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Artificial sweeteners

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Hi, I am new to the community and I'm starting my 6 month nutrition coaching before surgery, first appointment done. But I was looking to start eating sugar free things and get my mind and body use to them and I started noticing all of them used Aceaulfame Potassium, Aspartame,Saccharin and Sucralose. I always avoided these in the past but now even on this app and the things I find online, all have this as a substitute. So I was wondering if anyone found any pudding, Protein Powder or shakes or anything of that sort with Stevia or Erythritol instead?

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It’s really difficult to avoid all the artificial sweeteners. They seem to be in everything these days.

I wanted to reduce or kill any craving for sweet/sugar after surgery. My way of overcoming them was to prepare & cook most of my food myself. It was the only way I could control the ingredients. I don’t use sugar alternatives either. I know there’s sweeteners in the yoghurt & Protein Bars I buy but that’s really it. I generally avoid sweet things except for naturally occurring sugars like in fruit & I do put a little bit of honey in my rolled oats to help offset the odd hypoglycaemic episodes I can have in the morning (I used to have them occasionally when I was slim in the past too). As soon as I passed the Fluid only stage post surgery I never had another Protein Shake. I made a lot of Soup as I went through the post surgery stages. Now if I want something dessert-like I make chia pudding (lactose free milk, chia seeds, vanilla extract).

Cooking your own food my be a way for you to not consume the sweeteners you want to avoid. I like to cook so it wasn’t an issue for me. These 6 months will allow you to do lots of research into suitable alternatives. In Australia we don’t have the 6 month pre requisite. I had three weeks between the first appointment with my surgeon & my surgery.

This is bit of a thing for me so I apologise if I sound preachy. There’s a lot of interesting research about now about the side effects of sweeteners & the disadvantages. Sure there’s lots of research showing replacing sweeteners with sugar will cause weight loss but of course it will. Going from consuming 100s/1000s of calories in non diet soft drink to 0 calories by drinking diet sodas will result in some weight loss. Dig deep & you will find some research that’s now showing sweeteners can cause weight gain.

Good luck.

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