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Beth Marks: Physical Fitness - Working Out as a Bariatric Patient


Today on the podcast, Janine interviews Beth Marks, a personal trainer of fifteen years who specializes in bariatric patients. As an athlete in the women’s high jump, Beth is a top-tier trainer who knows how to motivate and inspire people who might have limited experience exercising. In this episode, Janine and Beth discuss how bariatric patients can improve their lives through achievable fitness goals. Topics include:


  • The progression of weight loss, and how bariatric patients can incorporate fitness into the resources they use to keep the weight off.
  • The importance of training early in your weight-loss journey, as well as finding the proper level of training to maximize the benefits you will receive.
  • Advice on building your confidence to go to the gym, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of exercising.
  • Marrying nutrition and fitness to improve your physical and mental health.
  • Different workouts you can try to find the right workout for you.
  • The personality you can expect from personal trainers, and the conversations you should have with your personal trainer to improve your workouts.
  • Why the foods that are good for us don’t taste good at first, but will eventually.

Beth can be found on Instagram @getfitnownj, where she posts about fitness and weight loss.

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