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  1. I'm writing this on Sunday evening. Last week, Wednesday night, I became ill with a stomach virus. Since then, I've been unable to get almost anything down. I've discovered that I can get down hot liquids and frozen liquids so I've been eating Soup, ice cream, and shakes. Not the healthiest but I've gotta get something in me! I can't get Water to go down, but this has happened in the past when I've been too tight- I'm able to get down thicker liquids when I can't get water down. However, this time, I'm having acid reflux pretty bad. I'm constantly PB'ing and spitting up. I'm having to sleep sitting up because if I lay flat, the liquid will come up into my throat while I'm sleeping and I'll wake up choking. Before I got the virus, my band was in the perfect place. I had freedom with foods and textures and it kept me at a reasonable portion size. I'm thinking that due to throwing up, my stomach lining is probably swollen shut around my band from all the irritation. I'm wondering if I just wait it out and stay on liquids if the swelling will go down and I can continue on as before without having to spend so much money to drain my band only to have to start over refilling it again (I've done this once already and have no desire to do it again!). Has anyone else experienced this and been able to wait out the swelling? Or do you think I'll have to go get a decrease?

  2. [THANKS ....I have been so tight lately....can barely eat anything....I already had an adjustment, but still very bad. I asked my Dr if it could be the altitude. We live in Colorado.....or ovulation....turning into period...or just ME!!! Now there may just be a silver lining around my very dark cloud!!!

    I just got back from my decrease and I was actually able to eat a normal meal for lunch! Well, you know what I mean by "normal" meal! lol I was able to eat! And I'm not in pain and I'm not feeling pressure, sliming, pb'ing, etc.! It's quite nice! WELL WORTH IT! I'm amazed that I put up with all the discomfort for as long as I did.

  3. I'm the exact opposite! I have a hard time keeping warming things down but anything frozen goes down wonderfully! It frustrates me how different the band is for each and every person and for each and every day! I have days where I am free to eat whatever and then other days I can't even get liquids down! It's crazy! I'm hoping the decrease will help because it's been too much of a struggle these past several weeks not being able to get down even my basics!

  4. Hello all!

    I'm just curious to find out if others are experiencing the same things I am. I have REALLY struggled with my band being too tight since September. I'm going today to get my second decrease in the hopes that it'll be better! Every time I talk with my doctor, he says that weather and stress affect the band. He says that he usually does more decreases in the winter due to the weather and then when it warms back up, he does more fills. Does anyone else run into this? Are you finding that when the weather significantly changes that you have to adjust your band?

  5. I think sometimes you need to put things in perspective too and make sure you're not being too hard on yourself. Take a walk down memory lane and remember what your lifestyle was like before you got the band. I know for me, my house was much more cluttered and dirty, I was L-A-Z-Y, I watched an embarrassing amount of tv, and I couldn't climb the stairs without getting very winded. Now, things are the exact opposite! When I get down because I haven't worked out as much as I would hope or I haven't made the best choices, I have to remind myself that I'm still doing FAR BETTER than I was before the band!

  6. Call your surgeon. That is what he is there for.

    Unfortunately, there is no exact science for finding the sweet spot.

    I had my last fill in July and have been doing ok but I have a few days where I have issues with solid food. I do yogurt and cottage cheese for 24 hours and it works itself out.

    But please discuss with your surgeon.

    Keep us updated. We care and you may be helping others that aren't brave enough to ask.

    CONGRATS on your progress!!

    That's just it. My surgeon has no answers and he states that none of his other patients are having this issue. I'm hoping someone on the forum will have an idea of what's going on! The only advice he gives me is to come in for another decrease but we don't know why it's fluctuating so much.

  7. This is a fun one to post on! (This is my first time on a forum!)

    Let's see....

    I've lost 69 pounds.

    I've gone from a size 24 to a size 18 (I'm ALMOST in a 16!)

    I've fallen in love and gotten engaged!!!

    I've gotten a promotion at work- I feel this is a direct result of my energy level increasing and my self-esteem increasing!

    I don't obsess about food and diet anymore, I just enjoy living.

    I can TRULY exercise!

    I'm a million times happier now!

  8. This is my first time posting on a forum so hopefully I do it right! I got my band in February of this year. I've lost 69 pounds and have had a fairly easy go of it until recently. In September, I went to get another fill and felt as though I had reached my "sweet spot". Everything was fine until the end of October when all of a sudden, no matter what I tried, I couldn't get anything down. I went in and got an unfill. While with the doctor, I asked why everything was so great for over six weeks and then all of sudden can get so tight! He didn't really have an answer for me. He gave me a decrease and I was back to being fine! I still had great restriction but I was able to eat and drink again! I was soooo glad! But now, I'm right back where I was again. I can't get any liquids down, I'm having to sleep propped up, etc. It's driving me crazy! Do any of you have any ideas of why it can go so well for so long and then suddenly become so tight? Also, any suggestions on how to get my stomach to settle down? I took a bite of my fiance's ice cream last night and was able to eat it and keep it down without the slightest trouble! After I had some more ice cream, my stomach was fine and I could drink and take my liquid vitamins! But this morning, I can't get down my Protein shake! Any opinions, suggestions? I'm going CRAZY! It just doesn't make sense that I can eat ice cream like there's no tomorrow but I can't drink water!

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