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Jessica Weber: The Bariatric Experience - An interview with a Bariatric Patient two years out


A reality of massive weight-loss is dealing with your changing body, including loose skin and plastic surgery. In this episode, Janine talks to bariatric patient Jessica Weber. Jessica has been documenting her weight-loss journey on Instagram, with a focus on issues relating to plastic surgery and the aesthetics of loose skin. Jessica and Janine discuss Jessica’s 2016 surgery, the positive attitude she has developed about her body, and the experience of plastic surgery.  Here’s a brief overview of the topics we discuss:

  • Jessica’s reasoning for seeking out bariatric surgery and the mindset the surgery cultivates.
  • The importance of honesty surrounding the surgery and accompanying the experience with a positive attitude.
  • The likelihood of loose skin resulting from bariatric surgery and learning to adjust to those changes to your body.
  • The difference getting plastic surgery to remove loose skin can make in your life.

Check out Jessica’s Instagram page, @gypsyj44, to read more about her personal journey and discuss issues related to bariatric surgery. Her blog is informative and her positive attitude is contagious!

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