? I understand each person is different but is there anyone out that has gone threw this as well? I think the real thing discouraging me is my weight is going up and down ill lose but then ill gain back and im just getting really bummed and wondering if Ive done all this hard work for nothing? Please help...
  6. shavonneb

    First Weeks after Surgery

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful words of incouragement!!!!! This is a wonderful and helpful forum! I went to the Dr today and was reassured everything is just fine. I was just one of those people that didn't swell after my surgery which is why no restriction told me to keep trucking with the solids but to continue to eat high protein and healthy as I have and keep to my walking (got in 2.50 miles today) and NO core workouts yet (Which means no kickboxing yet ...) And im ready for my first fill so scheduled my first fill for the 25th of this month just need to let the port heal up a little more Im on the right track and im figuring out working my band a day at a time!! Thanks again to all of those who took the time to help me and reply!
  7. shavonneb

    First Weeks after Surgery

    I appreciate the feedback and my post wasn't me worried about me losing weight as I knew going into this that it wasn't going to come off over night and that this is a tool... My main concerns were gaining and losing weight if this was common, I understand this is the healing time and im prepared for not losing weight right off the bat but I want to know that im going threw what everyone else has gone threw and im on the right track... I have been up walking around since the day of my surgery and out exercising not "in a chair". Im going to see my surgeon today so hopefully he will have a more positive outlook for me and set my mind at ease. But congrats on your success thus far keep up the good work!
  8. shavonneb

    First Weeks after Surgery

    @taylee- I agree it is much better knowing there are others out there with these issues and im not the only one @Shelly- Thank you so much and congrats on the loose clothes! Its always nice to hear the things I get to look forward too... Keep up the great work ladies yall are wonderful insperations!
  9. shavonneb

    First Weeks after Surgery

    I do appreciate you reply to my post... I know its not for nothing but it just feels that way and im so not the negative type of person so this is all new to me... I to have an appt with my surgeon tomorrow its my first post op appt so anything I learn I will post as well! Thank you for your words of incouragement! Im just ready to figure this out..

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