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Revision surgery this month

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I have the sleeve and I am scheduled to have the mini Bypass on the 25 th .., with the sleeve I did not loose more than 10 pounds and I have bad acid reflux. It has been 2 years since I got sleeved ... I have hypothyroidism so I think that is what made me not have weight loss

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Had revision, hernia repair and bowel resection on Thursday. Initially, I felt great but 5 hours after discharge I thought my insides were gonna fall out. Tylenol-Cod elixir doest not help much.

18 yrs ago, when I was very young I had a gastric bypass. It went well! Lost 180 Ibs ( lowest wt 126 Ibs, 4’11). Three years later I developed a vertical hernia that was repair. About 10 years in I developed strictures and could not hold any food down. A GI doc at my university dilated by esophagus and gastric pouch. I was furious with him but in hindsight he probably saved my life. The hernia repair was done with mesh which became painful. Due to Change insurances several time I was unable to find a bariatric doctor I felt comfortable with until now.

I’m petty sure if your thyroid levels are controlled, gastric bypass will assist in weight loss. Probably remaining on a low carb, lean meat, low dairy diet and exercise 4-5 days a week may also help. That’s my plan!

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