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Hello all i am almost a year out on feb 10tg. I have lost 53 lds and went from 22/24 to 14/12 but although ive been using weights i feel weak and not sexy at all like i used too. I actually dont feel as if ive lost and weight. I wanted to do glamour photos when i hit one yr but ive changed my mind because i don't feel confident. I believe I've hot a serious stall even with changing exercise routine as well and i can't get my Water levels in...this is all so frustrating...i dont like my body changes at all i used to be more flexible i hate feeling my bones and this extra skin ugh.lets not even discuss the dramatic drop in bra size (read pancakes)..and is anyone else menstruating more ie twice a month ...the only bright spot i have is i am no longer diabetic and i have a bit more energy...just ranting and looking for advice and encouragement.

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First congrats on your weight loss. Whoo hoo!

Body dysmorphia is the worst. It is hard to come to terms with how you look now & how your body feels & works. Even, as I discovered recently, the size of your body in relation to things around you - sort of like spatial awareness. Have you been taking photos of yourself as you’ve been losing or recording body measurements? It can help you come to terms with how you look now. As does comparing your old clothes to what you’re wearing now. Honestly, it wasn’t until I was at goal that I started to see my real new size. Little things like seeing a reflection in a shop window & thinking how good the woman looked & then realising it was me helped. Once I was trying on shoes & glanced up & thought gee that lady has good legs. They were my legs in a mirror. It’s weird when it happens.

I used to think I was pretty flexible but the reality was it was just my fat giving me a false sense of achievement. Like I always thought I could bend over & practically touch my head to my knees. It was really just my head reaching my fat legs & tummy. I wasn’t that bent over - lol. The general feeling of weakness does get better too when you’re closer to goal & start maintenance when you’re eating a little more. I found sipping on diluted hydra lite gave me a bit more energy as did adding a small amount of whole or multi grains to my diet like rolled oats for Breakfast.

The loose skin is part of the weight loss process. How much you have depends on lots of factors like gender, your age, how long you were at your highest weight, etc. If it really bothers you, you can always explore plastic surgery. A lot do. I didn’t but that was my choice. I have very empty breasts now too. I sort of wish I had some Lipo & transferred the fat into my upper breasts when I reached my goal cause there ain’t much fat left anywhere now - lol!

As you lose weight, oestrogen that is stored in your fat is released into your blood stream hence the change to your menstrual cycle. It will get back to normal (maybe even better) as you get closer to your goal weight & aren’t losing as much.

I still don’t get all my Water in which is odd cause I was a big water drinking pre surgery. I compensate by eating water rich foods like lettuce, Beans, melon, berries, lychees, etc., making extra milky porridge, etc. I pee a lot & it’s pretty light in colour so I must be doing ok.

It’s ok to feel like you’ve lost your self on this journey. You’re not the same as you were - overweight & unhealthy. Give yourself time to come to terms & accept your changing body & to discover yourself again in a slim & healthy body.

Good luck.

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15 hours ago, LDanielle said:

the only bright spot i have is i am no longer diabetic and i have a bit more energy...

You probably don’t want to hear it right now but this is a huge accomplishment! I’m sure you know the ravages of diabetes on the body and to have it go into remission is absolutely amazing.

Also at a year post WLS, most of our bodies Aren’t even at their final point
as weight is still settling and shifting but things can get better in time.

Definitely do your glamour shoot & even throw In a boudoir session as well. Your confidence may be boosted when you see your beauty in the eye of another beholder (your photographer).

Good Luck ❤️

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Arabesque thank you for the tips...i have gotten many comments and questions from people acknowledging my loss even people not recognizing me because of it. I feel my flexibility issues have more to do with my fears of hurting myself more than anything. I am going to counseling about accepting these body changes though. I definitely will try the Water rich foods too DIDn't even consider that option. I have looked at before pictures and still can't believe that there is a change. I don't feel im losing any belly fat. I don't want to have another surgery either but i did think of the day tranfer from belly to bum and chest lol.

GreenTealael thank you for the encouragement. I definitely went through enough with diabetes the hardest part was my last pregnancy. The final straw for me was when I had to take 5+ shots a day and pills. I got rid of it within 2 weeks of surgery. I was proud. I am leaning more towards the pictures so that i can see the loss.

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On 1/18/2021 at 5:32 AM, GreenTealael said:

You probably don’t want to hear it right now but this is a huge accomplishment! I’m sure you know the ravages of diabetes on the body and to have it go into remission is absolutely amazing.

I was going to say the same thing. We all love the fact that we look better after losing weight, but the main point of this journey is improved health and quality of life. Even if you don't lose another pound (although I'm sure you will if you stick to the program), you're way better off than you were before.

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A week before my oneyearaversary I broke my stall ...Im waiting on my bday in April for professional pics but I did a side by side.


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    • Mammysm

      I am   finishing up all I have to do to have the Loop Duodenal Switch. I have had a Sleeve which didn't work out well for me and I gained some weight back. My Dr. Suggested the Loop. So only thing I have left now is hearing back from my Bariatric Dr. With an appt. But I would love the be able to talk to some people who have had/going to have/going through process of the Loop Duodenal Switch. Forums? Support Groups?
      Thank You 
      Donna Smith
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      Ok Bariatric Pals it's been a long time! I'm back and in need of help had the sleeve done back in 2013 regained some weight current 280 looking to have a revision done. Any suggestions 🤔 
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      6 days post op..
      Highest weight...350lbs
      Pre op weight ..315 on 2/15/21
      Post op weight.. 335   2/16/21
      Day 6
      -10.. 325
      Alot of swelling.  But up and about.  Started full fluid diet today. 
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    • Annie2021

      Waiting for a sleeve.... any comments on positivity ?
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      1. Grayce

        Just keep in high spirits. I'm 9 weeks post op and I'm glad I did it. Do you have a surgery date?

      2. Neensyb

        7 weeks post op here. Take one day at a time.

    • CrowLuv

      It's been so long since I came here and I'm disappointed in myself for that, it's such a wonderful forum with amazing people. 
      But I'm back with exciting news: I had my surgery in August of 2019, and I met my goal of 180 by the fall of 2020! And even better: as of today I've far surpassed my initial goal and am now at 156lbs!
      In hindsight, I made the goal of 180 never dreaming I would be able to go below that, and yet, in the back of my mind I always knew that somewhere in the 150s would be the absolute ideal for me, I just never thought that would be a possibility, even with this surgery. So this is a dream come true for me!
      The mind is a very powerful machine, and I guess my mind clearly said "we're not done here" when I got to 180. I didn't even try to get below it, to be perfectly honest - it took no effort on my part, the weight just kept (keeps?) melting off of me. 
      That sounds like the worst kind of humblebrag, almost cringe-level - but I truly don't mean it that way. It's just that I'm just completely gobsmacked! I never in a million years expected this to happen!
      More good news: I started exercising with a program I'm obsessed with called Essentrics last October - heck, I've only missed a handful of days since I started. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be so excited about working out, that it would be the highlight of my day, even. But it is! I always haaaated exercise! But this program is downright enjoyable and I always feel something akin to euphoria at the end of my workouts. That's not an exaggeration. It's possible that doing this is why I kept losing weight, but I'm not sure, because it's not cardio-heavy at all...it's more like just stretching and moving your body, I guess kinda like a more "active" form of yoga, but NOT yoga, it's hard to describe honestly. Nothing fancy, it just really feels good for my body, I can't say enough about it. I can't imagine it burns that many calories since there is very little cardio involved, but I don't know because I don't do math and that's that lol.
      But now I have a new goal, and it's a big one: get back to a nutritious, healthy diet (maintenance I mean, not active weight loss). I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have to be brutally honest with myself, and this is the ideal place to do it - the fact is, my diet SUCKS. I haven't even tried to eat healthily for quite awhile now. I'm so ashamed of myself just typing that out, but I need to face it and admit it to myself before I can fix it.
      I haven't participated on this forum for way too long, and that was a mistake. This forum is amazing and filled with such great people who always inspired me so much!
      So now I'm back because, even though I'm at my goal, the fact is, this is a lifelong journey - it's not just the weight loss part, it's so much more than that. I need help getting my diet back on track. I need the inspiration and excellent advice I always found here. Just because I'm at goal doesn't mean I'm done - far from it.
      So although I'm embarrassed that my diet (currently!) sucks, I can at least give myself credit for finally admitting it and setting my intention to change that. Being at goal weight does NOT mean I'm healthy. It's great that I'm exercising, but if I'm not giving my body the nutrition it needs, then I'm only hurting myself. If I took the giant step of having bariatric surgery, I owe it to myself to follow through with the WHY I did it - which was to become healthy again - and that is sooo much more than a number on the scale.
      I'm ready to make the changes necessary to get myself into the healthiest state possible. I won't be perfect, nobody is, but it's time for me to truly commit to giving my body the healthy nutrition it deserves as best as I can. I don't know where to start though, it's like I need an entire education about it. But I'm ready and willing to learn.
      I'm so happy to be back here because I know that inspiration is found everywhere here in this forum.  
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      1. kunkelgw

        Welcome back and congratulations with your added weight loss. That is so wonderful.😀

      2. CrowLuv

        Thank you so much! :)

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