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4 days post op (Gastric Sleeve)

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Is it normal not to feel full? Does that come once solid food starts? Right now I am on Protein Shakes and Greek yogurt. I’m down 10 pounds so far.

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Congrats on your surgery!

It can be pretty common in the first days once you start on Protein Shakes to not really feel full. It's very important to not take that to mean you should drink faster or more in order to feel full. liquids (even Protein shakes) tend to move through the sleeve quickly, so you're not as likely to feel the fullness you were accustomed to.

That will all change as you progress through the diet phases. Even the pureed stage may not give you a feeling of fullness in the same way you knew it, but you will often still be able to tell the difference from how it felt with liquids.

Soft foods was where I first REALLY felt a sense of fullness, and it was a much different feeling that took me offguard, and made me realize I needed to stop eating, even though I still have come food on my plate.

And almost everyone agrees is that when you get to solid foods, you will know when you're full and that it will happen quickly, as the solid foods will linger in your sleeve longer as it digests. It's not uncommon to go from being able to eat 4 ounces of soft foods to only a couple of ounce of solid food at first.

I, personally, will always portion out about 4 ounces of food as my goal, but always listen to my body and finish the meal as soon as I can feel that sensation that tells me "this is what full feels like now".

You're already doing great and I hope that you are healing well!

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Welcome to the forums.

You might want to post over on either of these

forums:POST-Operation Weight Loss Surgery Q&A

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Forums

There are zillions of people here that have experienced what you have.

Good Luck


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