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  2. brownlady1979

    How To Handle Haters

    Some of my family members don't want me to have the surgery either but I had to realize it's not their choice or decision. I invited them to come with me to classes and appointments but they refused so now that I was approved, they don't know because I kept it to myself. We are still family and there is no love lost but I don't want any negativity so I don't mention it anymore. Good luck with everything
  3. Thank you, RickM! I'm not actually having one now, but was curious about the future. Appreciate your post. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. Chili might be a little spicy for you right now and I still can't eat a tortilla four months post-op because it's doughy.
  5. GradyCat

    How To Handle Haters

    I handled the haters by not telling anyone about my surgery. It was a personal decision for my own health and I didn't want to hear their negative unsupportive comments and be under their constant observation about what I'm eating and how much weight I've lost.
  6. Sandra Nuelken

    I keep seeing you can have sugar

    I don't tolerate that type of protein only vegetarian protein. I had a lap band hand lost over 100 pounds and maintained it until the band failed. I know what to eat, and don't do sugar very much. I'll save further questions for my doctor.
  7. Hello!! I was just going to post about this! This will be my first time fasting as I am 9mo post op and I really don’t know how it’s going to work. I have a ton of restriction still and consume 2.5oz per meal which means I barely get in any fruits or veggies still 😬. I’m currently doing intermittent fasting 16:8 and feel great but I think protein goals and hydration will be a HUGe issue. I hope more people respond to this I’ve done some google searches and most sites said it would be almost impossible until 2 years out
  8. Taira

    No weight loss

    Good evening, Just wanted to give an update.. I’m a month and 2 weeks out of surgery. My scale reflects only a 4 pound weight loss but as frustr8 and gradycat mentioned I’m losing inches. In fact I’m fitting pants that are 2 sizes smaller. So please keep following the diet and stay encouraged.. the weight loss will come. Thank you all again for boosting my spirits.
  9. Hi Sheri! I’m 9mo post op and follow a low carb low fat eating plan. I posted a little more detailed post up above. I look forward to getting to know you all! HW-350 SW 318 Cw-174
  10. Talk to the gastroenterologist (or whomever it is that is doing the procedure) about the problem, as there are lower volume protocols available. While yes, fluids do pretty much flow on through, a gallon is still a lot in a fairly short time for one who is not far out from surgery. Even my wife, who is 14 years out, the doc set her up with a special low volume product, so there are alternatives.
  11. Sheribear68

    How To Handle Haters

    If someone is determined to have this attitude without bothering to learn the science behind it before they make up their mind, there’s really not a lot that can help them. Now I realize you can’t write these people out of your life, but I’d try to have as little interaction with them as possible. For sure don’t get defensive or feel like you have to justify your decision to them. Hopefully someday they will appreciate the logical and fearless person that you are.
  12. Today
  13. Good question. I’m allergic to Gavilyte-G (just one of the prep solutions) so I had to drink something else. I can't remember what it was.
  14. llfonseca

    Bowl movement

    Ok I will bring it back thanks Sent from my SM-G950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  15. I'd wait, but that's just me. I'm progressing slowly. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. Sheribear68

    Bowl movement

    *pharmacist * I would STRONGLY URGE you to NOT use fiber. Much better to use milk of magnesia for acute constipation and to use Miralax a few times weekly as a preventative.
  17. Orchids&Dragons

    Food Before and After Photos

    Can't disappoint me! Several days this week, I had "meals" of grapes and crackers!
  18. Sheribear68

    Pounds lost

    2.5 months out, VGS. Surgery day weight was 243. Current weight is 204. I have 54 pounds til goal because I’m 5’7” It feels like more than 39 pounds to be honest. If feels like so much more and I’m so psyched for the next 54 pounds.
  19. llfonseca

    Bowl movement

    I brought the wrong one , do I know if this would work Sent from my SM-G950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  20. So I’ve been craving a tamale(not a full one) and there soft and if I were to eat it I’d had chili and cheese on it. Would this be okay to eat at this point? I think so my mama is iffy and my fiancé said he feels like it would be okay. I tried calling my dr but there collided and won’t be open till Tuesday. Does anyone know if this would be okay to eat today? Or is it to early..
  21. Yes! I’d love to know how far along you are and what your plan looks like.
  22. Hey Fluffy! So I basically break my fast everyday with a premier protein. A couple hours later I have 2.5oz of chicken and then deli meat and a cheese stick around 8:30. In between those meals I TRY to squeeze in some raw veggies or a couple bites of fresh fruit but it doesn’t always happen. As you can see my restriction is still pretty amazing. Eating times are 1pm-9pm. In the last month or so My weight loss had slowed down drastically I think partly bc I’m 9mo out now and partly bc I had been grazing. Nothing crazy but maybe an extra 150-200calories. Can I update ticker from the app?
  23. Make that N=2. This what what I was meaning earlier about any kind of artificial sweetener making me feel like crap and hungry all the time.
  24. I got lucky (well none of it was luck, but you know....) Mine was caught before it had a chance to go anywhere outside of the ducts. TNBC has the worst prognosis in the first 5 years (50% survivor rate) but after 5 years the risk of recurrence almost bottoms out. I’ll never forget going in for that 5 year check up and crying tears of joy when my oncologist pronounced me “free and clear” of the dread 5 year window in July 2014. Then in February 2018 I had some really weird lymph nodes found on a breast MRI and everyone was convinced I had lymphoma. Thankfully I did NOT, but it was the longest 4 weeks I’d had in quite awhile and after it was all over is when I started looking into bariatric surgery as a solution. I was sick and tired of always looking over my shoulder and the fat I was carrying around was like a ticking time bomb. Lol, my “girls” are much worse for the wear also. After the chemo and radiation, I qualified for a reduction and I took it. Went from a DDD to a small C cup and I haven’t regretted it for one second. There’s so much scar tissue and the left one is rock hard compared to the right due to the radiation, but I’ll take being alive over odd-looking tatas hands down. Lol, I do wonder what will happen to the cup size as I get closer to goal. Maybe I won’t have anything left. 👀👀👀👀
  25. SingingEagle

    Food Before and After Photos

    It’s just Prego. 😂 Sorry I feel like I just keep disappointing!
  26. sdl2019

    Energy level?

    Thank you!!!!!!!
  27. Cheeseburgh


    Phone off is easy for me because I mostly use my iPad! I guess I should just unplug later tonight and watch a movie while paying attention. Going out to a very nice restaurant tonight, I’m so tired of chicken! I really hope I like the fresh catch tonight. I just got back from marathon shopping, unpacked, now heading back out, today might be the first day I miss the daily exercise challenge.
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