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  1. First of all, I am doing MUCH better today. Every day is better than the one before. The first 3 were very rough for me but day 4 (yesterday) I started feeling more like myself. Day five (today) I even did a little bit of shopping and felt fine. Aside from the incision pain, and some lingering leg pain, I'm pretty damn good! Yeah!!

    Okay, now on for the exciting news I just HAD to share with my LAPfriends. I lost another 9 lbs since my pre-surg visit last Tuesday. I am down 14 pounds total from 2/4/11 (when I started pre op diet). Woohoo! I swear I can already feel it!


    That's awesome girl! I'm proud of you!! :party:

  2. anytime you encounter something as serious like this if your not nervous or doubting yourself, or showing some sort of emotion there is something wrong i believe that might be called sociopathic, so you showing some emotions to the whole process is quite healthy!

    I know it's no big deal..and I know you didn't mean it in the actual way..but honestly, I study Forensic Psychology and I was actually married to a psychopath...just because someone doesn't doubt him or herself or show any type of emotion just because they are having surgery..does not even come close to meaning that someone is a sociopath.. seriously.. there is A LOT more involved in what characteristics a sociopath has... A sociopath is seriously a really really really bad person..so people might take offense that you had said that.. I know you didn't mean it in that way..and I know the word sociopath and psychopath is different to me because of what I explained..but honestly just be careful of using that word.. it's a pretty serious word and a lot of people have gone through hell having had to deal with an actual sociopath. Just saying..:)

  3. I can't believe it! Of course I'm going to be the only one who is banded and hungry. :lol::blink: Just had some broth and a popsicle, and that worked for about 20 minutes, and now my stomach is growling.

    Oh my. This is going to be interesting.

    Dude you got banded today..which congrats by the way..and you've eaten something already??? OMG.. dude.. I had to stop eating/drinking on Thursday at midnight..so it was friday... Had the surgery on friday...I didn't drink ANYTHING till like Saturday sometime in the LATE afternoon..and you know what the first thing was..that fucking barium stuff you have to drink to get xrayed!! and then couldn't have anything till like 4-5 hours after that... so don't complain to me..:lol: LMAO! How did everything go hon?

  4. No one's getting banded today so I figured I'd ask how everyone is doing that's been banded already. I'm doing good. Eating regular foods... have been for a while..:lol: I'm definitely not as hungry as I was before I got banded. I still need to start exercising..It's just really hard for me to get started. I ordered a bunch of different Protein powders that will come tomorrow so I can make sure I get enough protein in everyday. I'm really not keeping track which isn't good..but I'll figure it out. I'm still swollen where my port is..I wonder how long it will be before that goes away..I suppose sometime before my 6 weeks cuz that's when I get a fill.

    Just wanted to check in and see how everyone else is doing. :D

  5. Hi Everyone, I am a Feb bandster, too...just Feb 2008, not 2011. Glad to see all the good attitudes!

    I named by band Bandit back in the day cause at the time he was stealing meals from me! Now he is behaving like a good band. You'll find they have their own personality, and sometimes talk back!

    Wishing you all speedy recoveries and healthy futures.

    Congrats to you. Question for you... what have been some of your staples as in food through this process. Do you still drink Protein shakes? Have any favorite recipes, etc?

    I can't wait till I'm at your point!

  6. Otay seriously...I would start taking some Motrin, Vitamin C, and some antioxidants ASAP!! and keep on it all day and tomorrow!! What about some of that stuff called Emergen-C or whatever... that you mix into water..I would take some of that too..it's filled with vitamins... that's what I would do... but seriously...take Motrin and/or Tylenol.. you can stagger them... that's what I do for my kids when they have high temps. Let us know how you are doing!

  7. I'm thinking it's because it's a new "part of you" and some r wanting to have a little fun with it... If I read it right the suggestion may have come from one of the docs... ?

    That makes sense..I'll have to look for that thread! Thanks!

  8. Glad it's over and done :)

    Take it easy the next few days and don't overdue it... U will pay like I did ;(

    Keep in touch!

    By the way... Any of u read the post about naming ur band??? I'm thinking mines gonna b MUNCH...lol.. Since my munching days r over I'll still have munch to remind

    me ;)

    No I haven't seen that thread..I'll have to look for it. Is there a reason they gave to give it a name?? Just curious..

  9. Hi All,

    I'm here but just checking in to let you all know that I made it. Smokey, how did you type a full report with your humor, post op?

    I am day two post op and I'm okay, better than yestereday at least...

    Word of advice to those who are going in...BRING HEADPHONES. The constant beeping will be blocked out with headphones. My roommate had them and I wish I had done the same.

    That's my word of wisdom...

    Back when I'm feeling better... and someone keep up the good luck wishes that I used to send based upon the feb roll call!


    :lol::lol: Seriously...that's just soooo my personality...Seriously, I could be in the hospital after someone stabbed me or or something like that..and I'd be cracking jokes about it... saying..good thing he missed my throat..cuz we need to go out drinking after this shit..:lol: that's typical Smokey personality..

    I'm glad you are feeling better! What constant beeping did you have?? All of us had our own private room at the hospital....sucks you had to share..but it would have been nice to have someone to talk to who had the same thing done..

    Hope you are getting lots of rest hon!! HUGS!

  10. I LOVE IT!

    Beer is a wonderful drink,mmmmmm. Sadly I can ONLY drink one now!!!!!! Too full after that first one,lol. So I make it a good beer, like Molson, or michelob, something dark and rich. I used to also drink Whiskey and coke,and now I cant tolerate the coke! So I tried it with Sprite and it made a difference, but again, I can barely get one in and then im full, or bloated or whatever you call it,lol.

    Oh, I have to say I loooove Dr Malleys take on the whole stretch your pouch with carbonation! I was so glad to hear that.

    Summer and the heat will be here soon, a cold beer now and again will be great.:P

    OMG 1 drink and you feel full? WOW that's a tragedy..:lol: Do you think it's because of the carbonation?? I wasn't planning on having beer yet...well, now that they said that about guinness..lol I was just gonna stick to rum, vodka, and tequila for now. But rum and vodka can be easily mixed with crystal lite..you can do a low carb margarita.. damn...all this talk..I need a damn drink!:lol:

  11. I will answer first, because i was the one who said she was buzzed quickly. I am not a drinker, never was. But, I could have maybe 2 drinks and not feel much but 1/2 a drink, now and I can feel it. The day I got sick was around the holidays, and I was across the street from my own house. I. almost, felt like someone should walk me home! That was on 2 ounces of tequila sunrise! Haven't tried anything since. Karen(kll724)B)

    OMG WOW! Gosh maybe being an alkie will be so much cheaper for me now..:lol: I suppose I'm just gonna have to drink myself and find out... I'm a drinker. When I drink... I prolly drink 2-3 drinks an hour.... To all the non-drinkers it sounds like a lot...but it's really not... I'm just gonna drink tomorrow and find out... it'll be like an experiment! :lol:

  12. Since loosing my weight, I get a buzz on real quick, like 1/2 a drink. I don't do beer, either. But, I have had tequila. Oof! it hit me real quick. And it was the worst hangover I have had in 43 years! Be careful. You will not be able to drink what you could when you were heavier. Karen(kll724)

    Since we are on one of my favorite subjects...alcohol :lol:..I have a question. Those of you that are saying that you aren't able to drink as much as you did before, etc. Did you drink a lot at all before? On a normal night out.. how many drinks would you have? I haven't had a drink since this whole thing started... so almost a month...that's a long time for me. I normally drink a few times a week.. just being honest..so I'm just curious how much you drank before being banded as opposed to now...that you can feel so much of a difference.. does that make sense?

  13. Yep, me too. I REALLY miss my beer. I also enjoy wine but it just not the same as beer. I have not attempted the Guiness, maybe I will give that a shot but WOW...that is a lot of calories. I knew giving up beer would be the HARDEST thing for me after this surgery. food....no problem. Beer....not so much. :)


    I TOTALLY agree! Who the hell needs food when you have beer! :lol:Seriously, if my pre and post op liquid diet was a beer diet.. I wouldn't have complained not even once!! :lol:

    Bandcamp1210.. that Dr. Malley possibly sounds like one of the most intelligent people I've never met!:lol:

    This has been a very informative thread for me that's for sure.

    Peace, Love, and Cold Beer :D

  14. Okay, where in the he*l is the rest of my post??!!! This is getting VERY irritating!! There was a lot more than just "I'm so tired"!!! Grrrrrrrr!!! Can't the admins here get it together??

    :lol: LOL I was totally thinking, "otay..that was straight and to the point" :lol: cuz I didn't know you wrote anything else until I scrolled down and saw this post...LOL too funny!